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Looks very nice my friend ;)

Thanks BroOf!


Looks very nice. Bookmarked for future purchase.

Glad to hear. Let me know if you have any questions in the future.


nice template … do you have a table sample?

Sorry, I don’t have a styled table in the Live Preview. Check out the styles page for the list of everything that is included in the Template. The table sample seems like a reasonable request though, I’ll jump on it and add one to the Styles page. I’ll add a reply when it’s been added ;-)


Okay, I just finished adding a sample table to the Styles Page. Happy purchasing!


really neat.



Hi, Dropdown menu is appearing behind the homepage you tube video on lastest Firefox. Just to give you a heads up…

Yeah it was an easy fix, it was just an error with the embed code:

You got a good eye by the way, that was such a tiny overlay!


Cheers for the promt reply

A nice, clean theme that I would definitely use on a client project. I love the clever use of the transparent PNG to keep the texture no matter the background color! That’s how I would have done it as well. ;)

Thanks for the kind words


Very nice and very clean. The unlimited colors is doing it for me. How is the documentation for it?

My Site Templates are always Well Documented. This one just hasn’t been rated yet, but you can view the other items in my Portfolio to check that out.

I have also included some sample color schemes in the Help File to get you started. It’s very simple to change out the colors.

please get the wordpress asap!!! definitely a keeper! good work!

Thanks, the feedback has been great so far! I’ll work on a conversion to WordPress, but it probably begin for quite some time. I have a few other Site Templates and projects that I’m working on at the moment. The Site Template is very easy to use by the way. I suggest purchasing it and trying it out :-).


amazing, great, cool – very nice job. :)


Thanks for the nice comment!


Great theme! Really beautiful!

Is it possible to include a second slider with info in the “portfolio-silgle” page?

Yep, you can include multiple sliders on pages!


Can’t wait for the wordpress version!

Feel free to purchase the site template now then ;-). The WordPress version won’t be out for some time but I’m planning on releasing one. I still have two site templates I’m converting in the meantime before I even start on this one. Feel free to follow me or send me an e-mail to stay informed.


Hi Mike. Very nice template, I’m enjoying working with it. One thing – I can’t seem to get the twitter widget to display anything but @envato tweets. I have updated the jtwt.js file as follows:

//Set the default values, use comma to separate the settings, example:
    var defaults = {
        username : 'myusername',
                count : 1,
                image_size: 48,
                convert_links: 1,
                loader_text: 'loading new tweets'

But the site is still showing the latest @envato tweets. What am I missing?

Okay, your close but the wrong JavaScript file. You will find the same settings in the custom.js file which control the Twitter feed (It’s at the bottom of the file). These are the correct ones to edit. :-)


Thanks Mike! So, just out of curiosity the original value for “username” in jtwt.js was set to ‘google’. Is it important that I return that to its original value?

Shouldn’t be a problem. Those are just default settings that are overridden by your new JavaScript.

Hey Mike, one more question for you. I’ve modified your contact form a little bit and it’s working well except that one of the form inputs is a checkbox and in the event that more than one box is selected, the form only includes the last value checked in the email. here’s my form code:

    <label for="interests">I am interested in:</label>
    <input name="interests" class="quotecheck" id="interests" value="web-design" type="checkbox" />Website Design<br />
    <input name="interests" class="quotecheck" id="interests" value="ecommerce" type="checkbox" />E-Commerce Design<br />
    <input name="interests" class="quotecheck" id="interests" value="social" type="checkbox" />Social Media Marketing<br />
    <input name="interests" class="quotecheck" id="interests" value="ppc" type="checkbox" />Paid Search Marketing<br />

And here’s how I call it in the $body of the email:

\n\nInterests: $interests

Any suggestions? Thanks again for a really sharp template, I’ve really enjoyed working with it.

You probably need to name each one of the interests unique. That should sort out the problem in the easiest fashion. It should look the same to the user either way.


whats the status of the wp version?

Still working on converting another two site templates. WP version still a ways out. Feel free to e-mail me and I’ll add you to an e-mail list for when the theme comes out.

Very nice. Really a lot of design work for such a small price. Thank you.

Very nice work and well documented.

I have a question about the videolightbox code. It does not seem to play any flv or mp4 files from my hard disk. My IIS settings are good but still the files will not open on my browser.

Any suggestions?

Check out the additional documentation for the lightbox here:

It is likely that you either cannot embed the files locally on your hard drive or that you are embedding the video incorrectly. The fancy box site has example of embedding swf content which should work out the same as the flv. Although you might need a video player if it’s just basic FLV video.


Hey there, I have had an issue with IE 9 not showing the front page correctly, specifically the slider images, one of my images with show in chrome, firefox etc, but not IE 9 . Also, the front section for recent posts, the “author” disappears in IE, any suggestions would be appreciated.

I just double-checked the live preview in IE9 and everything is running perfect. Go ahead and visit our support forums and post a discussion. Make sure to post a link and/or screen-shot to your website and somebody from our staff will help you out:

Arthouse – Premium Business & Portfolio Template not responsive

Yeah, the Arthouse site template is not a responsive design. It has a fixed width. If you have any other questions, feel free to post in our support forums and we can help you out:

Can I have a refund? I need a template that is responsive and will not use this one. I will search for a better one on theme forest, I like your themes, but I really need a template that is responsive. Kind regards, Nancy De Lange

This site template will work on all devices. It just won’t format to multiple devices automatically as a responsive layout does. If you are interested in requesting a refund, you can do so by contacting Envato Support here: