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you put the wrong dowload zip, it’s the sweet 17 instead of the arini 3.0 theme zip.

Really sorry about that.
We uploads a lot updates today.
Will upload the correct one now.
Thanks for your information.

Best regards!
Deni.S – saputrad

When importing this in MailChimp and creating a new campaign, it does not look like the video at all. Only the first section is visible, nothing else.

Is there an update needed of Arini? Maybe Mailchimp changed?

Nevermind, refreshing the page solved it :p

Glad to hear it solved!
And thank you for your purchase :)

HI, your explain how to upload to aweber not relevant anymore, they made changes. need to upload source to aweber, what is the templete code? it’s look like i used the wrong one,

Hi There,

I am pretty much new in email template section
Could you give me an idea about installation?
Can I host the builder in my server?

Thanks in Advance!


Thanks for your interest in our product.

We’ve provided a Help docs. cover on how to install email templates to your favorites Email Service Provider(s) – MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Getresponse, MyMail
While if you use another ESP, as long as it’s support to import HTML email, it will be safe, and you can ask them to the technical.

We’re sorry that our template builder / editor is not part of the template package sold here. It just a bonus for users to access and use it, and only hosted in our server.
However you can use it unlimited as you want if you purchase the template.

Best regards!
Deni.S – saputrad

Hello, pre-sales question: I really like your template but would like to know if the access to the template builder is for a limited time, if so, how much time? and what do I get in the “download” button in the template builder? a file with the html code? (I don’t know if my customer will be using icontact or other ESP… thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, do you know when you will update to support Outlook 2016 ? thank you

I can’t login to using the Envato License details you provided on the purchase certificate


Please contact us privately via support tab.

Let us know your purchase code. We will check & fix if found any issue.

Andy y- saputrad