Discussion on ArtKombat - Boxing School and Martial Arts WordPress Theme

Discussion on ArtKombat - Boxing School and Martial Arts WordPress Theme

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Excellent and amazing work -Is there a way to deactivate Google Fonts or a tip to prevent the communication between Google Fonts and the site using a plugin? Thanks. Can only recommend the theme. Above all, visually the theme is a feast for the eyes.

Quick pre-sales question – are there header style options that allow for the logo to be in the middle of the menu rather than on the left? Thank you


Unfortunately, by default there is no such layout. Only navbar layout shown in a demo content.

Feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Hello, your theme supports RTL?


Unfortunately, the Artkombat theme does not support the RTL.

Will you be updating this theme soon?


The latest version of the theme supports the latest WordPress and all plugins. In case you have any issues with the latest version of the theme please contact the support team (like.themes.wp@gmail.com).

Thank you.

Hello! How I can buy html-version template?

Hello. Unfortunately we do not have a HTML version of Artkombat.

I am interested in this theme but i have a few questions. Is there a booking form template included or would i have to build one?

Hello. Our theme does not have a booking plugin, we are using ContactForm7 plugin for all forms.

Please contact us directly by email (like.themes.wp@gmail.com) and describe your task in more details. We will help you.

Thank you.

Great Theme, loading fast and great support!!! Recommended!

Maximum execution time of 29 seconds exceeded in /www/htdocs/w019bbc5/fighclub.shoot-and-travel.de/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor.php on line 489 if i try to install the demo content

Hello. Please contact us directly (like.themes.wp@gmail.com), we provide support by email. Thank you.

Hi, I’m thinking of buying this theme… Would it work in an RTL language?


By default, our theme doesn’t support RTL

In most cases our themes successfully translated into RTL without major problems. Sometimes issues could be with navbar which is oriented for LTR, but we can consult you and help with any minor issues you could encounter.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Your theme is featured among the best themes on this blog: https://medium.com/best-wordpress-themes/best-wordpress-themes-for-martial-arts-websites-e9e0d0a4ab78 Congratulations! Stay on the top!

Thank you very much :) Regards, Like-Themes.

Hello You did provided me email with “it should work” correspondence and I did provide all the information I had from Envato (invoices etc) proving my very recent purchase. The documentation on the theme is not completely accurate, including a recommended plugin of someone that says right on it that it suspect. How you told me to find my number at the time, was also not accruate. I presented to you that other items show all numbers on the dashboard of why account and I even sent you a screen shot of what my account looked like but still you did not help telling me to speak with Envato. So I was left hanging until Envato returned my email that included a self admission of being a very late response. Both of you need to get synced up. Customers hate dealing with situations where authors use a third party and the quibble back and forth on who’s responsible for an issue, frustrating the customer by neither of them providing customer service. I paid good money and chose your product over another sites offer, and now regret every minute of it. I am out all my money, plus the extended warranty add on, the product was clearly “no easy to install” as described, I am out a job cause of all this, and I am wasting my time having to justify your poor customer service. What a great way to spend 100 bucks! The fact I am having to explain, and now to your email “defend” what happened speaks volumes to your customer service here that would have simply been resolved by a little help in the beginning as it was clear that I had purchased it. Envato says the money goes right to you and you are notified. I understand you have chosen to take a stand on this simple situation for some reason but my “comments” are acccurate. The facts speak for themselves. (POSTED HERE AS EMAIL SEND WAS A NON-REPLY ADDRESS


1) The purchase code issue and Envato support are not related to our theme. We have sent you a link to official Envato article and we cannot agree with your that it is not accurate: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202822600-Where-Is-My-Purchase-Code- .

2) Unfortunately the Invoice is not enough and the purchase code is required for demo content installation and support tickets. It is only way for developers to confirm the purchase and working support term.

3) Our documentation has detailed video regarding theme and demo content installation.

We are working in terms of Envato Rules and the Purchase code is always required. And our team still ready to help you with all your issues in terms of Envato Support Policy.

Thank you.

Putting aside the sold stonewalling of the Template Support for a moment, this aggressive approach shows the blatant lack of CUSTOMER SERVICE and care in handling and assisting new customers and that it’s not any sort of priority. It has been pointed out to me that this agression likely because I “dare to have asked for a refund” for the poor experience instead of the author wanting to deal with possibility or having to see there actually might have been something they could have possibly done better. I wasn’t sure at first but now I tend to agree. I appreciate the updated link but but this is clearly not going to fix anything now. You are quick and clear to point out that date and stamped invoice is not enough, again showing you lack of internet in helping. I have confirmed with another Envato that you could pretty clearly see the sale, and referemce the sale. And because it was new, there would at least be support. It’s not like the request was a month later or a year later. Envato admits are notified and sent the money immediatly. You didn’t want to help a new customer plain and simple. As for the terms and conditions, well we all know how they are used and when.

You are welcome

Hard Pass on this and save your money. Its “NOT exactly as shown” Between Like-Themes lack of support & Envato’s self admitted late responses, I’ve lost money and the client. They are just not there for you when you need them.

Hello. You have contacted us regarding problem with theme installation and we offered you a help with it. You have not sent the Purchase Code saying that you do not have it. The purchase code is required for support and demo content installation and we have recommended you to contact Envato Support regarding the Purchase Code issue.

Our theme works correctly problem is not related to it. Your comment is not true and we ask you to remove it.

Thank you.

I bought the theme about a week ago and now i cant find it in my dowloads

Hello. Unfortunately your question is not related to us and we do not control purchases.

Please contact the Envato Support regarding your question: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us

Hi, In the theme settings it is possible to change the Inner Header Background image. But, how is it possible to change the Inner Header Background image by page? Also, I want to display different Header Background images on pages. Not always the same image, Thanks!!

Hello. Please contact us directly (like.themes.wp@gmail.com), we provide support by email. Thank you.

Hi, done. Thanks!

I can’t see the demo version? This is what i see when i open the demo website? Is this WP theme still up to date?

Сайт artkombat.like-themes.com не настроен на сервере Сайт artkombat.like-themes.com не настроен на сервере хостинга.

Адресная запись домена ссылается на наш сервер, но этот сайт не обслуживается. Если Вы недавно добавили сайт в панель управления – подождите 15 минут и ваш сайт начнет работать.

Hello. We have checked our site from different access points and countries using the VPN and can’t confirm the problem. Could you contact us directly by email like.themes.wp@gmail.com and describe from which country you are? We will try to resolve the problem. Thank you.

Hi @all, I have build my website with the theme and it looks great BUT my lighthouse pagespeed is at 9 out of 100. So I have build a installed the theme dev.subdomain and made a pagespeed test after with every plugin the theme recommends. After I installed Unyson the lighthouse-index crashes from 79 to 9. Is there anything I can do?!

Hello. Please contact us directly (like.themes.wp@gmail.com), we provide support by email. Thank you.

Is it RTL Supported.

Unfortunately, this theme doesn’t support RTL

OMG, I need to purchase this theme and i need it RTL.

I’m interested in purchasing this theme for my Boxing gym. How easy is it to customize with my logo and pictures? Is there any assistance just in case I get stuck?

Hello, You can easily replace site colors, logo and all media/headers/texts with yours using the Page Builder.

Site customization isn’t included into the support, but our support will consult you and help, if you will have any problems. Contact us directly by email if you need help.

Hi there is it possible to edit these pages and what page builder comes with this template? I would like to edit some of the pages by removing some sections and adding images to create a new look. Is this possible? And how flexible is this theme to do this?

Hello, we provide support by email. Please, write us directly.

Hi there what is the email address? I will write to you directly. Thanks.


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