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Hi there,

Nice theme! Some questions: - Is it possible to give the portfolio more that 2 columns? I need at least 4…

- Is it possible to place custom text area, for instance where now the ‘about artisan’ area is? maybe 2,3 or 4 column, widget items?

- Can you turn off the ‘recent work’ and ‘from the journal’ area’s on the homepage?

Hope to hear from you soon.

All of your questions can be answered by downloading the freely available User Guide.


And where can i find that user guide for d/l? Remember these are presale question i need an answer for before i decide if i can use your theme…

Looking forward to your fast reply.

Hi wearepixel8-guys, I’m refering to your answere to loleary2000 about the auto-slide.

You can change the timeout from 0 to whatever time delay, in milliseconds, you want between each auto slide. Use the timeout we used for the home page slider as a reference.

I can’t find any timeout values in the template. Most likely I’m blind or dumb. :( Any hint where to find them?

Many thanks in advance, Felix

BTW : Great template.

Check your ac-jquery.js file.

Definitely I’m blind AND dumb. ;) Works! Thank you you!

No worries. There are a ton of files to have to check looking for one line of code. We should have been a little more explicit in the original response to loleary2000.

Hello I would like to know how if I can have the captions display on the (portfolio slide gallery) I would like to have the slider gallery in portfolio where all the images display the caption or tittle of the image. Another solution could be if they are clickable so I can see them (once click) open in fancy box.

Thanks in advance for you help.

You definitely can by customizing the templates to fit your particular needs. We recommend doing so in a child theme.

Hi wearepixel!

I have seen a few people ask this question but I’m not sure if it has been answered/you can really go into it because it may be too in depth. I really want to remove the date completed on my portfolio posts. I downloaded a date-exclusion plugin which did remove the dates BUT the headline “Date completed:” was still in tact.

On my portfolio page, I went into firebug and found where in the code this heading was located and went into your template (Single-portfolio.php) and deleted Date Completed:. I have been doing all of my editing through the child theme (minus this). I wasn’t sure how to take care of this within the child theme (which is fine, I don’t mind deleting it again if there is an update). It only takes a few seconds to do.

This did take care of “Date Completed:” on my portfolio posts but my problem is, “Date Completed:” is still located within the slider on my homepage…. I have spent hours trying to figure this out/searching online in order to solve this. I wouldn’t bug you about it unless I was completely clueless, which I am. Is there any way you can help me out with this or is it too complicated to explain? Thank you for your time.

Unfortunately, this is a customization request and we do not offer that level of support. But, I will share some insights that may help you and others in the future.

First, let me clarify on how child themes work and customizing via a child theme to save you having to reproduce your steps when an update is released.

When a child theme is activated, WordPress will first check the child theme’s directory for the templates needed. If the templates do not exist, in the child theme, it will simply move on to the parent.

With this in mind, you can make an exact copy of the template you would like to edit/customize, and place it in the child theme’s directory. Remember to maintain the exact file hierarchy and naming convention as the parent From there, you can edit the newly copied template in the child theme to fit your needs.

This will eliminate the need to run a plugin to remove unwanted elements.

For your particular issue, you have to follow the path of templates being loaded based on your set theme options. It’s really easy if you know what to look for.

For example, the home page template is filled with conditions, based on your particular theme options, that will load the requisite template(s). Follow the path to the template you want to edit and place a copy of that template in a child theme. From there, you can follow the previously mentioned suggestion to remove all instances of the Date Completed.


The drop down Search form seems to be missing my 404 page:


Fixed it. The 404 page calls for seach_form.php. But the file was named searchform.php.

I just renamed the file “search_form.php” in the parent theme and it’s working.

You might want to check that.


sorry, I was wrong – searchform.php is correct – it was because the file has an if/else statement asking for either the light or the dark theme, I’m using neither, that’s why it didn’t work.


Correct. You simply remove the condition, in a child theme, and you are in business.

Hi Guys,

Not really, I’m just using it as a child theme. I haven’t touched the core pages or added any js scripts

Is this in reply to something? If so, please reply to the original thread so we can further assist you. Thanks.

Hi wearepixel,

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. Thanks for the advice and like you said, I’m sure others will find your response helpful as well. I’ll keep messing around with it and will hopefully figure it out eventually. Thanks again!

Were you able to locate the template in question? Did you check the includes directory?

hi. is it possible to setup multiple portfolio pages where each shows a different set of services? for example if i wanted to make separate video, web, and photo portfolio pages could each display a different set of services tags?

like this:

video - music videos - shorts - commercials - features

photo - editorial - portraits - sports - music

i can’t seem to figure out if this is a standard feature. how are portfolio tags used beyond just choosing home page, slider items?

thanks for your feedback

You can either create additional CPT (one for each main portfolio item) or create multiple custom page templates that query a custom taxonomy within a particular CPT . It all depends on what you need to achieve in the end. This is not a standard feature of this theme, but can be customized in a child theme to fit your needs.

great. so i can dupe one of the porfolio.php files and adjust line 32 to query specific services.

$services = get_terms( ‘services’ ); $count = count( $services );

would the new portfolio files appear in the page type options automatically? are there other files where i’d have to add the new portfolio file names?

thank you very much

Unfortunately, our last answer is as much as we can provide as we do not provide customization support. We recommend, if you are not wholly familiar with developing for WP, that you hire a professional to assist you.

Hi there,

Does the slider support video (internal and external)?

If not, is there am easy way to add this (in the code)?

Love to hear form you.

You can edit the templates, in a child theme, to fit your needs. The ease of doing so is entirely based on your level of comfort writing code.


The font on the portfolio page of seems to have changed and displays twice.

Also the testimonials section on the home page, the scroll function does not work and defaults to sending to the top of the page.

If you can shed any light on theses issues it would be much appreciated


You have added the MooTools javascript library which is conflicting with the jQuery javascript library. You will need to troubleshoot this addition and the conflicts it is causing. We recommend using a web developer tool, like Firebug, which has a Javascript Error Console to help with tasks like this.


Is there a way of setting a portfolio item up so that when an image is clicked and opens in the light box – that there can be a next and previous button to cycle through extra images while still in the light box.

Thanks, James

I am not following the question. Does this pertain to the native functionality of the theme or is this a customization support question?


I’m integrating your theme on my website but I get a strange error if I click “Return to Portfolio” when I’m on a portfolio page.

A page appears with

Not Found The requested URL /portfolio/ was not found on this server.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Jeffrey

Oke, is seems the portfolio page is working. Thing is I get a 404 Error page not found.

Am I forgetting anything here?


Got it. I didn’t made a portfolio page. Stupid!

:) Glad you got it working.


Question about the portfolio slider on the home page. By default the slider shows the info about the project and by clicking on the plus (+) sign the info dissapears.

Is it possbile by default to have it closed and by clicking the plus sign it opens.

Thanks, Jeff

Yes, by changing the javascript function and CSS .

I searched for it but I dont’t know where to change it? Perhaps you could tell me where and what to change.


Unfortunately we cannot, at the moment. But, we are building a full fledged support forum, for valid customers, that will be filled with tips, tricks and how-to’s. We hope to have in online and ready by 9/16.

Great theme!

Is there a way to open the Facebook’s connection of the Quick Contact Nav Bar to another panel or page?

Something like the tag target=”_blank”“…

How can I do?



That’s exactly what you would do. Add the target attribute to the anchor tag. You should do this in a child theme, by the way.

Great theme wearepixel8.

Is there a way to reverse the quick-contact tab, so when the page loads it is closed? I have tried adjusting the code in the ac-jquery.js file with no luck?

Thanks, Matt

Don’t forget to adjust the appropriate CSS as well.

Hi, brilliant theme!!!

I’m testing, and I have trouble with the featured images on the grid portfolio :crying:

I put a featured image 940×470.png for the home pace slider. Where it works correctly. But in the grid does not appear as it should be… It is assumed that if I upload a 940×470 image is cropped automatically?

I follow the steps in the .pdf guide

We are moving all support to our official Customer Support website. Please take a moment to register for a free account, at, and post your question again.


Hi wearepixel8 team, i bought this theme some days ago, everything fine by now…

Only one thing i can’t change, tell me if its possible:

I have the portfolio page with 19 items now, i think is very long for a page, but i can’t change that. I would like to show maybe 16 items and include page navigation to go to another 16 items, etc… I can’t imagine when portfolio has 50 items to show, all of them in the same page will be extremelly long…

Can i change the number of items to show?? or Can you include in the next version to the control panel, please???

Thanks a lot for everything, goog job (i bought your two templates here)...

I can’t register there, i use my username, Theme item ID: 299934… but i dont know where is the ThemeForest purchase item code to write there… where i must to search for it??

Your Purchase Item Code will be in the plain text file downloaded when you click the “License Purchase” link in your ThemeForest downloads.

ok, got it and finished registration, thanks for all, see you there ;)


I really love this theme, it’s clean and neat!

I have a question though, if I want to have two portfolio pages, say one 1-column and the other 2-column, could I pull different content into these two pages? I see now in the portfolio it’s the same content but just in different format. I really love this theme and want to use it plus this functionality.




Unfortunately, I am not fully understanding your question. Can you give an example of the content that would be on each of the pages? Are you looking to have more than one portfolio? If so, the theme only comes with one portfolio custom post type.

Thanks for the fast reply!!

For example, I would like to have a one-column portfolio for my books, and another two-column for my videos.

Thanks for the clarification. The theme would not natively be able to accomplish this. In order to achieve what you would like, you would need to create a second custom post type in a child theme.

Hello Pixel,

I recently was changing a few things on my theme and noticed that you can change the color between light, dark and none. The none virtually removes the lines which you can see on light yet takes most of the other aesthetics away as well.

Is there a way to just remove the lines but keep everything else?

Let me know your thoughts.


All customer support questions are now exclusively answered on our Customer Support website.


The theme preview mentions ” You will notice that the dl gets a class name of “dl-wrapper-960?. This is for a list you would to appear on a full width page template. We have classes for posts and pages with sidebars as well.

This solution will be rolled out in Artisan Creatif v1.2, which will be available July 6, 2011.”

Has version 1.2 come out?

Not that it matters much – the theme is bulletproof from what I can tell anyway. Thanks. Will buy Friday.

Thanks for catching this. We just rolled out v.1.1.1, which includes this bit of functionality. Now, we probably should go ahead and change the demo so there is no confusion. :)

Purchased – 5 Stars.

Loads fast, very friendly with different browsers, phones and tablets. Solid typography.

Well done!