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nice template! can i embed a swf movies instead of jpg’s . is it possible ? i would buy right away if possible

Thanks! Yes you can implement any swf or other movie’s you like. If you need any help let me know!

Great template. WordPress compatible version available?

Ill be starting to convert all my html/css theme over about a week. So stay tuned!

OK great – Can I prepay – I love this template – precisely what I am looking for

Hi Dirk, Yes you can since this week :-)

OK, purchased the theme. Thank you for including WordPress files. Very excited to get it to run—-however WordPress returns a “theme broken” error. I am interested in the classic color scheme. Would love to rate your work, but can’t get it to load.

I have several themes that I have purchased via ThemeForest which loaded successfully in the past such as Vistalicious, various MIP themes (TealGrey + Fancy Theme), none of them had any problems loading in WordPress.

I am using WordPress 2.8.6.

Would appreciate your help in creating a file structure that can load.

Also no thumbs or screenshots included so WordPress can display the theme.

Send me an email so I can send you a pic of a typical WordPress theme file structure.

Hi Dirkthemeforest2,

This is not a Wordpress theme.

As a stated before I haven’t come around to converting it. I’m planning to start converting this one next week. But I have no control about when it will get approved.

After struggling for over two weeks with a free template I broke down and went looking for one to buy. I found this one and am quite pleased with my purchase. Awesome template set! Super value for the price!!!

Every thing works great, the design is clean and tight, and it has been a breeze to customise.

Works great with the paypal cart system too. My web site is going to look great and function wonderfully when it is finished. Thank you!

Thanks Starbright good luck with your website!

hi there, i made the same mistake as dirkthemeforest2 thinking it is wordpress compatible. please email me when this template is converted and approved. good work!

Hi Ahlee1,

Sorry to hear that, I will keep you informed on the proces.