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Wow! Nice Design! Congrats!!

Thanks bro!

Thanks bro!

@whoscares I don’t find any similar theme to Archon in the link you provided. I am going to buy this theme.

@bootstrapguru Great work bro! I see a lot of research in your work. Keep it up :)

thanks for representing my work

I bought it. @nbadiganti.

Loving your work @bootstrapguru.

Thanks for purchasing my theme. Please visit my forum for any support

Does this include any PSDs or image files? Or dummy content?

no psd files but what exactly you mean by dummy content ?

do u do custom work?

Please send the details on our contact page, we will check with the work

Hi, Great template VJ, WOW…well done! My name is Slavek aka ebinx, and I work for a company named ARCHON+, based in Poland/Eastern Europe. We are curently working on the new look for our main website (new Today I got an intersting google alert on our brand name- it read: ..Archon flat responsive…” I clicked to check it and that’s how I found out about your great bootstrap admin template. I am going to introduce it to our coders- perhaps we will use your Archon template for our Archon’s back-end website :-)

I am glad you like my theme and want to use it. I am going to add lot of features for the next version. if you feel you need something, Please let me know on the support forum. I will be pleased to know what you need and glad to add those

Very nice job. I am very interested in this design. Will there be updates coming with more pages, etc?

yeah there is a bunch of list , I am going to add that list on my forum in less than an hour. I will send you message here once I post the list. you can also request any features you want. I will do my best to do in the next version. Thanks for your appreciation

Please check here for list of new features considered upto now :

Thanks for the appreciation :) I am glad you liked it .

Puchased the theme! The features are really great and got integrated easily with my application. Thanks Bootstrapguru! :)

Thanks for purchasing my theme. Please visit my forum for any support

does this theme have a login template page?

yes , I have provided it with the front end , the login page has separate css file. so you can easily integrate it admin panel too.check the page with the below link

and I am glad you purchased my theme. Happy coding with it

On a phone Frontend->Pages, second level menu does not open (I do not see items Portfolio, About us etc.). It works on a tablet/desktop. Can you fix it for a phone?


Yes, I can fix it within 24 hours

Can you be more specific please? I mean the phone you are using. I just tested on my phone and it works fine. you can check with the following link below , they are taken on my phone HTC Sensation XL Android version
> Can you be more specific please? Nokia Lumia 620, Win8, IE10

So, any chance you can fix it for IE?

Sorry I found no tools to test on Windows mobile IE , Even browser testing major tool browserstack doesnt really provide windows mobile testing feature. I will find a way to fix it soon, other the windows mobile with IE ( not tested), All other mobile seems to work fine.

Very nice theme, I really like it. Is possible display date picker in another languages? Or this plugin is only show the date in english? I need to show in portuguese.

I am not really sure if it is in portuguese, check out here

Any change of supporting IE8 ?

its hard to support IE8 , but we will try to do a release in less than a month. We will try to fix IE8 too

Also, your front end theme has no defined place for util links like “Log in” or Register” or “View admin – Profile”. Would be nice if the front end would take in the consideration of the user landing on the front end while authenticated.

thanks for the suggestion, we will try to work on it too

I would like to buy, but I don’t know how to use it, is there a tutorial that will guide me step by step ?

P.S. I am very familiar with bootstrap, WP and Prestashop.

Cheers !

Don’t be sorry, we love to answer our customers :)

this is pure html with no backend coding. Which means you need to integrate with any available CMS. Any admin template on TF are same sort of :)

Thanks again, and … Good day !

sure, you are welcome, Have a great day

WOW man your admin themes are really good… I need custom work done… I sent you an email here: can you fit me in… Please let me know thanks Jose…

I have sent you my skype id to your mail already

Sorry to say it is the most impossible to work with theme I have ever used… Too many CSS !important overrides… AND imposible to find witch files to include to make items work… That is really bad… I would like my money back?

sure please post a support ticket with themeforest because we did not have your money yet , its still with the themeforest. Hope you understand. Thanks