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Another beautiful theme-plate! Everything is really well designed and assembled, as usual with your high quality templates. This is a lovely, light-weight design, with loads of features and functionality, really pleased with it.

Wanted to point out that when I tested this on mobile: the portfolio overlay is OVER the image/video/et al in the lightbox – also, in your screen shot, the “work” section is displayed as thumbs, but in my test it displayed as a single column (which I don’t mind, just wondered which is the intended display?); there is a width issue as a bottom scroll bar is present; and the “back to top” button is not visible.

Cheers, PG

The portfolio overlay is fixed now, i’ve made an update. The back to top is a text link on the footer for mobile views but you can add it if you wish by removing “hidden phone” from the html.

Nice graphic-design work , congrats ; good luck with sales :)

very nice would love wp version.

Good design for men, who like and accept one-page design.

*Edit to first comment: The Twitter Feed and the search section were causing the scroll bar on the bottom in mobile.

Thanks for your comments they were very helpful. I haven’t been able to test it on a mobile yet, I have been using ‘Responsinator’ to test the theme and all looked well. I wondered if you would be prepared to do for tests for me? I thought that I had fixed the scroll issue with the Twitter feed in my Media Queries…. Also, the portfolio is supposed to be vertically aligned on mobiles…

Sure, I’ll do what I can for tests .. Ta!

Hi again, could you email me please….

Hello Jo Phillips, I bought your template Artix. Template i very nice but I have problem with form. Yes I have send.php file set but when I click on the button Send a can not see the message “Thank you ….” and so I can not see button for send form … I can see only the Reset button

Can you help my please?

Thank you very much and sorry for my english

Best regards, Ota

Sorry I meant the contact form on my profile page. Never mind I will email you now.

Hi. Fantastic template, really useful and well laid out. Just one problem. Same one as Otass. When I click the submit button the form data gets sent correctly…but no thank you message? Thanks in advance..

We fixed it on Ota’s template but I cant remember what the issue was! So if you could contact me through my profile page’s contact form I will take a look for you.

Already fixed thanks. I was testing locally, that’s why it didn’t work. Once the site was put online the ‘Thank you’ message appears. Thanks anyway..

Ok ! ;)

Hi, I tested using Chrome but now that the site is on-line, in Firefox, the top slides have twice the height they need, so creates large white space under them.


Never mind…. it’s OK now. Great theme, btw.

Wow – love the light sculptures! :D