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Great job!Good luck :)

Very creative work, good luck man :)

Interesting design. I think it would fit very good for vintage related websites.

An excellent job. Good luck with your sales ;)

Love it! The design is great! Glws

Good luck with your sales ;)

I like this! ... Very unusual and different … and very creative …

I have two questions:

1. Is the sketch FONT used in demo included with template?

2. Do you plan a WordPress version in the near future?



OK … Great … Do you plan to include some sliders in WordPress version like Revolution Slider, etc.?

Yes there will be one slider, but not sure which one we are going with

nice work :) different style

Even though this does not fit my needs I have to say as a graphic designer that this was really great work. I like uniqueness and those that step out site the box, “GREAT WORK!”

Thanks, we are coming with WordPress version very soon

Great work, glws ;)

great work man! one quick question is there a way to make the pictures on the portfolio page to open up to show the picture bigger when you click them? instead of going to the next page.. Thank you

yes there is possibility , just need to add a fancybox js, and an class on that part of div. its a bit technical if you are not aware with html and js.

Please contact at support@himanshusofttech.com for the custom work if you needed

Good work , I am waiting Wordpress version , would u please notify me when it ready.

thank u

Yeah I will notify you for sure

Will the wordpress version be stand alone version? or will it require this html version as well? I would love to have this html version that would integrate with wordpress, so when I did press on the blog it would use wordpress that would look the same was as the html. I think html version gives more flexibility, and blog would be just small part of what I wanted. Do you have any ETA on when the wordpress version will be ready?

Will both versions integrate together nicely?

Yes both can work together with no issues

It seems the slider distorts it’s proportions when decreasing the browser window size. The other images seem to re-size properly but the slider stays too tall. Can you fix this?

Yes we can fix it for you, please share the details at support@himanshusofttech.com

Looks aewsome. Any plans to make this into a Joomla template?

Mail sent…

please check the mail

Did just that. And replied…

If you don’t have the time to spend on me, you’re welcome to ignore me ;)