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Hi CrunchPress Team,

Is it possible to remove the image in the footer of all the trucks, lorries, etc

Hi, Sure this image can be removed. Once you have purchased the item please open a ticket at http://crunchpress.com/support and our support team will provide you a small CSS code to remove this image.

Best Regards.

Beautiful theme! I have one small issue. I currently have the latest version of wordpress 3.8. For some reason in the admin section under your theme settings. With any change I make and I click on Save Changes. I get the spinning circle that hangs and no changes are ever made. How can I fix this issue so I can further customize this theme? Thanks.

Hello Explosive Media Inc,

Please open a ticket at http://crunchpress.com/support and share following information in it.

1. WordPress Admin Login
2. FTP Login

Our support team will help you fix this.

Best Regards.

Hello, congrat for your theme, it looks great.

Im interested in buying this theme for a client but first as usual i need to ask you one pre buying questions.

We would need to change almost all the bakground colors to something a little bit lighter, so my question is it can be done through the admin panel? or it has to be done in the css files?

Best regards


You can change background colors from background or add a background pattern or image. No need to touch any CSS files.

Thank you.

Thank you very much, we will buy it right away.

Best regards

Hello, I really like your Demo but i have a question:

Before i buy can i simulate other colors in the BG? Tranks

Hello Brunomontt,

Thanks for your interest in Arch WordPress theme. Here are answers to your questions.

1. You can set patterns, solid color or you can even upload custom background images for background. Its fully customizable from theme admin panel.

2. For ‘Free Quote’. Theme has a built-in contact form, you can set its link in this section.

Thank you.

Hello, I m sorry for so much question but The box with last tweets can be changed to last posts (Facebook)?

Hello Brunomontt,

Bad News is, I’m sorry ‘last tweets’ cannot be changed to ‘last facebook’ posts.

Good New is, its can be easily achieved. Follow few steps in this tutorial, http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/how-to-display-facebook-statuses-on-wordpress-blog/

Thank you.

Where can I see the names of the available icons. I saw that you had this in the code for the phone icon

I’m looking to see if you have a fax icon and see the other available icons.

i class=”icon-phone” – saw this in the code

Hello Kardia Designs,

We have used ‘Font Awesome’ for icons in Arche. You can see all icons and their codes here, http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

Thank you.

I would like to take off the off the service-item-img on the homepage, and Only leave the text below as a link.

Hello Kardia Designs,

If you do not want to display service-item-img You can hide it using a line of code.

For this go to, WordPress Admin Panel > Arche > Styling > Custom Styling

Add this code and click save changes.
.service-item-img { display:none; }

Thank you.

Thank you.

This theme does not work. I have gone in circles with tech support for 10 days trying to get them to fix the theme and they can not. The admin panel will not save anything (the cirlce just spins continuously after clicking save and will not update any information) and is basically rendered useless. I have contacted Envato and requested a refund. Be careful if you purchase this theme.

Hello Octointeractive,

I’m really very sorry for your bad experience with this theme. There is a new release for options saving bug. Do you have tried that?

Would you please share ticket ID# from support system and I can help you setup your site and resolve the issue you are facing.

Thank you.

My question is where can I find the xml file to import the demo site or plug CP custom post plugin because I can not install the demo site? . I am using wordpress 3.8

Thank you

Hello thezoo352,

Dummy content XML file is located in a sub-directory of ‘full package’ that you had downloaded from themeforest.net

/arche-v-1.3.0/Dummy Content/demo_content_arche.xml

Alternatively we provide one free installation and theme setup to our customers. Please open a ticket at http://crunchpress.com/support and share following information.

1. WordPress Admin Login info
2. FTP Login info

And our support team can do free theme setup for you.

Thank you.

Hello there, i bought your theme a few days ago and today im starting the new project with it, but after instalation of the plugins that comes with the theme it shows this error:

Illegal string offset ‘file’ in C:\xampp\htdocs\reformashome.com\wp-content\themes\arche\framework\extensions\filosofo-image\filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php on line 297

Can you help me fix it?

Best regards

New error aplying a gallery in a page (WP debug mode on)

Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in C:\xampp\htdocs\reformashome.com\wp-content\themes\arche\includes\front-end\page-elements.php on line 946

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\reformashome.com\wp-content\themes\arche\includes\front-end\page-elements.php on line 946

Also the Arche options panel in the dashboard menu does whatever it wants, sometimes saves, sometimes doesnt.

Are you planning in fixing all the errrors?

Same thing with the services widget in the home page, its saves whenever it wants and or whaever it wants, i have put some links there and there is one that doesnt save, and sometimes puts in another url that i dont even know where it comes from

Hello NetVisionTec,

We provide technical support through our ticket system at http://crunchpress.com/support It allows better ticket tracking and resolution. Please kindly open a ticket if you need help with technical issues.

Thank you.

Can I add a video easily to the homepage slideshow? Also, can I replace these images with actual images? http://goo.gl/LjOSZ2

Also, can I add a sign up form next to a video on the homepage?

Hello Kentlevi,

Thanks for your interest in this theme. Sorry for a delayed response, I wasn’t able to respond on weekend.

1. The 4 circles you see on homepage are services widget, you can add your own images in center of them from theme page builder.

2. Homepage slideshow is built using ‘Layer slider’. You can embead a video very easily in it.

4. Layer slider supports HTML content, so you can add your form in it.

Thank you.

duplicate response.

duplicate response.

When viewing a demo in the gallery section there are no arrows move to the next image. This is so conceived? If yes, do you plan to add this feature?

More in portfolio by clicking on the first link of the project the picture is not increased, and opens in the browser window. This is a bug?

Hi, this was a bug on demo. Its fixed now.

Thank you.


I just bought the theme and it is excellent. I have a question.

Is it possible in the “service-widget” on the home page to add a service 5? Indeed, I would love to reduce slightly the size of images services 1, 2, 3 and 4 present 5 to add a service on the same line. how should I do?

Thank you in advance

Also, how to make links block “We also do” the “servies” not clickable ?


Hi there,

You can add maximum 4 services from back-end, if you want to add then you will need to hard-code some style changes.

I’m not able to understand your 2nd question. Would you please explain it a bit more.

Thank you.

- Ive installed the dummy data as in demo http://themeforest.net/item/arche-architecture-wordpress-responsive-theme/full_screen_preview/6554096, where in template do I modify the text ” // real thoughts about architecture and beyond”

- Where do I modify the color of the top horizontal border of the our clients widget. Do not see where to change it from color #511c01 in settings

- How do I add more form fields to contact form

I am only able to add "Blog" sidebar to pages, how do i add different sidebar sections

- Ive inserted Team block but I am unable to click on a team member name and have detailed bio appear

- Team blog is only allow option to display up to 4 team members, how do I display more?


Thanks for your purchase. Here are answers for your questions.

1. You can modify the text // real thoughts about architecture and beyond by editing file blog-elements.php This file is located in directory /arche/includes/front-end Open and edit the file blog-elements.php Go to line number #180

2. To modify the color of horizontal border Please sing-in to WordPress dashboard and go to Arche > Styling > Other Elemetns Colors
Here first option is ‘Border Color’ change it to your desired color.

3. Contact form fields cannot be edited from back-end, either you need to hard-code new fields or use any WordPress contact form plugin like Contact Form 7.

4. You can generate unlimited sidebars, to generate sidebars go to WordPress Dashboard > Arche > Sidebar > Sidebar Generator Enter sidebar name, hit plus button and click save. Now edit any page/post and you can see this sidebar listed there. It will also appear in Appearance > Widgets.

5. For team link, please share your FTP login information by opening a ticket at http://crunchpress.com/support and we can fix it for you.

6. To more team members, each ‘Team Block’ in page builder adds 4 members, to add more another block.

For further inquiries, please open a ticket at http://crunchpress.com/support.

Thank you.

Ive shared info via crunchpress and no response, cannot get team member bios to display on click, let me know the change in the code and i can edit it myself.

Greetings! Can you please share your ticket ID# from ticket system so I can locate it.

Thank you.

Hi, I’m quite interested in this theme for a project I’m working on. Does the double sidebar work with all pages, or only blog posts?


Sure double sidebar will work with all pages.

Thank you.

Hello there

Im having problems with the twitter feed widget on footer, it says: Error: Connect to twitter failed.

I have checked a re checked the API keys and Tokens and even tested that tweettwr API in another wordpress site and works OK. Also used another twitter feed API from another acount in this theme and gives me the same error.

You can take a look at: http://reformashome.zonanv.com/

Can you help me with this?

Thank you


We provide all technical support from our support system at http://crunchpress.com/support

Please open a ticket there with your WordPress login info and our support team will help you out.

Thank you.

Logo 1 inserted into client logos widget isnt displaying, instead it is displaying Logo 2 in its position so logo 2 is displaying twice

admin and ftp info in crunchpress support ticket 179996

Hello Susan,

Your login details are forwarded to WP developer for the Arche theme. Support will update you with your request’s answer at ticket system.

Thank you.

The admin panel will not save anything (the cirlce just spins continuously after clicking save and will not update any information) and is basically rendered useless.

Greetins mirkman,

We have a dedicated customer support system for all technical issues. Please open a ticket their with your WordPress admin login info and our technical team will look into your issue.

Support system is located at: http://crunchpress.com/support

Thank you.

Hey, I bought the theme and I really enjoy it. I have a problem though. I tried to import dummy data but the theme would not let me because I dont have the CP custom post plugin. I cant find it coul u give me a hint.


Don’t worry we are here to help you out. Please open a ticket at http://crunchpress.com/support with your WordPress admin login info and our technical team will do the dummy data import for you.

Thank you.

Thanks ! Great theme by the way!

Hey nice theme!

Can you tell me how I can change the header and footer color and background? And how I can erase the little guys on the footer?



We have used images in header and footer backgrounds. You can replace these images with your own images. these images can be found in directory arche > images Header image name is “header_bg.png” Footer image is named, “footer-bg.jpg”

Thank you.

Hello there, very interested in the theme. Can you please place a demo which has the color switcher or can post screen shot to show the color schemes that I can use on the site. Need to show the client. Thanks

Dear Danish,

This theme have built in color pickers in its control panel. You can create unlimited color schemes. I will request the developer for color switcher.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot, i appreciate it