Changelog Archi - Interior Design Website Template

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Changelog Archi – Interior Design Website Template

Archi 5.7.4
- New added "Homepage Architecture Sidebar" 

Archi 5.7.3
- New added "Blog Poster" 

Archi 5.7.2
- New added "Archi Car Wash Services" 

Archi 5.7.1
- New added "Archi Moving Services" 

Archi 5.7
- Faster load with code optimized
- Smaller files size
- New added “smooth scroll”
- New added option to show/hide preloader

Archi 5.6.4
- New added "Archi Painting" 

Archi 5.6.3
- New added "Archi Cleaning Services" 

Archi 5.6.2
- New added "Archi CCTV Services" 

Archi 5.6.1
- New added "Archi Plumbing" 

Archi 5.6
- New added "Archi Artist" (4 pages)

Archi 5.5.1
- fixes for tab not working on page product-single.html and product-single-light.html

Archi 5.5
- New added "Homepage Furniture Store 2" 

Archi 5.4.3
- New added product notification alert for add to cart and add to wishlist

Archi 5.4.2
- New added product quick view

Archi 5.4.1
- New footer for Homepage Furniture Store
- New mainmenu typography option

Archi 5.4
- New added "Homepage Furniture Store" 

Archi 5.3
- New added "Homepage Video Showcase" 
- New added video parallax
- New typography

Archi 5.2
- New added Renovation Form (dark and light)
- New header style

Archi 5.1.2
- New added Homepage Holiday (index-holiday.html)

Archi 5.1
- New added contact form with Google reCAPTCHA v2
- fixes for some css issues

Archi 5.0
- New Bootstrap 5 framework
- New added "Homepage Interior Design" 
- New typography

Archi 4.7.1
fixes for issues on pages with sidebar

Archi 4.7
New added "Homepage Product Slider" 

Archi 4.6
New added "Blog Grid" page 
New added "Blog Grid Light" page 
New added 3 single project page (non popup)
fixes for services-style-2.html view issue on mobile
fixes for some menu item not visible on mobile

Archi 4.5
New added shopping cart pages (light and dark)
New added cart icons on all shop pages
New added cookies alert popup (see index.html)
New added option to use 'burger menu' for all screen size

Archi 4.4.2
fixes for tiny gap when hover portfolio

Archi 4.4.1
NEW: Homepage Holiday

Archi 4.4
NEW: Homepage Architect
NEW: Project Details Architect

Archi 4.3.1
NEW: 'Product Single' page (light and dark)
NEW: product image switching on hover
UPDATE: new style for 'Shop' page (light and dark)

Archi 4.3
NEW: Onepage Stacked

Archi 4.2
NEW: Archi Photography

Archi 4.1.5
NEW: Homepage Architecture
NEW: font style
NEW: color scheme

Archi 4.1.4
NEW: Homepage Consulting

Archi 4.1.3
NEW: Homepage Kitchen
UPDATE: contact page map

Archi 4.1.2
NEW: Hompage Apartment
NEW: Bootstrap 4.5

Archi 4.1.1
NEW: Hompage Web Studio
NEW: Web Studio project details page

Archi 4.1
UPDATE: Latest Bootstrap 4.4.1
NEW: FontAwesome Icon Pack page (768 icons) (icons-fontawesome.html)
NEW: Elegant Icon Pack page (358 icons) (icons-elegant.html)
NEW: Etline Icon Pack page (100 icons) (icons-etline.html)
NEW: Alerts elements (alerts.html)
NEW: Accordion elements (accordion.html)
NEW: Countdown elements (countdown.html)
NEW: Modal elements (modal.html)
NEW: Tabs elements (tabs.html)

Archi 4.0.4
- Latest Bootstrap 4.4.1 framework

Archi 4.0.3
- New RTL support

Archi 4.0.2
- New added 3 extended light headers

Archi 4.0.1
- New added 3 extended headers

Archi 4.0
- Latest Bootstrap 4.3 framework
- Latest Owl Carousel v2.3.4
- Many of new pages added
- New homepage added "Homepage Modern" 
- New added "particle effect" 

Archi 3.3
New page added "Homepage Coworking" (Archi light)
Typography enhancement for Archi Light

Archi 3.2.2
New page added "project-masonry-3-cols.html" (Archi dark)
New page added "project-masonry-4-cols.html" (Archi dark)
New page added "project-before-after.html" (Archi dark)
New page added "project-masonry-4-cols.html" (Archi light)

Archi 3.2.1
fixes for some css issue
fixes for error message on browser console

Archi 3.2
New added niche template "Archi Garden" 

Archi 3.1.1
fixes for gallery carousel link not work

Archi 3.1
New added Archi industry service single page
fixes for gallery filter issue on mobile

Archi 3.0
New added niche template "Archi Industry" 

Archi 2.8.1
fixes for gallery filter issue on mobile

Archi 2.8
new added 'megamenu' for dark and light version

Archi 2.7.1
new added 'pricing page' for light version

Archi 2.7
new added 'homepage studio'

Archi 2.6
new added 'homepage arts' (light version)

Archi 2.5.1
fixes for gallery item size issue on resize
fixes for before after plugin sometime not load

Archi 2.5
new added 'homepage before after'
new added plugin 'before after'

Archi 2.4.2
new added 'homepage multipurpose' (dark version)
new gallery item apperanace with sequence

Archi 2.4.1
new added 'homepage multipurpose' (light version)

Archi v2.4
new header light color for mobile
new added blog single page
new added blog left sidebar
new switch menu on mobile
remove error message on browser console

Archi v2.3.1
fixes for repeat background on mobile

Archi v2.3
new added homepage 'landing product'

Archi v2.2.2
new added homepage 'portfolio minimal' (light version)
new footer light class

Archi v2.2.1
new added homepage 'fresh' (light version)

Archi v2.2
new added Archi minisite (5 pages)

Archi v2.1.1
new added pricing table 3 and 4 cols
fixes some background issues

Archi v2.1
new added homepage masonry light version with columns, grid space and ratio settings (6 pages)
new added faq page
new active parent menu

Archi v2
new added homepage masonry with columns, grid space and ratio settings (6 pages)
new added submenu level 4

Archi v1.9.4
new added homepage fullscreen

Archi v1.9.3
new added homepage profession light

Archi v1.9.2
new added homepage profession
improvement for css files

Archi v1.9.1
new added homepage snowy
new added smooth submenu hover effect
improvement for css files

Archi v1.9
new homepage added
new added projects contained style (3 variations)
new added projects carousel style (3 variations)
new added projects inverted style (3 variations)
new added typing text plugin
improvement javascript and css files

Archi v1.9
new added homepage with header bottom for light version
new added homepage with YouTube video
new added homepage with moving background
fix submenu level 3 spacing issue

Archi v1.8.5
new added homepage with header bottom
new added projects grid view
fix for small space issue on side navigation when scroll
improvement for drop down navigation on mobile

Archi v1.8.4
new added homepage slider (for side navigation)
new added services page new layout
fix for menu issue on mobile for extended header
fix for third level menu not show on mobile

Archi v1.8.3
new added 'homepage minimal'
new sticky header option for desktop and mobile

Arch1 v1.8.2
new homepage added
new custom background color without css code
new custom background image without css code
improvement all html code for w3c validation

Archi v1.8.1
Improvement menu on mobile
Improvement Archi side navigation on mobile
Improvement section with side background image on mobile
fix for blur section background image on mobile

Archi v1.8
new option header light color
new stylish form elements (see form-style.html)
new back to top button

Archi v1.7
new sidebar navigation light version
new map style for light version
fix for missing menu background on mobile for landing page only
fix for contact form text color not visible on light version

Archi v1.6.1
fix for menu not work on one page template
fix for map not show on one page template

Archi v1.6 (17 December 2015)
New added "Sidebar Navigation" 

Archi v1.5 (4 November 2015)
New header extended style

Archi v1.4 (28 October 2015)
new added projects 2 and 3 columns
new added gallery 2,3 and 4 columns
improved testimonial carousel for mobile
fix content show before preloader
fix double x button on project popup
fix missing subheader title on small screen
fix menu separator not show properly on IE
fix remove extra space on mobile

Archi v1.3 (16 October 2015)
New landing page available
New added image popup
New added video popup (Youtube/Vimeo)
Fix font menu color issue

Archi v1.2 (7 May 2015)
New coming soon page (2 styles)
New added countdown plugin
Fix Google map error message

Archi v1.1 (24 April 2015)
New onepage version available
New added more menu styles
New added 'fun facts' section
New added 'blog carousel'
Improvement responsive menu

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