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Hey, this is a really nice one. Unique layout and professional touch.

Thank you.

UNIQUE ! Love the NO ShortCode Concept :)

Thanks. I wish I could tell you we thought of the idea, but the impetus was sparked by a great blog post by Justin Tadlock, Dealing with shortcode madness.

Very cool. Good luck. :)

Wow. Excellent. Very slick indeed! Love the way you can close up everything on the front page.

Thanks. We thought it would be an interesting design element to use the vertical grid and flow lines as a design element.

Beautiful theme you have there! I just want to say I too like your no-shortcodes policy. I didn’t like the concept from the start and with Drupal (I am a Drupal girl by default) we too use Styles instead. I’m getting rid of the shortcodes in my new WP theme !

Shortcodes always felt clunky when it didn’t return some complex bit of functionality, like a gallery. We didn’t know how the market would perceive this move, but felt it was best to be inline with our own policies.

Great work, mate. Really like this one.

Thank you.

Brilliant work! This is what Themeforest needs right now.

Thanks. That’s incredibly humbling.

Love your theme! :) Good luck with your sales! :)

Thanks. I will also take that good luck, as well ;)

Gorgeous. Is it compatible with WP ecommerce?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be compatible with WP E -commerce but we did not test it with that particular plugin so I couldn’t say definitively.

awesome I like it very much! good luck

Thanks. Appreciate the kind words.

This may be a dumb question but could you see this theme working as a magazine theme? Could you have the portfolio be articles/posts? I am wondering about that word “services” and “case study” that are used in the demo. Can those words be changed in the back end so that it says “More Post Like This” instead? I want a magazine site without the magazine look. I know you have Periodic (I own it!) but I like the minimalistic look of Artisan Creatif better. By the way, I think you have a real winner here, especially given your reputation with the best-selling Periodic. Tim

Not a dumb question at all. Though a magazine theme wasn’t the intention for this theme, I don’t see why it couldn’t be used that way. The text for the buttons is up to the user via the Theme Options and the title for the custom taxonomy, “Services”, is not printed on the live site.

With that said, if you decide to go this route, you might want to consider making another custom post type, using ours as a reference, in a child theme. I am assuming you will want your CPT to support comments, which ours does not. It is a bit more involved that using AC out of the box for a mag theme, but just a suggestion.

Really unique and eye-catching layout.:) wearepixel8, excellent job! :)

Thanks, Rebecca.

Wow this theme is really clean and well thought out. Amazing!! I have a question about the portfolio. I would like to use the slider on the homepage to show featured work. However, at the bottom where you have the journal post. I would like to show other portfolio work there instead. Is this configurable in the theme?

Thanks. I like what you are proposing. We didn’t think of that during the planning phase (darnnit!) but I think we should roll it into an update. :)

What I am thinking, right now, is it would require adding another custom taxonomy for tags. This way, we could have a custom loop for the slider and another loop for everything else in the portfolio that is not “featured”.

Yikes words like taxonomy scarce! I will definitely leave that stuff up to you guys :) as an alternative which I just have to create additional posts for portfolio items > assign to a category and then display them in the journal area instead?

LOL . The more I think about it, the more I think this does make sense as a viable alternative option for the home page. This has been added to our weekly company agenda meetings as an update action item.

What we will probably do is, give the user the option to choose what to display in the slider as well (x amount of all recent portfolio items or x amount of featured portfolio items). Then, we can give the user the option to show x amount of blog posts or x amount of recent projects that are not featured. How does that sound?

In the meantime, I wouldn’t make a blog post about portfolio projects unless you intend to do so in the future.

Looks great! I would make a few personal changes to it mind :) But thats just me.

We’re always open to hearing constructive comments. I find it helps us create a better product in the end. Especially if it is something we never considered. In the end, we put the users first. :)

Clean, simple and hot. Nice work!

Thanks so much. We love all of your work, so that means a lot to us.


this theme is very nice! :)

One thing about your NO shortcodes policy:

I mean… you’re selling the fact that the theme doesn’t have shortcodes like a cool feature, but I can hardly look to this like a positive thing.

If a theme comes with 150 shortcodes, like you say, I can also avoid to use them and have a NO Shortcodes policy with any theme on sale here.

I don’t pay extras for those 150 shortcodes and also if I want to avoid to use them, can come the time that you need one or two.

Shortcodes are useful, for many things: to display posts, works on every page… as well contact forms, flickr, twitter and many other contents that otherwise is very hard to add to a page.

Does this theme have some shortcodes or it doesn’t have any? I would like to know also if you plan to add some of them, because I really like the theme and I would like to buy it.


Thanks for the kind words and interest.

As I covered, in the demo, the original purpose of shortcodes, as I understand it, was to allow a user the ability to inject complex levels of functionality without any prior knowledge of coding. This like adding a Google Map, a contact form or the WordPress gallery are excellent examples of the original intent of the shortcode.

Things like styling post content is taking the purpose of shortcodes out of scope. Though the solution works, it makes the user too dependent on the theme itself. When the user makes the inevitable decision to change themes, they are left with non functioning shortcode brackets to hunt down and change/delete.

We felt strongly that this is the antithesis of our own policy to make our products as user friendly as possible. Especially when there is a less intrusive way of allowing a user to style their content without shortcodes. That is the alternative we are offering. You can still create a button, a pull quote, columns and an accordion, but without the shortcode bracket.

I am in no way saying this is the answer. It’s just an alternative. If there is some complex functionality we decide to introduce, in the future, that requires a shortcode we will use that method. But, when it comes to applying presentational effects, we will not be using shortcodes for such a task.

Thanks again for your interest.

Really liking this theme. Instantly popped out at me in terms of everything else offered here at Theme Forest. Can’t wait to play around with it.

One thing for sure, as previously mentioned by another user, is that being able to add recent projects as a blog-post type format under the slider would be magnificent. I’m sure there’s a way I can maneuver the code to do so but having a simple checkbox (or additional service such as Homepage would be simple and amazing.

It would also be nice to be able to have both recent blog posts, and recent projects below the slider.

Awesome job, loving this. :)

I’m going to give myself the weekend to this of the best way to implement this. I like the idea a lot and I believe there is quite a bit of added value potential to it.

Agreed with above – need recent projects on the homepage under the slider. Great theme!!

Thanks! We will be in the lab cooking up some ideas for this option this weekend.