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Great theme, I like it, it’s very stylish, good luck with sales ! ;)

Hey honryou, amazing theme and alot of work spent on it. But can you make this theme responsive? I want to buy this theme but only if it is responsive. Thanks

No problem, I will release a responsive version as soon as I can.

Awesome work mate, good luck!


your portfolio page is not working correctly. 404 error after clicking on works.

Hi wesleysoccer,

I’ve just checked it out, it is working actually, http://themes.blahlab.com/arrow/works, just curious how do you get 404 error after clicking on works.

Thanks, Andy

This is the page I go to after I click on any portfolio item http://cl.ly/image/1z260D0D320C

Try it out: click on portfolio item ‘Cute Elephant’.

Hi wesleysoccer,

It is fixed now, permalink issue, thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks, Andy

Nice template, have a many many sales!

Hey hornyou, just bought this theme, maybe i’m kind of a noob, but I can’t seem to figure out the whole “services” thing on the theme editor. It has a drop down menu where it says “select a service 1,2,3 and 4” but none of them have any options. Also, how do I get the slider on the main page working? Unfortunately this is not as simple as the ones that are downloadable on Word Press… :/

Hi kaleidoscopeevents,

Services and Slides are all custom post types, please go to WP admin > Services > Add New to add some services so that the “select a service” drop down have some options, also just go to WP admin > Slides > Add New to add some slides, the slides will automatically show after you add them.

Thanks, Andy

perfect! just got that locked in. Last question, how do i add a photo slider to the main page? am i supposed to be copying and pasting the codes from the folder it came in?

Hi kaleidoscopeevents,

You don’t need to copy&paste any code, just go to WP Admin > Slides > Add New, set the featured image there and save, the theme will pick all of the slide you’ve created and display them on the main page.

Thanks, Andy

Hi – Great Theme! Quick question… I loaded 4 slides in Slides > Add New, but the home page shows the slides in a grid of 4 images, not a slider… What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Hi taunyadee,

Please send me your site URL and admin login info to let me investigate, my email is honryou@gmail.com

Thanks, Andy

I’m having the same issue as Taunyadee. This is NOT the same as the preview, I have a professional developer working on this theme and he can’t figure out how to make it look like the preview because what you provide in the codes is NOT the same as the preview. This is terrible. How can I get my money back right away? I am so dissappointed in this theme…

Hi kaleidoscopeevents,

About refund, please follow the instructions there http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/256/0/can-i-get-a-refund-for-an-item-i-have-purchased

Please send me your site url and admin login info to let me investigate your issue.

Thanks, Andy

Hello, great theme, I was wondering how do I activate the “work style 2” as shown in the demo in the theme?

Thank you Guys, sorted it.

Now a problem I am having is trying to update the THEMES OPTIONS, every time I try and do so it updates but replaces my information with this information…


any idea?

I have sent an email to honryou@gmail.com – it will be from info@davidzinyama.com

Look forward to hearing from you.

Replied to the email.

Super template. Thank you for your help Andy. I think my website is finish. Youhouuu


Hi there, nice theme and very simple to customize (wonder how some developers are having troubles), anyway, just one question: where I can find the java command line that rules the testimonial box? I would like to prolong the fading between testimonial to let the right time to read the content in it! Thanks in advance, Gio

Hi Gio,

You need to edit file assets/javascripts/standalone/app.js, search for “Tc.Module.Testimonials”, just change the value of the “fadeSpeed” option in the init_slides() function.

Thanks, Andy

Hey thanks a lot, soon replied soon solved! Great support Andy!

Hi, Is it possible to have two differents portfolio on two different pages? For example, one portfolio artists profile and another one for projects.



Hi ArnaudMontpetit,

Please send a email to honryou@gmail.com and I’ll reply you with the updated version of Arrow theme which can do what you are asking for.

Thanks, Andy

Hi there, honryou! I see it’s been a year since smartsites1 asked for responsive design!

Can you tell us will it be available soon?!

BTW – Great theme! Perfect for design studio!

Sorry about that, it won’t be available soon, just haven’t got time to make it responsive.