Discussion on Artee: Portfolio Ghost Theme

Discussion on Artee: Portfolio Ghost Theme

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Hello, I’ve just purchased this theme but it doesn’t seem to be working properly. None of the JavaScript elements seem to be working – the sticky header doesn’t appear when scrolling down the page, the filter doesn’t appear automatically (and when I add it in manually in sort.hbs it appears, but doesn’t function when clicking on the links). The grid also isn’t lining up properly.

There are several errors showing within the javascript console …

Is the theme up to date & working with the latest version of ghost?

It is compatible with Ghost 1.* which version of Ghost do you have?

Thanks for the reply. I realised that a little after I posted. I have the latest version so I guess that’s why it doesn’t work…I’ve requested a refund instead if that’s ok?

sure, no problem


I bought your template today mistakenly thinking it was for Blogger. Can I have a refund please?

Thank You

Still waiting for the upgrade ;)

Well looking theme with great functionality. Do You plan to upgrade the theme to support Ghost 2.x

Kind Regards, Ivars

Hi, of course, it just takes some time for me, sorry :/

Hi, when are you planning to update the Artee them to Ghost 2.0? Thanks!

Hi, it should be simpler that update to 1.x so hopefully next week/next weekend

Hi, how to create an ‘About Me’ page ?

Hi, you need to create a static page in Ghost admin panel and use standard HTML code in Markdown editor. The code from demo page is here: http://artee.pxt.be/about/#codeused

Hi there, beautiful theme! I’m wondering if there is a way to make the Image gallery display more rows underneath the main one instead of using the carousel pages ?

thanks, charles

Hi, sorry for late response. Just to be sure, do you mean homepage grid with posts, or gallery items used for example here: http://artee.pxt.be/image-gallery/ ?

I love most of the theme so far, though I’m having a little trouble with the author footer-section on individual posts. The cover photo, and details load, but the avatar is pointing to ”/shared/img/user-image.png” when that doesn’t seem to be a valid image. Every other theme I’ve tested is linking to a specific image I’ve uploaded as the avatar. And a minor note, but is there a customizable setting to change the author font color from gray?

Edit: I’m using ghost 1.x

The author info I’m talking about is at the bottom of the individual posts, as shown in this screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wdbzfcwn09eage1/Screen%20Shot%202018-01-14%20at%208.53.20%20AM.png?dl=0

If it’s just css, I can handle that, I’m just terribly new to ghost, so I wasn’t sure if there was any faculty in the admin to control theme colors, etc. Thanks!

Yes, this is only CSS, there isn’t any option to change that in admin panel. Btw. soon there will be fix for author avatar.

there is a fix for author avatar in Artee v2.0.1

I uploaded the template to the Ghost (Pro) interface. But when I opened the site, the tags menu bar is not appearing although I created new tags and added them to blog posts. Also, when scrolling down, the menu bar on the top does not appear.

I haven’t done any coding so far, just used the Ghost UI. How can I solve these issues? Thank you!

Hi, this is strange. Can you check if there are any errors in the browser’s console? You can check this by using F12 key and then reload the page. Thanks.

Is this theme supported for Ghost 1.0?

sorry, not yet

Can this theme support twitter card images? I’d like for the feature image to get pulled from its corresponding post.

Twitter has outlined that the follow meta data needs to be on the page. <meta name=”twitter:card” content=”summary_large_image”> <meta name=”twitter:image” content=”http://imageURL.jpg”>

How could this be included in each page?

It has these meta tags included. You can check this on the demo blog. Example: http://artee.pxt.be/custom-article-with-cover/ (right click -> show source).

Ah, I see that now. Thanks. I’m on Artee V1.6.0 Could that be the issue?

Yes, it could be the case. You can download version 1.7.0 or just copy meta tags from it.


Now that AMP is supported by the core, will you update the template to support it on the frontend?


Thanks Sandro

yes, I definitely need to check this out. I haven’t updated themes till now because there wasn’t any significant changes in the context of themes, but this is something which needs to be investigated.


Also you may want to load google fonts and google maps script via https rather than http

yup, good point, it should be href=”//...

when will be support for ghost 0.9 available?

Hi, yeah, I’ll try to do this asap. But it should work with new version too. Is there something missing in the theme when using with Ghost 0.9?

is there a documentation for the install process?

This is a standard way of installing Ghost Themes, you can find rich documentation here: http://support.ghost.org/ and you might also want to read about Ghost Themes here: http://themes.ghost.org/

So basically these informations are not included in this particular theme docs.

Halo, just purchased your Portofolio Ghost Theme. Its an amazing layout and I thought I could give it a try with GHOST but I am stuggling over it for some hours. Deep waters FOR ME I guess. Isnt there a more simple version with just html / css that I could work with dreamweaver. Thanks in advance, george youpis (a9f13111-28b8-4122-b82b-09686b42aa52 – 18 Feb 2016)

.hbs files are almost the same as .html files and there are also .css files included. You’ll find a great documentation about Ghost Themes here: http://themes.ghost.org/

Unfortunatelly there is needed some knowledge about Ghost Theming if you want to modify and adjust the theme, but it isn’t as hard as it might look like at the first time. I’m sure that with the documentation linked above you’ll be able to deal with it.


Pre-purchase question. Can I embed Soundcloud and a social feed (twitter/facebook) into the posts?


Hey, theoretically you can. It is based on iframes. And because you can use HTML inside Ghost markdown editor it should be possible although there isn’t any strict support for it in the theme.

Hi Julian, is there an easy way to update the theme?

No, this is a private repo. Unfortunately you should do it manually.

No worries. It would be cool if customers could access the repo if future to make updating easier.

Yes, but I think that it could be difficult to manage. All of the buyers could have different and custom file structures, other third party stuff already included in the theme, etc. It could be difficult to track this with original theme even with help of git. Also it is hard to achieve it from a technical point of view. There should be some kind of verification connected with the Envato API etc. Maybe in the future :)

Hi Julian , Artee Ghost Alberto Herrera julian.cwirko@gmail.com;

Hi , Julian I’m recently buy your theme artee for ghost .

my web page is pucara(dot)me

I’m having some troubles with the next things and questions

1-The user how wrote the post appears twice … 2-Where I can change the fonts ? Can I? 3-Can I change the front page quote and put a Image ? 4-Can I Change the font of the search panel ? 5-How can I put my whole logo ?

Sorry about so many question. Cheers

Hi, I sent you an email.

Can I remove the tag’s bar?

Hi, sure. It is described in a documentation. In case of problems I could help.

Can i remove the gray layout for every blog picture? (image overlay)

You can hide it by css or remove it from code. It should be simple.

Quick question on the responsiveness of the blog. When I pull up the blog on an iphone 6 it works just fine but when I use my galaxy s5 to pull up the site it wont scroll down at all. It just sits there. www.fabricdepotaz.com/blog

Hi, are you using the latest version of the theme? There was some problems with new Android 5 and NiceScroll plugin but it was removed and it should work.

What version of Android you have?

I have version 5.0 “Lollipop” I believe and its still having issues with the scrolling. Its even been having issues with the scrolling on my desktop recently but not on my laptop for some reason. Any reason to this? And how exactly do I download the latest version of the theme? Just redownload it?? Thanks.

You should use the latest version of the theme. You can redownload it and install. After that restart ghost and refresh browser cache.


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