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Hi, in the template i miss navigation (breadcrumbs) and highlight the selected item (on top menu) if I do not use the side menu. Is this possible to include it in next update?

Hi, I will include breadcrumb in next update. And highlight for top navigation only for pc. Thanks for your suggestions. Stay tuned

Amazing job, amazing. I will use it in my next project.

Thanks, carlost. I will do my best to do it much better. Stay tuned ;)

Sure I will, thanks!

just plain beautiful template this will be my first purchase in the site, so my question is do i get all the updates after purchase ??

Hi, jqtaveras

Sure. After release new update, you can go to your downloads(top right menu->Downloads), and download newest version absolutly free.

Hi, I purchased your theme, and I am very satisfied with this great job.

I encountered just one problem : in the grid system, when the block title (h2) is long, it comes under the icon and not stay beside. Is there any way to fix it ?




Contact me with email, and i will try to help you(couse there few ways to solve it…)


Is there a way to make it so mobile and tablet view the same thing as the desktop version?


It’s based on bootstrap, and it’s by default changing a lot of styles for mobile devices. I think you can try turn off bootstrap-responsive.min.css. But i’m not sure that it will help. Please, contact me with email, i will try to help you. Thanks

Is it ok for me to swap out to the latest version of bootstrap? Or would that cause any problems with the existing code? I don’t know when you’re next release will be – but wanted to run the latest version of bootstrap. Thanks!


Update will be realy soon. But if you want, you can replace css files from latest bootstrap version. I this it shoul work without any errors.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks

Hi there,

at this moment i am building a website with your template. I am also using the datatables part very much. But I have a table on a page from which i want to delete rows, delete.php deletes the row and header locates back to the table page. Allthough the row is deleted from the database it is still showing on the page.. How can I avoid this cache behavior?

Kind regards, barry


I still face the problem that it looks like the template is caching within the Datatables component? Can you please react to my question? This template was bought by my client a week ago therefor I am not ‘marked’ als “purchades”.. But please respond anyway ?

Kind regards, Barry

Hi Barry,

What programming language do you use? Please contact me with email, i will try to help you.

I love your theme but I need PSD files, is it possible? Thanks to reply me. Laurent

Unfortunatly there only layered PNG file. It’s can be opened with a Adobe Fireworks. You can find it in downloaded package, in PNG folder.

I cut it up a ton for my specific usage, but overall the theme worked great.

Thanks a bunch.

Thanks for purchase. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

I would like to know which file I edit masks to form – eg the date here in Brazil is DD-MM-YYYY and not YYYY-MM-DD as it is, could not find the aquivo to edit the mask.

It’s in plugins.js, to change maskedinput plugin mask search:


Datepicker format:

$(".datepicker").datepicker({dateFormat: 'yy-mm-dd'});


first … congratulations. very clean and useful design ….

Now a question? how do I use the files in MVC 4, which folders to copy …

thank you

Hi, unfortunatly i cant help u, i’m not .net developer

A useless question, but how do to show the Sidebar Menu, as shown in the picture, and the demo did not think how do I see it???

Sorry, but i don’t understand your question. Contact me with email, and will try to help you.

I’d like to set the sidebar to “never hide” when the screen width gets narrow. Where do I make that setting? Thanks!


Remove from actions.js code:


And remove in styleshets.css all changes for .sidebar and .navigation

Contact me with email, if this doesnt help you. Thanks

new owner here :)

So i load index.html and the page bounces back and forth on the lower left corner , if you squeeze the screen it will stop but at full screen in both chrome and IE it happens .

hi, and welcom ;)

This bug was fixed in v1.1, what vers. do u use? Also, can u send link to this page to my email?

Hi, no. I will include it in next update. Thanks


“Live Preview” is not working. Can we see it in action before buying it ? Thanks a lot.

Hi, thanks for your report. It was problem with domain.

Really amazing theme, however i was curious to whether any of the following would be added or would you consider adding?

Pricing Page Support Ticket Dropdown on Header sort of thing


Hi, thank you for your suggestions. I will include this pages in next update.

I had a few other things in mind such as the list below.

News Widget Sort of Thing
Profile Page
Code View
Date Picker
Color Picker


Thank you. I will include it in next updates.

Any date on when new update will be out?


Hi, dont know date. But it will be soon(this month). Thanks, stay tuned.