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Hi I want to buy your theme but I have a important questión, Could I change the header color? I want to put a different color for the header and content, black header, and a image background for the content, is possible? Thanks

Hi! Yes it is possible! Thank you!


I’m fairly pleased with this theme so far but I do have some questions:

1) My front page is using the masonry with sidebar theme. After I have clicked through to a post, I notice that the underlined title on that page (e.g., The title “Sample Post” on remains redundantly linked to the current page. How do I remove that link?

2) In both the preview of a post within a brick and on the page of the post itself there are social icons (Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) How do I edit those? I don’t want to just white out their color since if you mouse over them the cursor still changes. I want to completely remove any or all as I wish.


Hi! 1) I’m sorry but i don’t understand first question.(send me your url i will check) 2) You cannot delete or edit sharing buttons it’s part of design but you can change colors and hover colors. Thank you!

Hello! I love the theme! One question? How do I add my social media addresses to the icons on the panel?


Hi, I’d like to know if there’s anyway I can remove the:

“You may use these HTML tags and attributes: <abbr title=””> etc etc…”

It’s below the comment form when u open a post…

Please I really want to get rid of that.

Great theme btw ;)

Hi! You can rid off these text by editing style.css just add .form-allowed-tags {display: none;}in end of style.css Thank you!

Nice theme! One small problem thought… it’s a little annoying to have just one column for some secs while loading. is there a solution for this?

Hi! we fix this problem in 1.4 version. Thank you!


I bought the theme and I’m in love with the layout. But I realize, when I select “image” format, on my homepage is great, but when I click, doesn’t appear all the post, just the featured image… Can I have just the image featured in the home page but when people click, they’ll be redirected for the full post? I want my blog the exactly way it is now, I don’t want to change for standard format cause it will change everything… But at the same time, I need to show the full post when people click in the image… Here’s my link: Thank you!


Unfortunately your desires require theme customization. But customization is not included in standard free support service. We hope for your understanding.


Hi, I purchased this theme about a month ago and would like to download the update. However, I am worried that I will lose things or cause problems with the blog. Could you walk me through the update process, step by step. Also, once the new version is updated will I have to replace anything or make any changes?


Also, I don’t think I have the latest update. Could you please send that to me? Thanks!


For update theme activate any another theme in your admin panel, then delete old version of the theme. After that upload and activate new version of the theme.

Any settings that you made in Theme Options will remain the same as they were. All plugins and plugins settings will be same. All posts will remain in their places. Don’t worry about it.

But if you edit the theme files, these changes will be erased. In this case you have to manually replace the files or make changes again.

P.S. Last version of the theme you can download in “Downloads” section of your Envato account.

Be free to ask any questions!


Thank you very much for the help! I will attempt it now!

Dear template designers…

May I kindly remind you, that I have contacted you before with an e-mail on 2014.02.12 and asked for the help to fix my previously mentioned template downloaded into website. You have been provided with login details.

Until this time, I haven’t been informed about the ongoing problems as well as none of changes have been made to my website. Currently, I had to stop advertising my website as I’ve got total mess there and loosing my website visitors. I feel deeply disappointed by the service I have been provided by your company and regret I have chosen the template.

I hope you will take into account my letter ASAP and fix ongoing problem promptly.


We found reasons of your problems. It’s not closed HTML tags of embed code in posts “Melodija..” and “Grožio paslaptys”.

Your code was looks like :

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe

without closing ”>” symbol

Be careful when copy and past embed code. Check your posts for the probable errors.


Hi! Do all these features work with vs

Hi! The theme specialty create for WordPress CMS and can be used on versions 3.7 3.8 or higher. Thank you!

Hello. I just purchased your theme, which is very nice, but I can’t seem to find where to install the demo data. How can I do that? Thanks

Nevermind the demo data, I have another problem. The social icons at every posts seem to have a bad imagine or something, because they look broken.

I have installed the theme here:

What can I do?

Hi! Please send me your website URL, login and password via email ( and I will check you site. Thank you!

So sorry to bother you. Two more questions and I will stop bothering you. (Looks like the update was successful).

1) How do I change the Font of the Post Title?

2) Is there a list of changes the update provides?


HI! 1) This feature will be available in next update. 2)Yes. You can see this list in end of the page ( Thank you!

hey! I’ve purchased your theme yesterday. Loving it so far :) Is it possible to change the sidebar and the post width size? Make the sidebar 250 px?

Hi! It is possible but you need customize style.css file. Thank you!

The logo in the header isn’t resizing small enough to all show on the screen in the mobile version. Would you mind taking a look to see what might be going on? Site is:

Hi! Please update your theme version to 1.4. Thank you!

That worked – thank you!

Dont know since which update, but 404 page not showing correctly. Header, Footer showing, but between them there is nothing. Its suppose to show the next: ” Sorry, but the page you are looking for is no longer here. Please use the navigations or the search to find what what you are looking for. ” + a search bar. Fix it please. Thanks.

Hi! Please send me your website URL, login and password via email ( and I will check you site. Thank you!

Done. Please answer asap.

Hi! Thank you for your report it will be improved in next update. Thank you!

Hi i am interested in purchasing acadia template. Is it possible to have a different header for a page or post???

Hi! Unfortunately, the theme does not support this feature. but this feature can be added to our programmer. Thank you!

Do you mean I can get the programmer to add that feature when i buy it?

Hi! if you buy our theme and want to get this feature, you must pay an additional fee. Because it will be extra job. If you have more questions just let me know via email ( Thank you!

Hi, great theme!

I’m trying to figure out how to order my posts on the home page. Atm they all come underneath each other instead of next to each other like in your preview. You can check out my page @ Hope you can help me out ;)


Can you send us access to your website to our email: We will help you


Hi there!

Please, I have a problem with video background. As you can see I have a correct video on youtube but the video is not displayed correctly in the Website, it seems its bigger in all screen sizes.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!


It’s not Arcadia Theme. Arcadia Theme doesn’t support video background.


Hey, i just bought your template. So far very good. But in the masonry 3 row template i think there is a bug. If you click on load more posts it will be recognized maybe at the 4th press, then the next items will be loaded. Could you confirm that ? THX

Hi! Sorry but I just don’t understand what you mean? maybe you send more detail via email( you!

Hello, I purchased your theme last weekend and notice a bug with the template. When scrolling down on the home page, the first time I hit “load more” it works fine, however, the second time around, I have to click “load more” a second time (first time doesn’t do anything) and a few of my posts don’t load.

Your live demo only has a few posts, so the load more button only appears once. This is a big issue probably affecting many people who purchased the template, but haven’t noticed the issue yet.

Can you help with this?

Hi! Please send me access to your web URL, login, password via email ( Thank you!