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I really like the theme. Before i buy i want to ask 3 questions

1. how can i add a video into one of the tab in the main index? Which format can it support?

2. which software should i use to change the text and photo if i buy the theme?

3. what the difference from the theme and the template?


1. Yes it support Youtube and Vimeo contents.

2. You need a Wordpress in order to use this theme.

3. It’s the same.

My vimeo files arent embedding in the portfolio pages? Any suggestions?

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Not sure why, but my Add Media button isn’t working any more in posts, and i can’t add media already existing in the library into anything – i have to up load a new version of any file i need…

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

thanks for your respponse – i’ve downloaded those files. Unfortunately, I can’t ftp them- permissions are wrong or something…. can’t i upload the zip as an update to the theme via WP? Or if i delete the 1.3 version to install the 1.9 instead, will it delete all the database….?

Any advice?

No wait – just deleted the old one and reinstalled it via WP. problem solved… Thanks!

OK great!


I am not able to find Gallery Admin in order to do drag and drop sorting. Where can i find this please? Thanks for your help!

In Wordpress Dashboard > Galleries.

Hi thank you- i thought there was another admin section bc i could not do sorting from that page (I found out a popup blocker type add in for my firefox that was preventing the drag and drop ability. Used Safari and all works now, thank you!)

Hi, Could you tell me what the dimensions are for the Homepage image. As when it crops my images automatically it crops them in a place I don’t want. So I want to be able to make my own images at the correct size/shape for the website.


It can’t because every users have different screen resolutions and size so you can apply universal image size to all users screen. It’s standard way of every fullscreen theme works. Automatically adjust background image (cropped or zoom) to fit with user screen resolution.

If you selected background slideshow on page. It will automatically adjust your image size (cropped or resized) to works perfectly with visitor screen resolutions. However you might not want to crop your images. You can disable it. From your admin sidebar, open Artemis admin > Homepage > Enable/disable auto fit image to screen for homepage slideshow and Artemis admin > Blog-Portfolio > Enable/disable auto fit image to screen for other pages.


I want to know what lightbox plugin your using for the theme? and how can I make the photos in the blog posts to open in the lightbox? only feautered image opens in lightbox.. my blog:

Theme use this lightbox script

Hi How do I add the feature text boxes at the bottom, left of the page like in the example template? Eg. the white text in the black boxes? Thanks

The pics on my page seem like they are too big. What is the recommended size that the pics should be?

Ok I used 1024px but the pics still are not fitting on the page correctly. Here is an example of how the pic should look

And this is how it looks on the Home page

If you selected background slideshow on page. It will automatically adjust your image size (cropped or resized) to works perfectly with visitor screen resolutions. However you might not want to crop your images. You can disable it. From your admin sidebar, open Artemis admin > Homepage > Enable/disable auto fit image to screen for homepage slideshow and Artemis admin > Gallery Portfolio > Enable/disable auto fit image to screen for other pages.

I have 2 text pages called Pricing and About. I want them to be text only pages with no photos. How do I get rid of the background photos?

Open /css/screen.css find ”#page_caption” add display:none;

where would I find css?

There is an issue with the new Wordpress 3.6 update and your menu setup.

When changing around menu items it doesn’t move them, it drops down many boxes instead. Uneditable at this stage.

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When I change the font sizes within the theme settings nothing happens… please help.

Nevermind, I dug around in the style sheet and figured it out.

OK great!

Peerapong, I’m having trouble getting two of the widgets on my contact page to work. Custom Twitter and Gravitar Profile arent doing as they should. I don’t think that I have missed anything here.


Did you add widgets to “Contact Sidebar”?

Also how do I remove the black and white image of the scantaly clad women as the default back ground image?

When you create a page. You can upload its background image using “Set featured image”.

Theme documentation’s located in your downloaded file from Themeforest

Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

I have problems with submenus, they don´t work. I can´t drag it to the right

The latest version of theme which fix issues on Wordpress 3.6 is available to download.

Download from Themeforest > your account > downloads and replace all theme’s files and folders using FTP account with the new version.

All of your settings and contents remain the same.

1. On the “raves” page I have used the /one_half short codes for the layout. And I found a plugin to make the video responsive and now the text that on the right moves below the video-which is good. But the only problem left is the text on the bottom of the page (that is not included in any shortcode-but centered on the bottom of the page), “multiple award winning & published hair & makeup artists”, and the 5 images below it. These are the only two things that are now not rearranging themselves on the page in an iphone. As you can see, the video is overlapping the text and it looks awful.

2. On my gallery pages…sometimes it cuts off the head. Is there a way to fix that?


and the picture is this:

Please help! I need to finish this site soon! Thank you!!!!

1. I will look for the solution for video responsive.

2. This plugin might help you manually cropping.

1. I have actually edited the code to make the video responsive. And now it is responsive, but I think the problem lies in the two columns. See Picture: They move below each other but do not expand to the iphones full width. So my responsive video ends up being tiny and it still looks bad. And also the text on the bottom “award winning hair…” is not included in a two column layout. I just wanted it to be below the two columns – and it seems that it is not functioning with the columns. See Picture:

I did a test blog post to see if it is the columns not responding to the width of the iphone….and they do not respond. See below:

Now you can see the two columns have moved below each other but are not the width of the page. It looks weird and is hard to read…

What should I do? Isn’t it supposed to be included in the “responsive” layout?

2. I will try that plugin. But where do you add that thumbnail…through the gallery or through the media section?

Thank you!

Hello! We have a client that is interested in your theme, but we need to know whether the password protected private gallery is limited to the number of galleries you can have. For example, can you have five different private galleries each with a different password?

Yes you can have multiple password protected galleries.

Your div boxes for the page headings are all over the place. The full-size screen version looks like this:

Where the phone portrait version looks like this:

It makes it very hard to keep the headings centered and it looks pretty terrible.

Even your live preview is off-center:

Is this fixable?

Provide URL of your site please.

did you have any suggestions for this fix?

Hello peerapong,

in single.php the title of the blog in the H1header is set to “The Blog”. I changed it myself now, but can you manage in the next update that a single page will show the actual title of the blog?



I bought this cool theme ;)

I will ask how i can have the homepage static image without the fade effect when i open the site, i would like to open the site and to see directly the static image without effect.

It is possible? how i can do it?

Thanks Greets!


Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom page template for you, we highly recommend to check out: Tweaky

ok..thanks for the Tweaky website ;) ....but they customize every kind of themes and also htm/css/php site?

Yes I think so ;)

hello peerapong

my little problem and the blog as a background and can put black? and non-image

You can upload page background image with solid black graphic image.

explain to me how can I do?