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Hi Mark,

Got another question:

Client want’s the company’s logo in the bottom of every section? How can I manage that?

I was thinking to add ‘text’ section underneath every section and there add the logo. But then I need the services section to reduce the container in bottom (bottom margin) How can I manage that?



Hello Marteen,

I’m terribly sorry, but I’m extremely busy nowadays and totally had no time to learn the maps API. If you check the documentation of that technology here, you will see that it is not 5 min job for somebody who is new to this. As I said before, I would like to help you, but I have to sort out the most important support tickets and ongoing freelance projects first. Unfortunately I’m absolutely overloaded now and cannot take the time for this before the weekend. If everything goes well on this week, I’ll sacrifice my free time and make a try with your map on the weekend. I’m really sorry, but this is my best I can do for you at the moment.



Understand you’re busy… I can wait a little bit. Thanks for sacrificing you’re free time to help me, really appreciate it.

Thanks again! And keep me posted.

hi mate, sorry if this comes through twice, my internet is running poorly.

my question is how do i remove the space where the image would be in the “about” section. i don’t wish to have an image

thanks buddy

Hello Nathan,

May I see your site in action? I would like to check your site, because the problems you mentioned sounds a bit weird to me. The overlay is turned on in default, moreover, there is no drop down information in the portfolio circles. If your site is not public yet, you can write me the url in email. My address is info@magna-themes.com


hey mark just sent u an email

Thank you, I just sent a reply to that email.


Like the theme although I have some SEO issues…

Figured out how to change the menu titles but how do I change the url’s? Currently it is ’ /#text1’ , /#portfolio’ and so on…

I would like to change these so it has ‘my title containing url’s’ attached as well as visible in the browser search bar so when I click on a title the browser search bar goes from ‘mydomain.com’ to ‘mydomain.com/#mytitle’

How do I achieve this?

Thanks, Vince

Hello Vince,

As I know Google detects and show anchor links in search results since 2009, but their system is not perfect. Google may show a named anchor under a search result snippet if the named anchor is relevant to the search criteria, but the decision is about the relevance of the anchor links is made by the Google bot automatically, so you cannot control this. At least I don’t know how to control it, even though I have some experience in web development.


I’m happy with this theme. good style and its easy to use. now i’m trying to make the slider larger than 960 and 400px. i’m trying now since 2 hours in the advanced css, but its not really working. is it possilbe to allow shortcodes in the textarea to integrate another sliders???? thanx!


In fact you can change the width of the slider easily, but you need to know that the <div id=”slider_wrapper”> element can be found inside a <div class=”content”> which is a 960px wide element. You can view its html structure in the lib/home_sections/slider_section.php file. I recommend you to change the .content to .custom_content then define a new rule in the style.css or in the custom_css option. For example:

//HTML ( inside the slider_section.php ):
<div class="custom_content">

       <div id="intro" />

       <div id="slider_wrapper" /> 


.custom_content { width: 1280px; height: 500px; }
#slider_wrapper { width: 1280px; height: 500px; }

Unfortunately you cannot reach the mentioned file via the inbuilt theme editor, so I recommend you to use an ftp connection or install the WPide plugin which is a very good file editor.

Textareas do not allow shortcodes.

Generally that’s all. If you cannot workaround this issue, feel free to write me at info@magna-themes.com, then I’ll let you know some other alternatives.


Hello, I would like to know if this theme can be used for an eshop? Thank you


To be honest I have never tested this theme with an ecommerce plugin. In fact the theme follows all of the current coding standards and official WordPress recommendations, so it is possible to install Woocommerce or Jigoshop for instance, but I don’t know how the final result will look and operate. You can make a try and let me know if you need help, then I’ll try to help. This is my best I can do for you in this case.


hello Mark i purchase the theme this morning and i cant figure out how can set up the portfolio, how can i place the images i have on the media library to the portfolio template page. Also the same with the slider, how can i add the images to the slider and placed on the home page? I love the design of this website, looking forward to make it work best reagrds


First of all thank you for the purchase and I happy you like the design.

You can find 14 tutorial videos in the HELP folder of the downloaded package ( I mean the main package ). The videos can be found online as well:


I hope you will find the videos helpful.


Thank you very much mark, your theme is just amazing and very easy to use! well one. one question, how can i add google analitycs code the the site? i can find the place to paste the code. Many thanks Jesus

Hello Jesus,

There are two ways to add Analytics to your site:

1) Simply add the tracking code to the header.php file. It must be placed right above the </head>

2) Try out the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin:



Hi there, quick pre-sale question:

Is it possible to make the thumbnails in the ‘works’ section considerably smaller? Would maybe want them 50% smaller so I can see more thumbnails at one time.

Thanks! T


Yes, it is possible to make the thumbnails smaller. The relevant code can be found in the line 318 of the style.css file:

div#portfolio_thumbs ul li { float: left; width: 20%; position: relative; }

If you want to decrease them by 50%, you will need to set the width to 10%. It is also recommended to decrease the font size of the item title in the line 322:

div#portfolio_thumbs ul li div.item_info h3 { margin-bottom: 10px; font-size: 18px; color: #FFF; font-family: 'Oswald', sans-serif; }


Hi Mark this is my second template from you (Me was before). And it is great.

But i need your help. I have problem in opening portfolio thumbnails if i set it as photo with description of a project and slider. Nothing changes when i click an image. When i set lightbox image, it opens well. I dont know what to do.

Next problem is that, i need in porfolio 2 rows, with four images in a row. Now is 5 images in a row, but i have 8 images and when i put them all there is 5 in a first row and 3 below. It doesn’t look well. I use thumbnails 500×500. Should i increase resolution to fe. 600×600? I’ll be gratefull for your help.

Michal Poland

I found reason of the 1st problem – when i disable filter in portfolio options. When filter is enabled detail view works well. But i have only one type of gallery and i dont need this filter. Is some solution, or simple answer is that filter can’t be disabled?

Hello Michael,

First of all thank you for the purchase and I’m really sorry about your issue with the portfolio. The trouble is caused by a wrong if statement in the lib/home_sections/portfolio_section.php file. I just fixed that and made some minor fixes and improvements. I’m going to upload the the updated theme tonight and I hope it will be accepted soon. If you are in hurry, please write me an email ( info@magna-themes.com ) and I’ll send you the installer package with some instructions how to show 4 images / row.



Thank for this template is perfect, but unfortunately, there is one issue I cant figure out how to change. I wish to have section with testimonials not in the section “About” but in the collum text 1 or maybe services. I try to move the code in the editor in “About page Page Template (template-about.php)” in section <testimonials> and copy it into service file but without any possitive results… is there any way how to do this properly?

Thank you very much!


Hello Frenk,

First of all I would like to note that I just sent the updated version of the theme for review. Once it is approved you will get a notification. I recommend you to use that new version instead of the current one.

Secondly, you can find the relevant files in the lib/home_section folder. The template-about.php, template-services.php etc are used by the individual page templates not by the homepage. Unfortunately files in sub-folders cannot be reached via the inbuilt theme editor, so I recommend you to use ftp or install the WPide plugin which is a really good file editor extension and can edit everything inside the wp-content folder.


Hello, I purchased this template but have noticed that the mobile view on an iPhone 6, using the newest version of the iOS software on Safari does not show a proper centering of the page – the text on the right gets cut off so that you have to scroll to the right to see all the text. Additionally, with some of the text over to the right, you lose the ground color of each section with the text running off the margin. This is disappointing as the description indicates the template is compatible with mobile devices. Happy to send a screen shot of what I am seeing if helpful. Can you please update on a solution for this? Thanks.


Yes, I submitted the updated version four days ago, but it is still under the approval process. I guess the reviewers are quite busy nowadays. Anyway, the updated version is finished, so I can send you if you write me at info@magna-themes.com


Thank you so much for the updated version – it is working great!!

You are welcome and thank you for your patience! :)

I am not in a super big hurry so please just let me know when / how I can go about getting the new version after you have had a chance to update it. Thanks.


I bought this lovely them and am wondering whether I can add another front to the list. Like Old English or something similar. Thank you for your help.


Hello AfterE,

First of all thank you for the purchase! :) Secondly, it is possible to add new fonts to the current list, but it isn’t that easy and the process requires some basic programming knowledge. Please write me at info@magna-themes.com for more info in case you are still interested.


Hi Mark,

Does this theme now work with current versions of Wordpress? There is an old note about a problem with the 4.2 build.

For some reason, the tagline and intro no longer show up at the top of the page

Thank you for the link and the explanation, I understand your problem now pretty well. To be honest, the I never thought that anyone wants to use the services section as the first section, so the homepage section allows three default home area variations at the moment. I understand your intentions with the services and there is fix, but I’ll need to log in to your admin area because the process requires some coder background.

how do I provide you my information without displaying it for everyone else?

Oops, I’m sorry, I forgot to let you know my email address. You can send me the info to info@magna-themes.com :)