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HEllo ! =)

I purchased this template for HTML , not WP =)

And when i doubleclick on the Documentation-file the Themeforestsite appears instead of the HTML DOcumentation site, why so?

or tell me where i can download the file seperately?

Best Regards Allen

The WP version is available on our website (can’t share the link here, sorry).

it worked now, thank you anyway ;-)

great to hear it worked great in the end. Cheers!

Please help!

This file is not working

I can’t install it through the wordpress site. it keeps saying missing style sheet. css

I’m using hostgator and I can’t even seem to manually install it. It’s very frustrating and I’m ready to put my fist through my $2000 computer.

I’m probably doing something but can somebody please help me?

hello there, it is not working because it is NOT a WordPress theme, it’s just the HTML version. The WordPress theme is available exclusively on our own website.


Can you tell me how to change the font that appears in the gallery of images? It’s about this class
<Cufon class = "Cufon Cufon-canvas" ....

Hi, I can not run the “Contact Form”. I’m not getting any email. Thanks for the help

please post your question (with as many details as possible) on our Support Forum at http://themefuse.com/forum and we will help you out in no time. We prefer doing this on our Forum, as it is way easier to follow and get fast replies than here, on comments

So, this version that I purchase on themeforest.net is the html version only? not the WordPress version? What is the best program to use for editing the HTML version? It looks all dis-jointed in Dreamweaver…

WordPress version is not available here, buit exclusively on our own website.

Hi there!

First: very nice template! Sec.: I have one question. I was reading comments and i notice that we must buy theme here fore 20$ and than on your website for 49$? do i understand correct? I’m new at this… so i will be glad for some help.

Brainless, Tnx!

this template here is just the HTML version, which is the base for the WordPress theme and obviously costs less. The version we have for sale on our website is the WordPress version and it takes a lot more work for us to make, hence the higher price.

The difference between the 2 version is that with a WordPress theme you don’t need to know how to write code to modify it, you just play with the admin panel.

why is the WP version twice the price of HTML version?

because is much more work involved when creating a WordPress theme, and also the functionalities of it are way more useful.

Oke clear. But now i have the HTML verion how do i add a new emty [page in in so i can just type some text and can i put in videos in the gallery?



Please post a new thread on our Support Forum (http://themefuse.com/forum) and we will help you out in no time. We prefer giving support over our forum, because it is much easier and faster to follow conversations.

Is it possible to add video to this theme?

you can add any Youtube / Vimeo video in the lightbox that opens when you click the showcased images in the Portfolio page.

Hi there. nice template. i’m facing my fist issue. When i launch the /index.html, the body of the page is waiting to long before displaying properly. Is there a way to change it? is html version. Thanks

Is it possibel to link directly to a services slide form another website?

please post on our dedicated support forum (http://themefuse.com/forum) where our support team will help you out in no time. We prefer this way, instead of replying here on comments, as it is easier to follow and get notified when the solution was posted. Also, is easier for others who encounter the same issue to follow the forum and get it fixed.

Question #2: how can I show a thank you message when the contact form is succesfully send?

Now I get a blank page with just the background of the website.

Very very nice theme if this is exactly what you want out of the code. I purchased a while back for a project hoping to use the code itself for a single page website. Not as easy as I thought :)

Thank you for making though! I know I will put it to good use someday, just need to come across the right client.

thanks Derrek! I;’m sure the right client will come around eventually.


sendmail.php çalismiyor.

sadece mail adresini degistirdim. @gmail.com adresi girdim. ama çalismiyor.

www.sanatinrengi.com lütfen deneyin.

yardimlarinizi bekliyorum

i’m sorry, we don’t understand the message, probably written in Turkish. Can you please post in English?

Im having problems with my comments page could you please assist, my email add is info@nlproductions.co.uk

I’ve just sent you an email (:

Would I be able to add a Search bar anywhere on the Wordpress theme? I have about 150 pieces of artwork to showcase. Also, can I put 5 lines of text about each image like:
  • Title of piece
  • Sculpture
  • Material: Wood
  • Artist Name
  • Size
  • What a great looking theme!

this isn’t the WordPress version, mind you. That is available only outside of Themeforest.

Is this theme localizable? I need a .po files for supporting the Greek language…


The theme is not a WordPress theme, only HTML.

Hi !

I have purchased your theme, (wordpress theme) and I have a little problem. The realisation page (with your gallery) works fine on chrome and firefox but nothing appear in safari.

Could you help me to fix this bug ?

Thank you !

We would love to help you. Can you please come to our dedicated support forum? We answer only pre purchase question here. Support is impossible to track here I’m afraid, and if someone else encounters the same issue, it will be easier to find it on the forum. Thanks for your understanding.

Dedicated Support Forum

How much would i have to pay to get the magento versjon of this template? :)

i’m afraid we do not sell a Magento version and we also can not create it for you beacuse we are not experienced with this type of eCommerce CMS.