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This may be a very silly question, but it is going to be my very first email template to work with (and a very pretty, unique one as well!) ... the question is: it still will work without any problems if I will add more items horizontally and then copy and paste those tables vertically? I have just a way too many items, so I wonder if there’s any limit to how long (ehhh, wide actually) it will be horizontally and vertically? Thank you for a very nice file and hopefully prompt response!

Hello @cokoli

The template works easily also with more than five products on widith and height > you can add n/a products, but you need to add an extra widith size to the first table widith. To succed you need have few HTML knowledge.

To understaind and view an example, please send me an email and I will make some versions :)

Last but not last, thx for the kindest words on the template :)

Hello advolocaru ;

Thanks for this nice theme. I really like it for my shop.

As i dont like horizontal scrolling, i tried to remove the

Content right PROMO Left START and one of the products.

So that it would fit to one page. but this time the background is not being white for those rooms.

Shortly, Is it possible to fit it to one page horizontally? without scrolling?

As i am new to the site, actually i dont know how i can reach you for technical support though.

Thank you.

Greetings from Turkey :)

Hello @muratssu,

Sure > I will contact you on email,

Kindest regards,