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Hi Pirenko – having a huge issue with Visual Composer with the most recent Wordpress 3.9 update – the text editor on text boxes doesn’t work! It’s just a white screen and no editor. Their comments page on codecanyon is littered with people having the same issue. Will this be updated soon through Aria? How can we get a fix for it since it is included in our theme package? We’re on VC 3.8; their current update is 4.0.5 but seemingly it’s not working for many. Thanks!

I’m going to release an update today that includes the new Visual Composer version. Thanks for letting me know :)

Looking out for the new update, thanks Pirenko.

Ok, I will get back to you soon. Thanks!

Hi Pirenko – just FYI – thanks for the reply, but I gave up with the existing Wordpress 3.8.3 install. Everything running nicely now with Aria 3.4, and Wordpress 3.9 on a clean install.

Only one issue with the Google Maps link (shortlink or long link) – not working when I use VC to add a map. Tried an iFrame, but that busts out of the column…any ideas?

Please send me a private message with a link. Thanks!

How long before a 3.9 upsate? My client updated to 3.9 and now has issues with his website.

An update is available since April 17th. Cheers!

Hi there, we’re running into an issue with the Single Image VC element. When we add a link to the image, it tries to open in a lightbox. We don’t have the “link to large image and open lightbox popup” box checked, but it’s trying to open in a lightbox regardless and the link doesn’t work. Image link target is set to “Same window”. Any help would be appreciated.

Please update the theme and send me a private message with a link if you still have trouble. Thanks!

I was trying to upgrade from version 2.1 to 3.3 of this theme.

When I try to activate the plugin Aria Framework – it says “The plugin does not have a valid header.” please help.

This is all related with what I just said. If you have trouble please send me a private message and I’ll help you. Cheers!

Yes, its fixed now and working properly. Appreciate your quick reply.

Ok, great ;)

Hi Pirenko! I’m having an issue with Visual Composer not displaying styled titles and theme buttons correctly. They just appear plain looking, see here where “test” is supposed to be a large underlined title, and “ok” is supposed to be a blue medium theme button:

Any help is appreciated!

Please make sure that you are using the latest theme and Aria Framework version. Turn off all the plugins you may have and if you still have trouble please send me a private message with your WP login details.

I experienced the same problems, that the theme shortcodes don’t blend in correctly in Visual composer.

I installed it on a fresh wp installation, uploaded the right plugins, uploaded demo content. And the blue line under the styled title didn’t appear and the font size was standard and not from the js compser css.

We did some deeper research, and for some reason visual composer shortcodes get capitals into their settings.

[prkwp_styled_title prk_in=”Latest News” align=”left” title_size=”medium” use_italic=”no” aria_show_line=”no”]

[prkwp_styled_title prk_in=”Latest News” align=”Left” title_size=”Large” use_italic=”No” aria_show_line=”No”]

“Left, Large, No” somehow changed with capitals. Editing these in backend editor fixes this.

This might be the composer error. Your thought?

Manual editing shortcode capital letter in settings in backend editor :

[prkwp_service name=”Tearoom” align=”Left”...
[prkwp_service name=”Tearoom” align=”left”...

Fixes the style error.

Thank you for your valuable input! I will take care of this on the next update, but you can send me a private message for a quick fix. Cheers!

Sent a message because I am having issues with visual composer.

Just replied ;)

Hi there, recently buyed this them and i’m having a huge error with my blog. Just when i select the option to install the examples i always get this error:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator at webmaster@zendacomunicacion.com to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

i have deleted 5 times the whole database, wordpress an all, and reinstalled from zero. and always with the same result.

can you please help me, is kinda urgent now :S have been a week with this, you can still see the error on this link


Thanks in advance

ok… new server, all fresh, new database… upload theme… and then all goes wrong :(

Before i click “guardar cambios” (save changes) http://plantasdeaguacate.com/canacintra/errores/error1.png

after clicking it http://plantasdeaguacate.com/canacintra/errores/error2.png

after traying to get back to the panel: http://plantasdeaguacate.com/canacintra/errores/error3.png

if i delete the theme, all goes back to normal…

Any ideas of what is happenig?

Error 1 – not an error. Just asking to install the theme bundled plugins;
Error 2 and 3 – Try asking your hosting company to increase the PHP memory limit. This is usually not needed, but probably you have a low value and this may bring trouble;
If you still have trouble please ask your hosting company about the current PHP memory limit value so that we can see if it is already good and the problem may be another. Cheers!

you’re right, error1 is not an error, just my way to organize the sequence of what i was doing. Ok, will try that. i’ll post the solution when i found it for future users. Thanks

I think there is someting wrong with the Visual Composer implementation. For example i need to manually remove uppercase letters and spaces from “shortcode” attribute values to get the modules to display.. Are you aware of this problem? Is this just happening to me? When will you have a fix?

Styled title: when using large – change “Large” to “large” and pirenko_last_portfolios: Change “Without titles” to “without_titles” To name a few

Well I’m just finishing an update to fix this so if you have trouble with more elements please let me know. Thanks!

Hello again,
The update is on queue for approval now. Thanks!

Hi there, I think the latest update broke the Visual Composer buttons. Our old buttons have a class of “theme_button tiny”. All the new ones have a class of “Tiny Theme Button”. Is this a bug?

Are you already using the 3.4 version of theme and Aria Framework? If yes please send me a private message with your WP login details. I just tested this locally and it seems to be fine.

Hello. I just installed your theme, but I get this error when I try to activate Aria Framework: Warning: require_once (/ var/www/clients/client7/web8/web/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/composer/include.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/clients/client7/web8/web/wp-content/plugins/aria_framework/js_composer-aria/js_composer-aria.php on line 89

How do I fix this? Thanks from Spain.

That is weird… Did you tried via FTP? You can send me a private message with the WP Login details if you need my help. Thanks!

Sorry I fix it.

Ok, great ;)

Hi Pirenko,

I updated the theme to version 3.4 and the aria framework and now my Visual Composer isn’t really working right. The styled title on our front page is set to be centered and large but it is small and aligned left. The services are not centering and have changed. I am not sure what to do because now the front page of our site looks wrong. I can give you login details if you would kindly take a look. Login Page: http://bit.ly/1ouptfP

Thank you, Crystal

I did update them … I’m seeing now that user Webshack (above) is experiencing the same problem and it appears to be linked to the capitals going into the shortcodes. I just tested this on my site and was able to see what he/she is talking about. By changing the capitals, I was able to fix the issue. Are you releasing an update that fixes the Visual Editor shortcodes? Thank you for your suggestion! I appreciate your help.

Thank you, Crystal

It appears I improperly updated the Aria Framework with a previous update. So … User error! Great theme! I will continue to recommend to my clients!

Thank you, Crystal

Ok, great ;)

Hi Pirenko, after updating you theme I can’t activate these Plugins: Envato > Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Envato_WP_Toolkit in /homepages/41/d100164467/htdocs/de/wp-content/plugins/envato-wordpress-toolkit-master/index.php on line 10 and Aria Framework > Fatal error: Cannot redeclare prk_aria_scodes() (previously declared in /homepages/41/d100164467/htdocs/de/wp-content/plugins/aria_shortcodes/aria_shortcodes.php:18) in /homepages/41/d100164467/htdocs/de/wp-content/plugins/aria_framework/shortcodes.php on line 1379

What can I do? Do I need to delete the Plugins from the plugins Folder?

Thanks a lot in advance, I really enjoy working with this theme! :-)

Beste, Stefanie

Yes, try erasing the plugins related with the theme that you had before. I had to make some major changes to the page builder and I have merged some plugins. Cheers!

Okay I think it works – now I have only Aria Framework, Envato, Revolution Slider (plus Woocommerce an Woocemmerce_DE)... Is that correct?

Thanks a lot for your super-fast reply :)

As long as those warnings are gone you should be ok. Thanks!

Hello, Please take a look at You will see “Aria Homepage” with blue horizontal background just below the Header and Top Menu. When I create a new page, I don’t wish to include that “Aria Homepage” section. How can I do that?

Under that page content you will find some options. Turn the “Title” Option off. Cheers!

Hello Pirenko!

Is there any way to update the Revolution Slider to the latest version? I think is the 4 and I’m having the 3.something.


On the latest theme version you already have a version 4. Just re-download the file package and you will find it on the external_plugins folder. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko,

I am interested in knowing where I can modify the code for the individual elements of the Visual Editor. In this case, I have stripped the blog posts of all meta data (date, comments, heart icon) however, the “3 blog posts” element that I am using on the homepage still includes date and comments. Could you point me to the file where I could make these adjustments? Thanks.


You’ll need to edit the shortcodes.php file for that. It is located under wp-content/plugins/aria_framework/ folder. Cheers!

Hi, i would like to change the facebook icon:

How can i do this? Where is located?

That is a font icon and if you want to change the function that outputs that bar open the functions.php file and change the function “prk_output_top_bar”.

Hi Pirenko, We are experiencing the same problem we were a few months ago. We are using Aria 3.4. The images on the right hand side of the page have URLs assigned and the lightbox option turned off, but when the images are selected, they try to load in lightbox. We really need your help with a fix for this as soon as possible. The client has finally given us approval to push the site live. http://designpointdev.com/HWL/practices/agribusiness-nursery/

Thank you,


Hi, please send me a private with the WP login details. Thanks!

Hi, Our coder found a php mod that you had sent us last month that seems to have fixed the problem.

Thank you,


Ok, cheers!

Hi Pirenko,

I am trying to add the five members of the executive team in one row using the team members element in Visual Composer.

When I choose four members, it displays as expected with four members across the page.


The same if I choose six members, I get six across the page.


But if I choose 5, which is what I want, I get them as one per row underneath each other.


Can you help?

The section latest work does not use CSS columns to show those elements. It is done with jQuery. The columns that are supported can be seen here: http://www.pirenko.com/aria/layout-grid/

OK. Cool. Can I suggest then, that you change the selection of memebers per column to a drop down or radio buttons instead of a free text field to save confusion for others

Ok I will take care of that on the next update. Cheers!