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Looks great!

Where can I find these icons… I assume the are royalty free, or are they custom?


Yeah I want to know too ;)

Sorry, guys, they’re not royalty free. You need to buy a license to use them in your own projects. Stay tuned for some more designs of mine that will feature some new and different icons! Thanks for checking out my template! :)

This is superb—excellent work. I’m considering purchase, but would like to ask about the fonts. They look great in the screenshots, but what are you using? They look “cleaner” than what I’m used to seeing so I’m assuming they’re custom. Either that or you’re running a Mac and they just look nicer. ;)

Thanks for the feedback, chaiguy, I appreciate it! Yes, I use a Mac, so that may answer your question. :)

Very good template, can you turn this template into wordpress theme?

Thanks for the feedback, mediajon! Alas, there are no plans for a WordPress template presently. Perhaps one day though. :)

So, if I buy this, then I either have to find new icons or buy a license for the ones that are included?

HRDoubleU If you buy this template you can use all the existing icons for the purpose of this template. :) You just can’t take all the icons and resell them individually or take and use the icons for an entirely different/new project. Hope that answers your question. :)

May I ask if it’s possible to customize colours and background?thank u!

myria While no alternative color schemes are provided with this template, you can totally customize it if you want to! For example, you can change the colors of the graphics in Photoshop and you can tweak everything else using the stylesheet! That’s the beauty of CSS ! :)

Really annoying:

live preview—> “page not found”

Hi colorit! There is no live preview I’m afraid as some authors on ThemeForest choose to not have a live preview in order to protect their work. I am one of those authors. Rest assured, the template is as per the screenshots and reviewers have to check everything is as per the description before they accept it. This file is also 5-star rated by happy customers. :)

No Live preview? :S

Live Preview has now been added! :)

wow..great one…!!

Hey Scott how do you get the pages to switch like that when you press a button??



Not sure what you mean – are you talking about the navigation menu at the top of the page?

Nevermind i know now:) Sorry bout that

how are the images in the portfolio viewed? lightbox?