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Great admin theme! ;)


wow. good work! :) luck buddy!

Thanks Dmitry :)

Congrats ! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks Bedros )

looks good, this give 404 also do you think an audio player can be done for some extra payment ?

Hi, thanks for report. Links fixed. Right to use

I think i can include player in next updates.


Hi, New to WP and am getting an error when I attempt to upload the theme. Can you help? Getting style.css and template not found.


Hi, citadmin

It’s not a wp theme. This item is in Site Templates – Admin Templates category. So, it’s HTML template, not a WP theme.

This is a very beautifull theme!!! I am going to buy it soon for a project I have mind. I just wanted to thumbs it up!

Thank you nikoza! :) I will do my best to do this template much better ;)

I love metro style

Hi, MatArt

I love it too :)

In IE9 if you close all the collapsible panels on the page, the bottom left hand nav menu flickers uncontrollably.



I will chack that, and fix. Thank you.

Looks really clean! Nice work It’d be nice if you made retina icons.

Hi, mstruntze

There used Brankic1979 and Font Awesome icons set. So, it’s should be ok on retina, checked on ipad3.


Most of the icons are looking very well on Retina Mac, but there is a few that don’t. You might be able to see what I mean here:

Yes, you are right. i will work on it. This icons is in bootstrap pack. Thanks for report

Loved this theme..immediately bought it :)

Do we get mail, regarding updates/fixes?

Hi, mallamahesh

First of all, thanks for purchase. Sure i will update this template, and first update with new features will be realy soon.

Sounds like there are a few bugs pending. I would like to purchase this and start using right away. Will the bug fixes change the HTML elements at all? Will just be a pain to integrate an admin theme, and have to adjust HTML everywhere.


This version is stable, new updates will be included with new features. As usual for update you need to change only main files(theme css and js)

Also, Aries support available 12/24, so after purchase you can send your questions or reports on email(aqvatarius[at] And i will do my best to help you.


When the height of the page is not at least the full width of the screen, you get crazy flickering and attempting resizing of the page. How do I fix this?

Remove from actions.js code:

    if($(".wrapper > .body").height() < window.innerHeight)
        $(".wrapper > .body").height(window.innerHeight+10);        
        $(".wrapper > .body").removeAttr('style');

In next update i will fix this issue

maybe put a button to page top left and click it can show/hide left side nav menu is good.

hi, yeschoto

I will think about that. Thanks for your suggestions.

The left menu is not displaying as collapsed with + icon buttons in IE10.

hi gupta24,

Thanks for report. check new updates please.

There is a login page?


yes, sure… Click here

Hi, i like your theme and i see that you have some jquery ui components. Are you support all the jquery ui components like the tabs. I am looking for jquery ui theme. i prefer jquery ui over twitter bootstrap

I was looking and you don’t have the jquery ui tabs only the twitter bootstrap nav tabs

There no example jQuery bootstrap, but you can use it. Now, it’s aviable only in block with styled head(with background). In next update i will work on it, and make it more usable

ok. will wait for the next update and see

I’d like to install this on Freelance Cockpit ( Is it possible? If so, how?


as i see freelance cockpit based on bootstrap, so i think it’s posible… But there can be problems, if this project not based on mvc. Also you need to know HTML,CSS,JS to install it.

Hi. I have already bought your Virgo template. If I get Aries as well, how easy will it be to have my sites switch between the two themes?

Hi, AgileAce

It’s same, but little changed structure and blocks. Also, there another icons packs.

Let me know if you have questions.

Hi, very good template. Is there a way of showing notifications that popup on the screen? I am not referring to the alert-blocks. I couldn’t find this in the scripts or your examples. Thanks.

Hi, uwconcept

Notify plugin is not included. I will include it in next update.


Cool, thanks a ton!

I love this template! I too would like to see the notify plugin included but also a “Search Results” page – Do you think you can make one that matches the Aries style and include it in the next update? Great work!!

Yes, sure. I will include it. Stay tuned. ;)