Discussion on Aries - Metro Style Admin Template

Discussion on Aries - Metro Style Admin Template

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hi, my admin is not collapsed why ?

What will be in the new update and when will it be released?


Hello. Update this template is scheduled for next week. There are no accurate list of updates.

Please, use email to get information. Unfortunately this message was missed.


Text is not displayed well in Select2 textbox when in multiple mode.

Hello, thank you for your report. I will include fix in next update. If you need it right now:

Open css/select/select.css:371 and set height: 30px;

hello , a client of mine bought this template.. it is functioning well, but now we discovered a lot of things are not displaying well in IE8. Can you help me to solve this?

Hello. Thanks for your report, i will check it.

Hi, could you please indicate if there is any option in your template that can allow me to create a left-side menu with icons that can be collapsed when mouse is not over it?

Hello. You mean all navigation panel or only menu items? Please, contact me with email, i need more information. Thank you.

Hi, I can hook a function js on bootstrap dialogs button for closing?

Hi :) Thanks for purchase.

How do I create two different bootstrap form dialog?

Same as one, but with different id’s. Contact me with email if you need more information or help.

Any update on the new update you sid you were going to have by the end of the month?


Yes, however i see it has something like that already, also i was wondering with these pricing tables is there anyway i can setup sorta like this. something like this, http://gyazo.com/d1f06ee825dba67e7392bae7bfe47ab1.png my site uses a code that grabs all data from database and it will make a new one each time but i would like to get them to look like that or even just be like that without the other http://gyazo.com/91515fced5f2fc116ba5c332c3fe105f.png free domain table thing and select the package area.. Thanks as well, this theme is amazing and the support is as well.


Ok. i will include it in next update.

Okay thanks, can u also do same update to Gemini theme aswell.



I would like to ask why my form elements e.g. Input, textarea, select is not rendering properly? Is it from the bootstraps css?


Yes, all form elements predefined in bootstrap and changed in Aries. If you need more help, contact me with email, and i will do my best to help you.

Hello, <select id=”nationality” class=”select” style=”width: 100%”> <!- option goes here -> </select>

i want to change selected option from jquery. like below $(”#nationality option[value=’option 1 value’]”).attr(‘selected’, ‘selected’); it does not change the span but it selects the value when i press the dropdown.

i just want to change selected value from jquery without any event .


This select using Select2 Plugin. Check documentation section Val. All you need is something like this:

 $("#nationality").select2("val", "option 1 value");

Hi sent you an email about my problem. Need your feedback soon. Thanks.

I think we solve it. Thanks for purchase

Any date on when new update will be out?


Hi, dont know date. But it will be soon(this month). Thanks, stay tuned.

I had a few other things in mind such as the list below.

News Widget Sort of Thing
Profile Page
Code View
Date Picker
Color Picker


Thank you. I will include it in next updates.

Really amazing theme, however i was curious to whether any of the following would be added or would you consider adding?

Pricing Page Support Ticket Dropdown on Header sort of thing


Hi, thank you for your suggestions. I will include this pages in next update.


“Live Preview” is not working. Can we see it in action before buying it ? Thanks a lot.

Hi, thanks for your report. It was problem with domain.

Hi, no. I will include it in next update. Thanks

new owner here :)

So i load index.html and the page bounces back and forth on the lower left corner , if you squeeze the screen it will stop but at full screen in both chrome and IE it happens .

hi, and welcom ;)

This bug was fixed in v1.1, what vers. do u use? Also, can u send link to this page to my email?

I’d like to set the sidebar to “never hide” when the screen width gets narrow. Where do I make that setting? Thanks!


Remove from actions.js code:


And remove in styleshets.css all changes for .sidebar and .navigation

Contact me with email, if this doesnt help you. Thanks

A useless question, but how do to show the Sidebar Menu, as shown in the picture, and the demo did not think how do I see it???

Sorry, but i don’t understand your question. Contact me with email, and will try to help you.

first … congratulations. very clean and useful design ….

Now a question? how do I use the files in ASP.net MVC 4, which folders to copy …

thank you

Hi, unfortunatly i cant help u, i’m not .net developer

I would like to know which file I edit masks to form – eg the date here in Brazil is DD-MM-YYYY and not YYYY-MM-DD as it is, could not find the aquivo to edit the mask.

It’s in plugins.js, to change maskedinput plugin mask search:


Datepicker format:

$(".datepicker").datepicker({dateFormat: 'yy-mm-dd'});



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