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hi. template just in chorme is correct and in ie and firefox i have problem with this template!!

this error just occured sometimes!!!!

Hello, how can I share the internal page in this site ? Like this: or


Nice, its working! Thanks!

Hi guy, how can I edit this slugs? Or, where can I edit it ?

Great work! Good luck with sales!

Hi Bucket, If I stay in blog page (/#blog) and navigate to portfolio page (/#portfolio), so the url reset it for (/#). Nice if when we change the page, change the url too! How can I implement it ? Thanks, Robleds.

Say something?

Very nice work, I would buy it, but the demo does not work in ie9 no page transition and the menu does not work the bug he repaired

Thank you for your giveaway

It don’t support well in IE9. But its cool in latest browser.

is it possible to resize the content from full page to smaller page size with a constant background?

Not possible at this moment. The theme is however, responsive.

Hi There, I bought the Sonnet WP theme. Can this be used as a ‘portfolio upgrade’ on that particular theme?

i’d love to implement this on my WP installation, as a in depth portfolio…

Great work!!

I’m running into issues in IE 10&11. The front page doesn’t have the black & white effect, and the navigation 3d bar disappears on hover on the interior pages. The navigation issue is the bigger problem for me. Any ideas?

Hello, in portfolio page, I would like to show my jobs in categories. For this, I need to show each thumb like the thumb-of-project, and when I click of them, open the lightbox showing all images of this project clicked. Like a Category of projects. Because now, each thumb represent one single image, just one of thumb. I would like many images of one thumb! It’s possible? How?

Open scripts.js and go to line number 97 and replace 97-106 number lines by following code:
$(".grid ul").delegate("li", "click", function() {
        var src = $(this).data("src");
            items: {
                src: src
            type: 'image',
            mainClass: 'mfp-fade'

Cool, Done!

html exemple: <li class="mix cat1 cat2" data-folder="img" data-src="pic1|pic2|pic3"> </li> javascript exemple:
$(".grid ul").delegate("li", "click", function() {
        var folder = $(this).data("folder");
        var src = $(this).data("src");
        var arr = src.split('|');
        var myItens = [];

        for (var i=0; i<arr.length; i++)
            var path = folder + '/' + arr[i] + '.jpg';
            myItens.push({src: path});

            items: myItens,
            type: 'image',
            gallery: {enabled:true},
            mainClass: 'mfp-fade'


Why portfolio images are not showing in mobiles. Even I checked live preview here.

Please tell me how to fix.

Hi, the transition of the pages can be changed using a plugin of “flip page”?, This template is what I need for my work, but I want this to look like a book.

I forgot to ask if it uses WP as a CMS?

I can include videos?, what formats allowed?

Hi, it’s an html template. So yes of course you can embed video with embed codes

Hi! I want to add videos at portfolio page.

1. Show a Pic as thumb and Video as pop up?

2. How can I add multiple pictures in one pop up?

Hope you can help me with this. Thanks

Currently we don’t have any option for this. We will try to do this next time.

Hi, is mobile device compatibility problem fixed ?! I can not scroll down pages in mobile !!

Sorry for late reply. Recently we have no plan to update it. We will check your issue. Thanks


I have 5 rows I’d like to display on start page. But skeljs is based on a 12 col system – 5 however is not dividable by 5. How would I display 5 evenly sized columns on the start page?

Sorry here we did not include custom grid size. Thanks

How do I set the contact form to go to my email?

Thank you! Love the theme!

This is just a html template so we did not provide any send mail script through contact form. Thanks

Hello ThemeBucket Team, i noticed a problem in mobile view, in the homepage right menu. The labels that come visible in :hover in desktop view, are not visible by default in mobile view. For the users it’s impossible to know the meaning of the navigation buttons. I think these labels should be visible by default in mobile version.

Thanks for your support.

when i uploads the theme it gives the, Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet error. I need this fixed in order to build my site and keep my business on track.