Discussion on Archits - Responsive Architecture Template

Discussion on Archits - Responsive Architecture Template

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Hi. Ist it possible to automatically close the menu after using an anchor-menu-link?

You can use Bootstrap javascript:

$(’.navbar-nav a’).on(‘click’, function(){ $(’.navbar-collapse’).collapse(‘hide’); });

Don‘t know why but doesn‘t work with me :-/

Only copy/paste to custom.js?

You have to modify ”.navbar-nav a” that reflect your navbar classes

is there a link to download the blog page?

Hi. There is no blog page

hello I try to put this theme in black with a white border but every time I change the class the menu does not work thank you to learn about the technique to use the other pages are well in black with the white border but the home remains in white and when I force the class the menu does not open anymore

Hello I have succeeded, no need help thanks

Hi, that’s great!

is it possible to use lightbox with this theme, on the details page, i want gallery opens when i cilck a picture or how can i do this.

Hi, yes it is possible. On the <a></a> link give the HREF attribute a path to the image <a href="path/to/image.jpg"></a> and give it a image-popup class. More here: http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/magnific-popup/

Missing blog-post.html. Please Correct this!

Hi, thank you for mention

is there quick JS i can add to make the carousel scroll automatically vs manually? it isn’t intuitive in the mobile version—so people don’t know to swipe the image.

Hi—another question. I like the hamburger navigation. its clean. However, it doesn’t work properly. it doesn’t “go away” when a user clicks on something. This isn’t that big of a deal on a computer, as it just leaves a black border along the right side. But in the mobile version, that black border takes up the majority of the screen. So how do I get the nav menu to go away when a user clicks on a link? The black “X” that closes it, is only available if the user scrolls to the top.

Hi, to have a “black filter” always visible, add this into “style.css”

.hero-section.is-carousel .hero-wrapper .slide::after {
    filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=50);
    opacity: 0.5;
    -moz-transform: rotate(-3deg) translateY(-200px);
    -ms-transform: rotate(-3deg) translateY(-200px);
    -webkit-transform: rotate(-3deg) translateY(-200px);
    transform: rotate(-3deg) translateY(-200px);

Here is the script when the navigation panel is opened, user can click anywhere on the main content to close this panel.

open “custom.js” and replace this function

$(".navigation .nav-btn").on("click", function (){

With this one:

$(".navigation .nav-btn").on("click", function (){
        }, 200);

    $("#page-header, #page-content, #page-footer").on("click", function(){
        if( $(".outer-wrapper").hasClass("show-nav in") ){
            $(".navigation .nav-btn").trigger("click");
            }, 200);

hi there.

looks VERY nice. ist there a page with ‘normal’ navigation, though? dont really like the hamburger navigation. :(

Hi, unfortunately there is no “normal” navigation.

ok, will buy another theme, then…

Blog Post missing

Hi, thank you for mention.

Hi, nice theme. there is any way to show visible all time the menu?? Thanks

Hi, unfortunately this is not available.

Hi, you have a really promising theme here. However you lack of blog page and blog post. For sure I will buy if you do that :D

Hi, thank you for your interest. We will definitely implement a blog page:)

Great job man, GLWS :)

Thanks man :)

Nice work done, Good Luck :)


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Congratulations bro! GLWS :)

Thank you very much:)

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:


Thank you

nice template gud luck :)

Thank you


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