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Good Works :) Best of Luck for Sales !!!!

Thank you. Appreciate it. :)

Neatly designed. GLWS :)

Krasivo ! Udachi Brat ! Lots of sales !!!!

Do you plan upgrade to version 3 Bootstrap?

When we were creating this theme, there wasn’t a stable version of Bootstrap v3. When we create in the future OpenCart version or PrestaShop version, it’ll be upgraded to Bootstrap v3.

Great work,

Is a WP Version in the Works? Would love it and I’m sure others will too.


We are planning to create OpenCart version of this theme. Unfortunately, WP version is not in plans for near future.

It looks buggy as hell on a Samsung Galaxy S2.

Flickery and stuff.

Otherwise, great template, just doesn’t work properly on mobile devices.

Thanks for your comment. We are working on eliminating these bugs.

Hello, congratulation for this theme.

I’m interesting on buying this theme but on your demo the slider don’t appear.


Thank you for your interest.

Please, provide some more details about your problem, so that we could understand it ans solve. What browser you are using, on what device you are trying to open.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I test on your preview , the main slider don’t scroll on IE8 browser (Windows XP) and on Firefox (Linux) are some problem with the slider where there are space between slider and welcome block section. Also on IE8 the awesome font icon don’t appear.

Hi, Please try one more time after cleaning your browser’s cache. This theme uses LESS.js, which compiles LESS files after page is loaded. If your internet connection was slower at the first time you opened the preview site, may be incomplete CSS rules were cached on your browser. This may solve the problem with Awesome font too. We tested the theme once more on IE8 on XP, W7 and W8. No problems were detected. If this problem still occurs after cleaning your cache, we’ll try to find and eliminate it. Thank you for your personal interest in detecting and solving these issues.

Is there a psd that comes with this template?

Unfortunately, there’s no PSD version of this template.

Hi, when OpenCart version will be released?


We were planning to finish the OpenCart version of this template asap. It’s still on our near future plan. We’ll do our best to finish it. So, please, stay tuned.

Hello. I want to purchase your theme its mind boggling!! but can you at the same Time customise the theme as per my instructions?? Also I am not a freelancer I am a entrepreneur who wants template to be ready and no work to be done more! So do you give totally ready site or 17 dollars is the lifetime cost for only template?

Hi. Thanks for interesting our template but 17 dollar only template cost. This theme ready to Magento as soon we add this project. And what kind of eCommerce are you using?

Its a multi product line e business like clothes books electronics and all! Is this 17 dollar one time payment or its recurring? And is there any additional cost for devloping like admin panel etc?

Hi, 17 dollar for template and it’s upgrades. But with eCommerce CMS will be expensive. For developing send us we will discuss in detail. Thanks


How do I set the countdown. for example, 30 August 2014 until the date you want to count down. Which areas need to be updated

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hi, send us support I send you js and Php code Thanks

Hi! Currently the website width is set 100% full width. Is there anyway to set it to set 960px width with white space on both side? Please let me know which file do we edit. Thanks!

hi open bootstrap.css and change container class max width from 1170px to 960px;

Hi! Thanks for the reply! What about the sliding banner on the homepage? i hope to have white space on both side instead of having the banner position from left to right.

HI create new div with container class and copy slider div inside container. Thanks

nbs-flexisel-container (home page) not shown on Mozilla Browser when uploading on server, but it’s shown on local server

Hi, One Technical error When i’m deleted block-twitter-feed div selection form home page (Twitter feed) creating some white space after footer. Is there any solutions for remove that white space after footer bottom.

not working lightbox

Plz add css and js file to html page

Does the contact form work and does it have validation? If it does work, can you give more information about what type of contact form it is?

This is HTML template not included PHP script. Thanks

I will never understand why developers will put as much effort as they do into a template but will not finish it off with a working contact form.

Oh well, lost sale…


I am unable to upload this theme to hosting as it says default.html must exist, please check the zip does not contain an extra folder

I have unzipped the template folder separately. can you please help

hi pls download again. This is not my access, this is envato server. If not working pls send me you email, i send you package