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I have been able to post on my site a piece of portfolio work yet I have a question.

1) On my home page I can only see what I wrote as a case study in the featured portfolio. I have added images along with the written information for the case study yet the image is not showing up. Do I have to upload it in a different location? I am doing this in the tab to add a new Portfolio Item. The image that I placed in there shows up when you click on the case study button showing up on the home page (without an image).

Thanks for your help

Please read the User Guide very carefully. It contains all information about publishing a portfolio on the home page.


Well done with this theme, it’s so good I’m using it for my personal portfolio.

One suggestion though – there really should be an active state for the current menu item. I added it in with:

body #masthead .masthead-menu li.current-menu-item a { color: #F31D73; }

cheers Anthony

We thought about it and decided to leave this up to the user if they chose to have an active state for their menus.

Thanks for posting this as I am sure others will find it useful.

hope you’re having a good day and that my questions aren’t too bothersome : )

I am trying to offer several services and I first tried to do that by creating pages for each individual service under a “Services” page, I struck that idea after our conversations about the fact that I would need to hire a programmer to create an individual CSS code so that the titles of the different sub-pages didnt have a line through them.

I made a button the on service page to lead people who are interested in a specific service, to a page which private. This makes it so that it doesnt show up under the “services” page but when they click and it leads them to the page it says Private: Blah Blah Blah.

Is there any way to not have it say private?

Im just trying to look for a way I can have them see and read another page through a button which they see on the services pages but without have them “public” so that I don’t have to change the CSS .

Thanks for your help.

I’m sorry. I’m not following you. Support is limited to the theme’s functionality only, i.e., a bug report. Unfortunately, we cannot offer individual tutorial support on how to set up your website beyond what is available in the User Guide.

Thanks for understanding.

originally you told me that i was seeing titles of my pages with lines through the wording because the titles were too long. I have tried to make the titles as small as one letter and it is still striking through the letters.

When you preview Artisan Creatif before you purchase I saw but I believe most people interpret as the possibility to have sub pages under the principles ones at the top of the page (ie. about, portfolio, journal). They all had sub items which you could click on.

So what I have experienced thus far is that you can not have sub pages as shown on the preview no matter how long or short the titles are.

Please let me know your thoughts

Thank you very much

The theme supports up to one sub menu as evidenced by the demo.

Hello -

Your work is awesome. I just purchased your theme, but i’m having a little issue with the portfolio. I followed all your instructions, but the image is shifting. Am I doing anything wrong?

I also have another question, is there any Google +1 widget that I can add?

Thank you. I really appreciate your fabulous work.

Your FB Share plugin is breaking the layout with inline styles.

Is there any way I can keep the FB plugin just on my Blog posts then (I don’t want it to appear on my portfolio). Thanks.

Unfortunately, we do not provide support for third party plugins. You will need to contact to contact the developer to see if there is a way to exclude including this on custom post types.

Hello Pixel8,

Again with a question:

Is there a way to have more than 6 features in the home page slider? Where should i look to add a couple more? Thanks, i have really enjoyed using the theme.

You can customize any of the loops, in a child theme, to retrieve however many posts you would like. Doing so deactivate the theme options.

Thanks, could you point me to the file i need to look at for this specific purpose?

Ok figured out. The file to edit is options.php in the parent theme // in case it might be helpful for anyone else. Sorry for the extra post.

I would not recommend editing the options.php file if you intend on upgrading any future releases.


My last question:

Everything is showing up (as far as the blog is concerned) other than when you click on the image in the blog page to read the blog entry. It says 404 error page not found.

Any insights?

What are your permalink settings?

Is it compatible with Wordpress 3.2?

I was able to fix the problem I had with my blog…thanks

I wanted to know if I could make any heading that I had in the written content of my page the same color as the pink which is in the artisan creatif.

You will handle something like that is a child theme style sheet.

Love this theme!

Is there a way to have huge tweets (theme style) instead of the Featured Works? If that’s possible, I will purchase immediately!


Unfortunately we do not offer customization services.

Thanks for answering. That’s a shame. Any recommendations?

Sorry, we don’t.

pixel- in the contact form…is it possible to change how it is laid out in order to place different subject boxes and make those boxes more visible (the one feed back ive gotten is that people can’t see where they are supposed to be writing.

ALL presentational aspects can be customized in a child theme style sheet.

Hello ystylus okay, if possible could you guide me how to put the slide on the home page, it does not really understand the manual, please could guide me, I thank

Att / Ferguss

Hello wearepixel8, if possible could you guide me how to put the slide on the home page, it does not really understand the manual, please could guide me, I thank

Att / Ferguss

Hello wearepixel8 okay, if possible could you guide me how to put the slide on the home page, it does not really understand the manual, please could guide me, I thank, I suggest you create a video tutorial teaching how to configure the theme, so will be spared many questions

Att / Ferguss

It seems like you have posted the same question several times. Unfortunately, we don’t have video tutorials. Is this a language issue?

Hi Would like to know how to remove the Top margin I need my logo to be on the top edge


In a child theme’s style.css file.

Hi, Thank you for your help on my previous issue. My next question is; Can I enable auto slide show Portfolio Gallery Type ‘Slider’ so the user don’t have to click the arrow to view next image?

Thank you again L

You can change the timeout from 0 to whatever time delay, in milliseconds, you want between each auto slide. Use the timeout we used for the home page slider as a reference.

Thank you. now sorted ;-)


Is it possible to make the “stacked” attached images also show up realsize in the fancybox after clicking them on the detail page? Just like when you would choose only to have the featured image on the detail page?



It can be done but you will need some knowledge of PHP and developing for WP to retrieve the link to the full size attachment.