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Here’s the PSD that this says it comes with? Can’t find it anywhere.

Hello Adam, :) Download New UPDATED Version and Find PSD in Main Files. Please RATE US in the Download area.

Got it thank you! Awesome theme!

any body can help how to post blog in this theme

do u write Contact form in php code or

yes its php code

One Of The Best

I love this and so far it has been very easy to add my content. The only question I have is this: On the main Slider on the Index page, is there a way to set that to just scroll without having to click on the arrrow to start the auto scrolling?

And Please bear in mind, you are dealing with a pretty inexperienced person here.

Thanks Bernie

Thanks – I just sent you the information. And thank you for responding so quickly.

Hands down – you have been great with the support – Thank you

Awesome theme. When will the Wordpress version be ready?

we are launching it in first week of May ,will keep you updated

When is the WordPress version of this coming out?

We are adding some more features that’s why delay is there, but hopefully will get it live by may end

I will get you notified

Hello. I’d like use your template to create a russian site. Can I use a cyrillic language without font changing? Can I change a colour of font, border and others part? Thanks

it’s ok! I find it!

Do rate us 5 star if you like it


Could you inform me when the WP version will be ready ? Thanks

Hey, Thanks for getting in touch, We are working on it and will keep you posted when we are done. !!

I’m evaluating to buy this template ‘cos I think it’s very original. I was wondering if it’s possible to change line color style. For example, is it hard to change border porftfolio image to another color? Thanks for reply

yes it is possible by changing the png image, at present it is this http://kamleshyadav.com/artist/images/mask-thumb.png image, but you can simple replace it with any other color , you need to know small knowledge with photoshop image editing, if not let us know we will do it for you. Thanks for buying in advance!!

Is this available on Wordpress yet? I accidentally downloaded it last night thinking it was Wordpress, but noticed it was HTML. Your previous comments stated that it would be released by May. Any progress? I need ASAP. Thank you

We are uplaoding wp version today so it will be live next week

Waiting for the wp version also.. hope you could launch soon! Thanks!

Hi its under review, hoping to see it live soon

Looks awesome. :)

If you buy the WP version do you get the HTML version included?

no they are separate , you need to buy them separately

Works fine on Firefox, Chrome but not on IE 11. (windows 8.1) Which is unfortunate because it’s a nice theme. The pictures appear as a box and not in their so-called painting border. Also under Portfolio the pictures sometimes do not appear at all. Will be this be fixed? So I can buy it:)

Yeah ie browser does not suppprt masking so we can give simple border in that case for that browser

very nice work.. good luck

How many PSD’s are included? What components are available in those PSD?

http://themeforest.net/item/artist-sketch-psd-template/6428527 you get the home page PSD and it it fully layered so you get each elements which are there on the home page preview…. if you want all PSDs then you can buy the PSD version too

Is there a way to add more menu items and keep the same look and feel? Looks like the menu is too far right and therefore limits the number of menu items that can be added

please contact at support@himanshusofttech.com , they will sort out this issue

is this fully customised website tamplate with PSD…i keep on updating my images in portfolio page. So could you please tell me can i do that with this template?

How to extend menu area? I want add more menu items but menu width so narrow. :(

Hello, Please share your FTP Details or CPanel access of your live site on support@himanshusofttech.com