Discussion on Arkona - Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Discussion on Arkona - Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

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I cannot find a portfolio detail same like this


Hi! On the page for adding work to the portfolio, there are fields to fill in at the bottom.


I am having a problem with Firefox. Eventually, the page is completely white during navigation. I have already tested it on my remote server, and on two local machines – all with a clean installation of Wordpress.

I am suspecting that there is something related to the site pre-loader, considering that the content appears and then disappears (turning white). System: Windows 10 Pro – 20H2 – Build 19042.985 Xampp: 3.2.4 Wordpress: 5.7.2

To reproduce the bug, just open any post and click back home using Firefox.

Could you help me?

I don’t notice this problem on my demos. Ok, there have already been several such requests. Go to “Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Animations” and select “Disable Animations”. And we, in the near future, will try to replace this transition effect with another one.

Hi guys,

i need some help with my purchase. I bought this theme to use it on my website (http://www.fogatacultura.cl) but i’m having some issues.

It happens on Safari and Chrome (Mac), and the main issues are:

- when i click on the “View all projects” button, i get a blank page. - when i’m in a post, and click the logo (to return to the home page) i also get the blank page.

I already tried to deactivate all the Wordpress plugins, but the problem is still there.

Thanks in advance. c.

This can occur due to any error preventing the page from fully loading. This can be third-party plugins, some changes made to the theme, and so on.

The script responsible for this animation is triggered only after the page is fully loaded, respectively, if you see only a white page, it means that the script did not work, which means that the page did not load completely or loaded with an error.

Hi UkaThemes, i’m back because we are experiencing specific issues in Safari. The page loads ok in Chrome, but in Safari some pages won’t load. Here is the URL with the issue: http://www.fogatacultura.cl/portfolio/prendiendo-la-fogata/ Can you please try to see if the same happens to you?

Try disabling third-party plugins first, installing a clean theme, and see if the error persists. If this doesn’t help, try experimenting with the content on the page: the page you specified contains a lot of videos and takes a long time to load. It is possible and this may cause an error.

Hi, I used your beautiful theme to create a personal blog. Is there anyway to change the fonts used?

Hi, use third-party plugins, for example https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-google-fonts/

Is there any way to make the navigation floating or sticky while you scroll?

No. Only by editing the theme.

Hi, I would like to ask you if the 5.2 Version of the Arkona template is compatible with the Wordpress Version 5.5? Or is there any plan for an update for Arkona?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you- thanks in advance!

You can install any of the third-party plugins to download the SVG logo.

About sticky header the answer is the same: We will not promise, unless there is free time or additional demand. If this happens, it will not be soon, so it may be easier for you to order such a revision on the side.

Hi! I recently noticed that all Buttons I made so far are not centered anymore. Is there any update that have caused this? I really wan’t bother you – can someone help me pls. If this is an additional demand maybe the sticky header would be considered. Thanks for your time.

Hi! Have you updated wordpress to the new version? The theme is not compatible with it, because the new version has changed the layout of Gutenberg blocks, which may cause problems of this kind.

Hi, can I buy the theme and use it with elementor or Wpbakery. Is it recommended?

Hi, the work with the specified plug-ins was not checked.

hello I have just purchased and installed Arkona and run importer. None of the Homepage options in the menu have downloaded nor can I see in pages? And no portfolios download. How could I get the demo for the homepages as in the preview?

many thank Lindsay

Hello! Read in the theme documentation how to set up your homepage (https://arkona.ukathemes.com/documentation.html#Homepage) and portfolio (https://arkona.ukathemes.com/documentation.html#Portfolio). If there is something unclear, ask.

Authors may ask you for a purchase code to verify that you’ve purchased this item.

89203c8d-f77e-4fc7-a860-44ea3d8e6221 – 27 Apr 2020

WP Instagram widget is a required plugin. But it says “Page not found”. I could not find it in Wordpress plugins list too.

Unfortunately, the plugin’s author has stopped supporting it. I removed it from the demo so as not to mislead new customers, but I left it in the theme and documentation, since it was working when the theme was released and old users can still use it.

I have not yet found a suitable replacement for this plugin. Due to changes in Instagram, I am afraid that in the future its support in my themes will be removed. Try to use version 2.0.3 of plugin, if needed – https://github.com/scottsweb/wp-instagram-widget/releases/tag/2.0.3

Hi. First of all congrads on this awesome theme. I have a little trouble setting up a portfolio page. How can I use that layout from the demo? Custom fields does not appear. Tks

Hi! Thanks!

First off all install required plugins https://arkona.ukathemes.com/documentation.html#RequiredPlugins (you need to install Uka Portfolio plugin for custom fields).

Then read Portfolio Set Up section in the theme documentation – https://arkona.ukathemes.com/documentation.html#Portfolio

Thank you. Also is there any way to use in the blog section that gallery layout that u use in the demo? The one where pictures are aligned beautifully in the page if you insert/create a gallery?

This is default WordPress Gutenberg gallery block. Add 5 photos and select 3 columns, for example.

Hey, Thank you for such a beautiful theme, I bought it last week and it is absolutely stunning on my website. I’m having some trouble with a few things that I hope you can help me with. 1. I can’t figure out how to set up the homepage carousel. I’m able to add a single image but I want it to look like it does on the homestyle 1 preview with the 5 different pictures 2. I can’t figure out how to set up the little triangle-like “follow us” option in the footer of the home page. 3. I also can’t figure out how to set up the follow us function in the lower right corner of the Menu page.

Thanks for your help.

Hi! Thank you!

1. The carousel displays 5 different posts with 1 image for each. Just mark more posts as featured.

2 and 3. Read in the theme documentation how to set up social menu – https://arkona.ukathemes.com/documentation.html#Menus

Hi! Another great theme. Could not resist to buy it.
I have few questions:
1.] WP instagram Feed is not possible to download. I found it on GitHub, but I still have some troubles with it. It says: “Instagram has returned invalid data.” Could you please help me with it to get work?

2. Is it possible to remove the diagonal lines one the web. I am using “Home 5” version – Portfolio.

The website is at https://www.honzakadlec.cz
Thank you, Honza

You can add this code to your style.css file:

.widget.null-instagram-feed ul li a {
    padding: .25rem;

Hi, sadly the plugin is not very reliable. Are there any good alternatives, you would recommend to use in your themes?

Hi there. Beautiful pages. Does this demo include pictures for placeholders until I replace them?

Hi! Thank you! Yes, demo-content file include all pictures from demo-1.

I have some questions.

Is there post sharing option(facebook,twitter)? In demo page I can’t see sharing button.

And I want to know how look posts without featured image in blog archive list and related articles list.


1. No. You can use third-party plugins for this. In the next version there are plans to add sharing buttons to the theme.

2. Related posts: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EthtcJrL1opQU8sr1WSVO28d0gyDMx-6 . Posts cards in the archive list look similar.

1. Sharing buttons added to the new version of the theme, as they look can be seen on demo sites.

Another lovely theme. As it’s magazine / blog theme, the demo is missing a search icon in the top nav next to hamburger menu – for good UX – is there an option for this? Thanks!


No, there is no option for this. You can display search widget in the sidebar.

hi, I really like how clean the theme is, including typography! I am wondering though, is it possible to disable the slider/header image completely and upload a logo instead?

Hi! Thank You!

Yes, it is. You can disable slider/header image and upload logo through WordPress Customizer. Logo can be displaying before site title or instead it.

Hi there, I really love this theme and would like to use it as my personal portfolio site but I need a H1 title on the index page. Is it possible to have an intro text like a site description as a H1 on the index insted of the main slider, just like on one of your other themes you have that option as well; https://karis.ukathemes.com/demo-3/

I need this H1 on the index page. Is it possible to make it?

Regards, David


You can display site tagline and header image instead of slider, example – https://arkona.ukathemes.com/demo-4/

Site tagline does not have the h1 tag, because on the main page the site name has this tag. But if necessary, I will tell you where it can be changed.

Also want to inform you that the theme in the nearest time expect little change. In a week or two there will be a small update.

In the future, if everything turns out, in the plans to add a customizable similar title and, possibly, portfolio.

Incredible work! Good luck!


Congratulations Good Luck With Sales :)



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