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Hi there, Just want to ask, how do I install demo content? Thanks

Hi numanghani.. we’re really sorry for late reply.

To import this dummy content, follow the instructions:

1. Open your wordpress admin dashboard.
2. Go to Tools > Import
3. Choose Wordpress
4. Install Wordpress Importer if you have never import wordpress content file.
5. Browse file and choose file Dummy Content/arinafademo.wordpress.2014-07-14.xml
6. Click ‘upload file and import’
7. wait a minute until importing success

For more information, please open at folder Dummy Content. There’s tutorial and file dummy content.

Hi, one more thing, how do I setup a photo gallery using this template? Thanks

Hi, do you mean setup a Portfolio? Please follow this step to setup Portfolio.
1. Open your wordpress admin page.
2. Click New > Portfolio
3. For more info, please open the manual book at section 7. Creating Portfolio (page 7). Thank you.

Purchased your theme but it seems to be glitching. Footer on front page shows wide layout on my boxed site and then does not scroll. Please see http://vochtstop.mobiwebz.com

Well, we have checked your web. To solve the problem about headline text disappear, please follow this steps:
1. Open your wordpress admin page.
2. Go to menu Appearance > Editor.
3. Select file slider-home.php to edit.
4. Erase this code: $id_eff = ( $num % $count_eff ) - 1;
5. Replace with this code: $id_eff = ( ( $num - 1 ) % $count_eff );

About footer problem, there’s no problem in our browser (we use Mozilla and Firefox) when we open. http://pho.to/840jq
But when we zoom browser, the problem comes. Well, it’s weird but we’re finding the solution. We’re sorry for this problem. We will contact you again in max 2 days later for the solution. Thank you.

Hello mobiwebz, we found the solution. Please follow this steps to solve it.
1. Go to the Appearance -> Editor in your blog dashboard.
2. Edit file style.css
3. Find this code: .sticky_footer.need footer
4. At block .sticky_footer.need footer, Erase this code: position: absolute;
5. Click button ‘Update File’.
Hope it help you. Thank you.

Hello , I love the theme ! But I have a doubt. How do I change the image of this animation: http://awesomescreenshot.com/07e3wke67b

blockservice url=”#” target=”_self” icon=”icon-mobile-phone”


Hi Publink, image use font-awesome. To change the image, please change icon name with font-awesome icon. Choose icon here http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/
for example, you choose fa-pencil change with icon-pencil. Thank you


Great theme, just wondering how you turn off the comments at the bottom of the pages?

Thanks Ben

Hi Ben. Please follow this steps:
1. Go to the Posts -> All Posts screen in your blog dashboard.
2. Select the posts you would like to modify or check the box next to “Title” column at the top to select all posts on that page.
3. Select Edit from the Bulk Actions drop down menu.
4. Click the Apply button.
5. Change the options for Comments and Pings to Allow or Do not allow.
6. Click the Update button.
Repeat with your Pages.

Hi there, Awesome theme! The theme comes with Multi Language Support, I am wondering if I could translate it to Swedish language, I have a client who needs a website in Swedish! Your prompt response is greatly appreciated!

Best Regards, Will

Hi Will. Yes, this theme support multi language support. But we’re sorry, not all. In some part of content, it’s not translated. Thank you.

Hi there, I’m experiencing a few issues I new help with: First, when viewing my site on mobile devices the images that are in the home slider are skewed, how can I fix this?

Second, on the first image in the slider, all of a sudden the text “THIS IS A DESCRIPTION OF OAK PARK.” is over it. How and where do I fix this?

And finally, when I click on Dashboard> Appearance> Customize, I get this error message:

Fatal error: Call to a member function check_capabilities() on a non-object in /home/content/52/11868052/html/oakparkhc/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-control.php on line 233

Can you please tell me why and how to fix. Your speedy reply is most appreciated. Thank you!

Hi nicolebates, for first and second issues, can we know your website? We need to see the issues directly.
For third issue, please check your wp version. And make sure the version is 3.7, 3.8, or 3.9. For the version before or latest, we cannot sure it work at all. Thanks.

I’m operating Wordpress 4.0.1

My website is: http://oakparkhc.com/

I figured out and fixed my “second” issue…..



this theme is very bad. where can I change fonts? I have language with diacritics. Your font dont have it. plugins for fonts dont change your font. next, where do you have easy open picture in new window? where do you have actual demo data? where do you have tutorial for slider text like your demo? where do you have management without coding? what do you have in text and code area? oh man…. you theme is with a lot of problems, sorry

Please, how to translate “comments”, “tags”, “by”, “in” in blog page, and “your name”, “subject” and “your message” in french ?

Please, how to translate “comments”, “tags”, “by”, “in” in blog page, and “your name”, “subject” and “your message” in french ?

Hello, when I installed this theme, it looks like it’s working well, but the screen resolution at 100% looks way smaller than in your demo page. The logo, menu and overall frame looks smaller. Thoughts?

Good theme. Trying to figure out how to add the slider to the homepage. Is there a shortcode?

Any idea why my CSS changes are not being applied? I have my permissions set.

Hello, I notice in this theme that sometimes when I click on certain pages, the footer bar doesn’t stay at the bottom of the page, rather it floats over half of my page in the middle of the screen. Suggestions?

Hi – Really loving the theme

Can you guide me to the js for the accordion?

We want to present the accordion with all the blocks closed so that they only open when the circle (or square) is clicked – the reason is that when this is viewed with the first block open it is not immediately obvious to the user that there are more block if he/she scrolls down.

I notice that you toggle the display css from “block” to “none” and so I’m guessing that if we start them all off on none then they should all be closed at the beginning.



Hello, I want to disable mobile version. how can this off? thanks

Hi – I have added many portfolio items after setting up 6 different portfolio filters. For each portfolio item, I check multiple filters that I want this item to show in. But when I view the portfolio, the item only shows under one of the filters, not all the checked ones. What am I doing wrong? How can I get my items to show under each of the filters that are checked for that item, not just one of them?

Hello… I’m presenting this theme to a client—but I don’t see any replies to recent comments. I just want to confirm support for this theme is still active?

Hi! I would just like to know the size of the banner for the homepage so when I get to edit the picture, it won’t be cropped. Thank you!

Hi, Is this theme RTL supported?


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