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How to make 3 column footer…?


Hi arturbaton, thank you for purchase our theme. we’re sorry for late reply. You can add widget in footer for max 4 column. For more information, please check on tutorial at point 11. Widgets. Thank you.

hi how to translate this theme? I followed the steps in the instructions, but not working.

Now I noticed that the translation actually works. but unfortunately did not translate all the words of theme. default.pot file that is quite poorly done required an upgrade to that file default.pot .

for example, I tried to translate : Search Results for but we did not in any way and words that can not be translated, there are many…

Hi logicnet, thank you for purchase our theme. We’re sorry for translation cause it’s not translating all words. We’ll review the translation and we’ll upgrade if need. Thank you.

Hi, can you advise on how to change the widget icons please?

Hi too brandfly85, thank you for purchase our theme. To change the widget icons, please follow this steps:

1) Open your wp-admin page 2) Open Editor at Appearance menu and edit file style.css 3) At style.css, go to line 459 (.blog_title_icon) 4) Change URL image at background-image with your URL icon

hope it help. thank you..

Thank you for this, much appreciated!

Hi, Could you tell me how I can change the social media icons at the header and footer? I have a new icon ready but can’t seem to locate in the files where to change the location of the icons for Facebook etc.

Thanks in advance

Hi kevincostello. To change the social media icon with your new icon, please replace the png file at folder images/social.

Hello. When navigating the site in a mobile device, the menu repeats twice.. Any ideas how to fix this? I also wanted to know where can I change the style for the text shown in the slider? Thanks.

Hi, we have found the solution. For repeats menu problem, please follow this steps:
1. Open file main.js in folder js
2. Go to line 40 and change ’.menu li’ with ’#primary_navigation li’

To change title icon in footer and sidebar, please follow this steps.
1. Open file js-config.js in folder js.
2. Add this code below before last line.
$( '.block_footer_widgets .blog_title_icon:eq(0)' ).css( 'background-image', "url(" + get_uri_js() + "/images/icon-title/about.png") );

To change second title icon, please change eq(0) with eq(1). For third title icon change eq(0) with eq(2), etc.
And change ” images/icon-title/about.png” with your own image url.

And if you want to change title icon in sidebar too, just change code .block_footer_widgets with .sidebar

Thanks. I will follow these instructions and I will let you know if they helped. Regards.

I’ve read and followed the instruction so we can add the demo content, but nothing has changed. I deleted everything and tried again. When I import the arinafademo.wordpress.2014-07-14(2).xml content, everything fails.

Please help

Hi vkventures, thank you for purchase our theme. we’re sorry for late reply. About the problem, it may cause by server down. Have you tried to import again? If the problem come again, we’ll try to change another web hosting. Thank you.

I have this: Mailer Error: SMTP connect() failed. hi there, I have some issues with the gmail account; I already added the “this words: extension=php_openssl.dll” on the php.ini file or maybe I did it wrong, can you tell me where should I add the line?, please, emails are not getting on our gmail. Thanks and btw email and password are ok ;)

nice theme

hi there, well i Have some questions about how can I set the contact form with a gmail account; my password and email are okay. and I still having this error “Mailer Error: SMTP connect() failed”. I see something about the php.ini, where it is this file? how can I add what you say on a comment, because I added a file php.ini but I still having that error

btw thanks and great theme ;)

Hi there, I read every link and comments over there, and I still dont get it, Im not developer so it is a little difficult to me. Have you another way to fix this. I have a VPS plan btw. Please some help it would be amazing best greeting ;)

please can you give an answer, because Im losing customers on my company and I dont know how to fixed. Thanks

Hi highdrift.. We’re sorry about it. But the file location of php.ini is in your web host setting not in the theme. Please ask the location of file php.ini to customer service of your web host. And just add this script:



I’d like to purchase your theme. I’m just wondering if it works with wordpress 4.0.

Thank you in advance :)

Hi aschaeffer, we have tried this theme in wordpress 4.0. Of course, it works. Thank you. :)

Hi, can the slider be slower. How do I do that? Thank you

Hi marketlinkre, thanks for purchase our theme. To make slider slower, open file jquery.onebyone.css At layouts/plugins/onebyone/css/jquery.onebyone.css Find words that contain “duration” and increase the number. Hope it help, thank you.

I’m having the same problem, but can’t find this file. Slider is way too flashy. Where can I find this exactly?

Already purchased it, but still can’t find it. Do I have to go to appearance and then editor first?

No need to go to appearance >> editor. Just open the file in your web host folder and edit with web editor.

Ok, still didn’t get it. Maybe something for a next update? An easy way to slow down the slider?


We are using custom sidebars for every page. But when we save the widgets, they dissapear and go to “disabled widgets”.

How can we solve this?


Hi too TravisKempers, please try this:
1) Make new sidebar at Appearance > Theme Options > Sidebars.
2) Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag-and-drop your inactive widgets to your new sidebar.
3) Go to Page that you’ve made before. At Layout column, choose Left Sidebar or Right Sidebar and select your own sidebar.
Hope it help.. thank you.. :)


We know how to make the widgets, thats not the problem.

When we drag and drop widgets in the sidebars that we have made. The widgets we have dragged and dropped don’t save in the widget section. They are empty after we go back to the widget section.

They should stay in the place we dragged them and not be deactivated every time.

If you need login detaisl let me know.


How to add text shadow on the slider text? My background picture is darker. The text is not readable for some users. How to fix this? Thanks.

Hi oohm8888, thanks for purchase our theme. To add text shadow, please add this code to style.css

.text_2_1, .text_2_2, .text_2_4,
.text_3_1, .text_3_2, .text_3_4,
.text_4_1, .text_4_2, .text_4_4 {
    color: #ffffff !important;
    text-shadow: 2px 2px 4px #000000 !important;

Note: just change color and text-shadow with your own style. :)

Where can I find the tutorial for this theme? I’m having some issues with it.

Hi rosadoinc, the tutorial is in folder documentation. Thank you.

Great! Is there anyway yo customize the slider description? I would like the text area to be wider and I’d like to change the text color. Anyway we can do that?

Hi I love the Arinafa theme but I would like to control the slide transition effects.

Is there a way to configure the oneByOne1 plugin? I have located it in the theme but it is not available in the plugins folder.

At the moment it seems to be set to random and I want to have a consistent transition.

Hi Webauthors, thanks for purchase our theme. To set consistent transition, please open file jquery.onebyone.min.js at your-wp-folder/wp-content/themes/arinafa/layouts/plugins/onebyone
modify array at line 2: var easeTypeArr
just fill array with one value. Example:
var easeTypeArr = ['bounceInLeft']
thank you.. :)

Great template!

Just one question, is it possible to change the responsive style so that when you hold a tablet in portrait mode the mobile menu will ‘not’ appear.

I think is somewhere in this code:

/*==================================== RESPONSIVE STYLE ======================================================== */ @media (max-width: 1200px) { .menu ul ul ul, .menu div ul ul ul {left:-185px;} .block_to_top {display:none;} }

@media screen and (max-width: 949px), (orientation: portrait) { .inner {width:680px;}

Thanks, Robert

Hi Robert, thank you for purchase our theme. We’re really sorry for late reply.
To hide menu at mobile version, please add this code at style.css
.menu select {display: none !important;}
thank you..

Hi willywize, I have purchased your theme but I have 2 problems.

1) why I can’t change color background? I set my layout as boxed but I can’t change the background; 2) there isn’t a contact page example? I didn’t find it!

Thank you. Davide

Hi davidecisterna, thank you for purchase. We’re sorry for late reply.
If you want to change background image with color, please follow this instruction:
1. open style.css and delete block code here (line 244 to 247):
body {
background-image: url(images/bg/grey.png);
background-repeat: repeat;
2. at Admin page, go to Appearance > Customize and choose background color and remove background image.

For contact page, please use shortcode [contact_form]. For example, we added this at demo content at latest version.
Hope it help you. Thank you.


yss Purchased

Hi, I have purchased the theme but the documentation is not good enough.

1. Can I know how do we change the “Easy to customise, fully responsive” etc logo and wording?

2. How to change latest project content?

3. How to change services content?

Please kindly provide detailed instructions… thank you so much.

Hi yss, thank you for purchase our theme. We’re sorry for late reply.
You mean, how to change content in home page right? Those content use shortcode. You can see all shortcode in documentation at part 10. Shortcodes & Widgets Configuration.
Base on your questions at point 1, please see shotcode “Block Service”.
Point 2, use shortcode “Project”.
Point 3, use shortcode “Tab”.

We have created all shortcode example at dummy content. Please import dummy content, go to admin page, view all pages, and see “Home Page” to change those shortcode.
thank you.


Viewing your theme to create 2 sites
similar to these for a client:



The first site is a single web page with; 3 columns, many links and a few


The second site has many images in a gallery
and the capbility to sort and link images to different categories

Can your responsive theme emulate these 2 web sites?

Thank you,
Sue Gibson


Hi Sue,
1. Of course, our theme can create page with 3 column with many links. You can create link manually at the page.
2. Our theme provide portfolio with features: image, category, and description. You can show it in 2, 3, or 4 column.
3. Please visit our demo to see more. Thank you.

can i put a picture or img tag on slider text?

Hi oohm8888,
yes, it can. Just add tag “img” to slider description at theme option. But it cannot add style. So please, edit your image before you add to slider text. Thank you.

How do you install the demo content?

Hi nakpan.. we’re really sorry for late reply.

To import this dummy content, follow the instructions:

1. Open your wordpress admin dashboard.
2. Go to Tools > Import
3. Choose Wordpress
4. Install Wordpress Importer if you have never import wordpress content file.
5. Browse file and choose file Dummy Content/arinafademo.wordpress.2014-07-14.xml
6. Click ‘upload file and import’
7. wait a minute until importing success

For more information, please open at folder Dummy Content. There’s tutorial and file dummy content.


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