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It’s a great looking site but I have mixed satisfaction after purchasing it. It does not look good on a wide monitor like our new iMac 27inch. The author’s solution about increasing the margin-left does not seem to work. It only succeeds in pushing the last sections further off center which looks even worse.

It’s not included with the documentation but, if you add pages you must also remember to add the new section to the style.css file near the bottom where it indicates: ” #sectionGallery, #sectionServices, #sectionContact{margin-left:480px;} “

Sorry to be so negative but, the user’s browser window size is a major consideration and the author seems to have no solution for viewing on large displays. If I could solve that problem it would be great.

We are very sorry that you not happy with your purchase but we chose to offer a better experience for 99% of users.

If we have optimized the layout for 27” monitors (which are extremely few) than it would look bad on normal resolutions (1024×768, 1280×1024, etc). The transitions would have been too slow and overall the whole site would have looked too spaced out.

But you can always make the spacing between the rooms bigger, it’s very easy if you read the documentation and follow it exactly.

Hello ! Great template. I’ve decided to use it to present some of my photos. The problem is I’m not familiar with javascript and I actually can’t upload any of my pictures within the gallery. Could you help me and tell me where I can do it ?


Sure jnourel, we would love to help you. Send us an email at hello[at]themefuse.com and we’ll pick it up from there.

Cheers and thanks for your business.

Check your email :)

Hi all, got this Art Gallery some weeks a go… My only problem is that I don’t know how to populate the site with pictures, I noticed it cycles around just four pictures or there about meanwhile I have up to 20 pics i wanna use on the site…

Can someone help please.


If you bought the theme under the jnourel user, check your email :), if not send us an email on hello [at] themefuse.com and we’ll pick it up from there.

Cheers and thaks for your business.

I really wish someone can respond to my own comment… I will be glad

Check your email mate.


Thanks for the email…. I got it


Have been using the site for several months. it has increased our results and inquiries. Could you email me a file with the studio backgrounds. I have the psd files, but the floor is one layer. I would like to play with the colors, so if you have a file with the floor broken up into several layers, that would help. i am trying to make the website look like our studio.

Thanks, Randy ragoldsw@aol.com

you’ve got mail! ;)

About the problem with large screen resolutions:

The (or at least one) fix for the problem is to increase the margin-left property of the classes for the “room”-styles, like so:

#sectionGallery, #sectionServices, #sectionContact{ margin-left: 980px; }

980px should do it for most resolutions, otherwise just increase it a bit more if You wish to conform to even bigger resolutions. The payoff is that the site will have to slide further (like ThemeFuse points out), but that is a fair price to pay.

You also have to change the pixels for the actual sliding in the file core.js, like this:

$('#btnGallery').click(function(){ gotoPage((1405 + 435), 'sectionGallery', clickOpacity); }); $('#btnServices').click(function(){ gotoPage((2810 + 870), 'sectionServices', clickOpacity); }); $('#btnContact').click(function(){ gotoPage((4215 + 1320), 'sectionContact', 1); });

You will have to change that both on the bottom and on the top. The top part is for allowing the site to slide to the correct place if someone presses Reload while being on a slide that is not the first one. (#Services, for instance).

Those values are for 980px. The logic is that You increase the first value with the same amount that You increased the value in the CSS -file, and the rest of the values just adds the original value (in this case 1405) to itself. Simple, no? :)

If You wish to use the button “View related works” on the Services-page’s default function (i.e. just navigate to the Gallery-page), You will also have to change the hardcoded values in index.html to whatever value You set in the first section in core.js (for #btnGallery).

Pardon my fairly complicated description. Hopefully You will be able to figure it out. This could be made simpler but that will take massive reconstruction of the theme, and that’s not really the point here :)

A quick note on the contact form sendmail.php.

nl2br should be replaced with this:

$message1 = ereg_replace("(\r\n|\n|\r)", "<br />",$the_message);

That will handle it for IIS so it will submit.


Would this be hard to change into a multi page site?

No, because you have in the docs all the steps to follow in order to add pages. (Requires basic HTML /CSS knowledge).

If you don’t know HTML /CSS or you want a CMS in the back that helps you add pages and menus on a press of a button, we recommend the WP version of the template. You can find it here

Hope this helps. Cheers.

Sorry but i want to get rid of the slider and have the pages appear like a traditional site separate page for all. if you get what I mean.

Ah, I understand … unfortunately the template wasn’t made with that possibility in mind. I guess it can be done, but it involves modifications in JS, so if you know enough JS you could do it.

Hello, i’m trying to add 1 or 2 new pages (SLIDE) like sectionOne and sectionTwo, but i’ve got a big problem about JQUERY SLIDE effect and core.js?! My first SLIDE is perfect, my second is ok too but i see the left side of next SLIDE in same time!! I follow all your instructions about (905 + 435) ... but any good result for me!!! :(

link : http://www.ladefensepermis.com/accueil (you to click on STAGES button to see the problem)


Hi tungsten,

The issue is not because of the js. In the initial index file that you’ve download from envato the distance between “rooms” was controlled from an in line style (margin-left:480px;) ... see line 88 from the index.html.

As we can see on your link you’ve performed a lot of modifications to the template, we suggest that you download the project again and compare the files to identify where the issue is.


Hi I have a problem with your template in Firefox because somehow everything moved, you can help me please because I sont have purchased the template for nothing and that would be bad:) I was pleased with a quick help


Hi artsin,

We would love to help you but unfortunately it’s very hard to identify the issue when you’ve performed modifications on the theme. Considering that the live preview and the downloaded files work in FF, the issue that appears comes from the modifications you’ve made. We suggest that you take the initial files and compare them with your own theme and try to identify where the issue is.



thank you for help, everything is ok now ! But my last problem is that i can’t send any message because your button “SEND MESSAGE ” seems to be not activated ??! Please, can you help me for that ? Thank you very much… regards

Valery. http://www.ladefensepermis.com/accueil/

Hey tungsten,

Sorry mate, you’ve performed way to much modifications to the template and this complicates the things a lot in identifying the issue.

Usually if you are capable to do all this modifications it should be easier for your to identify the issue than to us.



is there a german language file available?

thx, Frank

Unfortunately not, but we are planning a module for our WP framework where all our themes will have available up to 10 international languages at a click of a mouse.

Does it support Adsense and if yes what are the best ad formats it will accomodate?

Hey ayazic,

Thanks for your interest in our work.

Regarding your issue, sure it works on any HTML , as we know the AdSense works, you just need to copy/paste embed code into HTML where you want to appear.

Please take note that we didn’t take this AdSense angle into consideration when we made the template, so it’s possible that the layout will break.

Hope this helps, Cheers.

Great looking template – I have one question – I purchased the template and would like the photos in the gallery to link to a url rather than displaying as a lightbox larger image.

In other words, I would like to make it so each one of the photos represents an artist and when you click on the artist’s photo, it will open a new browser window and take you to another external page outside of this template that I will build that will contain that artist’s portfolio.

I would still like to photos on the gallery page to slide as they do now, I just want them to link to a URL rather than a lightbox image.

Is this possible? Thanks! Flo

Hey flominton,

Sure mate, it’s very easy to make every entry in the gallery point to a external URL

Let me show you:

A link as we speak looks like this

<a href="[link to the image]" class="galleryLightbox" rel="images_carousel"><img class="pngfix" src="images/framegallery.png" height="184" alt="Title of the picture" width="248" /></a>

And to point it at a external URL it should look like this:

<a href="URL link" target="_blank"><img class="pngfix" src="images/framegallery.png" height="184" alt="Title of the picture" width="248" /></a>
And that’s it. Let me know how it came out. Cheers.

Hello, i have a website http://www.alfredpereira.com but i can’t get the contact form to work?

Never mind i fixed it

Good to hear that mate.


This is so original, ThemeFuse, and I love it!

I’m the webmaster for the Swedish band Nyléns Festorkester. I’m having some trouble with the navigation. When you’ve clicked at an item under Referenser (Swedish for References), previously Services, and then try to click on a link in the menu, it doesn’t work. I’ve seem to be missing something in the code, probably in the JS (and I kinda suck at JS ):. Could you help me out?



I have a problem with the Cufon fonts on the Services Page. I disable the Cufon fonts because am using Greek language and now after i press on a service on the left side the services seem to disappear. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



yes this happens from time to time, because we used a font that don’t have the chars that some people need. Sorry for that. I see on your link that you solved the issue. Good job.

On the other hand, it is very easy to change the cufon font. If you had read the documentation :) you would know that we put there a link to a video tutorial that teaches you how to change the font.

All you need to do is to have a font that you know it has the chars you need and follow the tutorial.

Cheers and thanks for your business.

Is everything html? Or is the contact form or something else php?

The contact form is php and working. If your are thinking of buying our Art Gallery theme, we recommend the WP version, it’s far more easier to add more “rooms”, change images and more, compared to the html version where you’ll need some HTML /CSS and basic JS to change the theme.