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Wow what did I just waste my money on? I uploaded the theme and it looks nothing like the preview. Please explai before I take this and fight this with PayPal and give you a bad rating.

Hi there

Im happy to help, however the rather abusive messages you have left on my forum dont help and have been removed as they were posted in an unrelated thread about a different theme. Here they are for your reference [removed]

The only error youve reported is one with the update notification, which iv now removed and the update has been uploaded here. I have also emailed these to the email address used to register for my forum :)

If there is anything I can help with, be sure to let me know

Thanks, Danny

Thanks for being proactive and patient in helping solve my problems. I apologize for letting my frustration get the better of me.

My pleasure :)

Hello, is this version here the latest? shall i purchase the theme now or no? Also i cheched the issue with the categories, this work with the archived posts feature from wordpress, so it was always there, it will be more usefull if it works within the themes code for example start with works category then work portfolio thanks

Sounds good too – I reckon the accent colour (which you can pic) would be idea for this – what do you think?

The menu actually changed quite a lot in 1.0.5 (todays update) so it will be no problem to add this :)

Great theme, great css layout and the most important GREAT SUPPORT!

Thank you chouselefkada :)

Need to know if this theme is WP 4.0 compatible, please send a reply asap.

Yep :) The demo runs on 4.0 :D

Thanks, Danny

Hi, is it possible to let the mobile site version start with the menu folded out?

Hi there

Thanks for using my theme!

As for your question, I think a little CSS should do this nicely

Try adding this to your custom css area within the theme options (appearance > customize > custom css)

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    #sidebar {
        display: block !important;

Let me know how you get on :D

Thanks again, Danny

Thanks Danny!

Ah cool im glad this worked :D

Cheers, Danny

Is it possible to exclude the team members page in some way? when I look for van bilsen bouwadvies in google, the team members page appears… while we don’t use it.

site is www.vanbilsenbouwadvies.nl

One teeny tiny thing, if your happy with my theme and support, please consider rating

I have 2 great reviews and one terrible one :( and more more good one will really help things!!

Thanks, Danny

haha, alright! thanks Danny! And how do I nudge google :)?

Do you have a webmastertools account?


Here you can submit sitemaps (as well as loads of cool things like see what search terms your being found for etc) – if you dont already have one, sign up to this and google analyics


With these two tools you will have the ultimate control of your site (as far as google anyway) :D


I have some “works” in my site but, as they are increasing, I need to filter them under a few categories that I’ve defined, so the visitor can click on top and filter them to show by category. Do you have a solution for this? Thank you.

Hi there

So its sounds like you could use an isotope filerable portfolio?

Ill add it to the next update for you (due late Novemeber) :D

Sorry I dont have an immediate solution

Thanks, Danny

Guys, can you please check why the works page is loading kind of bugged and too slow??


After a few tests I realized that its happening when I’m using the slider (more than one picture on the work)… How to fix it?

Another issue, is how to configure the works by category menu URL…


Dany I didnt receive any email.. I still waiting for the fixes… By the way, I changed the password of the wp admin… I will send you an email with that…

Got it :) I’m away today (6th) as its my birthday so I’ll get onto it Saturday for you :)

Ok! Happy birthday!

Hello, I have installed it into wordpress 4.1 version. But I can not find the theme options/ DT Panel in the wp admin. Please help me out.

Hi there

You can find the options under Apperaance > Customize :)

Cheers, Danny

Hello, i was trying to use the Slider Images functionality that comes with the theme i purchased.

Item ID: 6610325

Item Purchase Code: e412daab-c3c0-489e-90ee-b546494016a3

I wanted the slider to look like what is shown in the demo here http://themes.distinctivethemes.com/wordpress/architects-and-engineers/

My website is http://test.dev.kingssafety.ca/ It is still in it’s development stage.

All the pictures I uploaded are not displaying in the pages at all, i have tried cropping and using the right dimensions, still not working.

Please help :(

Morning :)

Your welcome to use the email form on my profile if you wish http://themeforest.net/user/DistinctiveThemes

Cheers, Danny

There’s no area for me to submit a request, no email, the support page http://www.distinctivethemes.com/forum/?envato_item_id=6610325 shows this. :(

I saw a video on how to add image slider from his video but it just doesn’t work.

Do you have a direct link to which I can contact the support, please help me.



Morning :)

Your welcome to use the email form on my profile if you wish http://themeforest.net/user/DistinctiveThemes

Cheers, Danny

Danny, I’m still waiting for some fixes…

Hi there

Should be all set now :D iv added you via skype in case there is anything else also

Thanks, Danny

Hello there! I live in Serbia and my site must have the option of being read in English and Serbian language. Can this be done with Word-press theme? Thanks!

Hi Danny, does your template support MultiLanguage? Thanks, Claudio

Hi there

Its translatable for sure :) so a plugin such as WPML should would just fine

Cheers, Danny