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Architect Blog & Portfolio WordPress Theme

Architect Blog & Portfolio WordPress Theme

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Archblog - Architecture Portfolio and Blog HTML template

Archblog is extremely easy and intuitive WordPress theme for architect portfolio, blog or small constructions company site. The theme allows to organize great showcase project demonstrating your portfolio and ideas it their best.

Besides that the theme is extremely easy and intuitive. It’s build with common WordPress tools like customizer and widgets. You wont need to read extensive documentation files to master them theme. We also managed to create the theme without heavy and resource consuming plugins. It’s robust, SEO friendly, performance optimized. Yet compatible with the most popular WordPress plugins.

As we have mentioned above the theme can be used for constructions and renovation websites. You can easily customize it for any constructions and architecture related project.

If you are small business company, private entrepreneur or free lance developer working for a client our theme will be probably the most cost effective and time saving solution you can find on the net.

The last but not the least. You are backed up by extremely effective and friendly tech support team. If something goes wrong you can always rely on a hand of help!

ArchBlog WordPress Theme

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Version 1.1.7 – Oct 14, 2016
* fixed styles of 'Quote' post format
* Customizer - Styling - Colors: various fixes in color schemes
* Customizer - 404 Page Settings: also hide 'or' word when hide 'GO HOME' button
* fixed styles of 'Status' post format
* WP widget Category, Archives: fixed vertical align of posts count number
* fixed form field horizontal align for password-protected posts
* various styles fixes
Version 1.1 – Oct 12, 2016
- remove 'Sticky Sidebar' option

+ widget "Recent Posts Carousel": added option 'Auto play', 'Duration'
+ widget 'Main Slider': added options: 'Auto play', 'Duration'
+ widget 'Recent Posts Slider': added checkbox option: 'Auto play', 'Duration'
+ widget "Recent Posts Carousel": styled navigation buttons

* minor styles fixes
* Customizing -> Site Settings -> Header/Footer Counters: fixed position
* updated demo-content
Version 1.0.15 – Oct 10, 2016
* Customizing -> Site Settings -> Logo, Site Title & Tagline: option "Use Logo" checkbox fixed
* minor styles fixes
Version 1.0.13 – Oct 04, 2016
- widget 'News Tabs': remove select option 'Accent color', it implemented in Customizer 'Color' section
- removed inactive test widgets

+ Customizer: 'Colors' section: implemented 'Dark Blue' color scheme

* Customizer: color scheme improvements
* update demo-content: missing images has been set again
* update demo-content: back missing images
* widgets styles improvements
Version 1.0.6 – Sep 30, 2016
+ now header menu becomes transparent when scrolling page
+ Customizer: added advanced settings in 'Colors' section

* Customizer: color scheme improvements
* fixed widgets cache
Version 1.0.2 – Sep 06, 2016
* minor fixes and improvements
Version 1.0.1 – July 27, 2016
+ Added ability to turn off preloader animation
+ Added preloader animation
Version 1.0 – June 24, 2016
* Initial Release