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Nice One. Thumbs up.

I won’t use it but I wanted to buy because I think it’s a great theme , realy original !

thanks a lot, coming from you it means a great deal to us.

When you dont want it you can give it to me Dany ;)

Why don’t you buy it ?

I really like the theme dany but I dont have any client right now where I can use this. Iam searching for a modern business theme for one of our clients. With some elegant design and modern JQuery effects. Maybe someone design some and can write me when it release.

Greetz and keep creating such fantastic themes.

bookmarked, Nice template

I’m a litle confused, It’s a very beautiful theme, but the gallery only shows 3 images at a time. I don’t see the practical function here. Is 3 images the maximum number that can be shown in a gallery?

You don’t necessarily have to use it the way we’ve proposed. For some it makes sense to use it this way, for others that have a lot of work to show to the world it doesn’t.

You can very easily make every initial image as a category and load in the light box a lot of pictures for that specific category.

uii, realy nice template ;-)

Simply impressive !!

Bonjour, I just bought IT! not even finish the download… Very nice and clean, just what I was looking for, merci.

I have lots of work to expose, I was glad to read your last post and I will change initial image into a category.

I’m a real, real, and I’ll go for a another REAL , BIGENER!!! So I might be back if I have ? and help. So

Thumbs up (Y)! FAV . ;-)

Wow. Great theme! Keep up the great work!

Nice idea, great theme.

It is indeed a great theme! Will it perchance be coming out in a WordPress version?



WordPress also please… Creative Juice first!

Thanks for the interest, and indeed, this is the correct order of WP. We’ll first release Silicon App (which is almost ready), then we’ll start with CJ. And hopefully, if it will still be in demand, the Art Gallery.

I noticed it is not set for ie6 while I know this is not a requirement I was curious to know what issues if any it comes up with in IE6

Best A

we dont have IE6 anymore on any of our computers, and ArtGallery being heavy JavaScripted it’s hard to test on those sites that take a screenshot using IE6 render engine. So if you can test it on this defunct browser, please let us know how it works.

We dont support IE6 anymore because it’s really a waste of time and code to make something work on a browser that’s not standard compliant. But the main reason is that if we (the webdesigners in general) keep optimizing sites for IE6 people wont feel the need to upgrade.

i want to use this template to showcase flooring and decking products of a company. but i need sub categories and therefore sub galleries since there are more than one image that must be shown under one category. is that possible?

Sure, its possible. It depends how you want to do it though.

You can look at the images as categories and when you load up the fancy box by clicking one of the images you can put in there all the images from that category.

If you want your pictures in a data base and load them in a different page then you’ll need the help of a developer.

Oh crap! Dont get me wrong, it is lovely!!! Thing is i was just working on a template looking almost the same :S

Dont know if i am going to finish it now, since yours is out.

GL on sales. Should sell a lot

Oh, sorry for that ;P.

Send us a screen shot over email. We’re curios how your design looks.


NWM Purchased

Much like DD/Dany, I had to buy this. Don’t have a use for it yet, but will definitely try to apply it to something. The theme is really sweet and well crafted. Kudos!!

And simply put, IE6 should be terminated and it is up to us to do so:


I paste the code in all the websites I work on. Believe me, in the end the customers appreciate it for the better web experience once upgaraded.

Good luck with the sales.

Thanks for the support.

And secondly:

RESPECT for you and all of you out there that know how to fix every bug in IE6 but stopped doing it because … “Enough is enough”


NWM Purchased

Here, here! ; )

Good stuff. Just wish the gallery menu had instructions in how to actually use it via php/mysql. Would love this feature.