Discussion on Arun - Personal Blog And Newsletter Ghost Theme

Discussion on Arun - Personal Blog And Newsletter Ghost Theme

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Since upgrading Ghost to v5.38.0 the sign in page doesn’t work. It returns a status 400 (bad request). If I use the default Ghost login modal, I receive the link as per usual. Is the sign in page sending wrong parameters for creating the magic link?


The Sign in page is working perfectly On Ghost latest version v5.39.0. I have updated the live demo site to latest Ghost. Please check and try there. But please make sure the email is signed up before sign in.


I have updated to each of the new versions and tested, but still the sign in page doesn’t work. I responds with a status 404. When I try the built in modal from Ghost at the same page, there is no issue and the link is sent to the user?

The 404 error is happening because you have to create 2 different pages for sign in and sign up with the custom template which comes with the theme. Please see the “Sign in and sign up page” section in the documentation here https://gbjsolution.com/documentation/ghost-themes/arun/#sign-in-and-sign-up-page


After upgrading Ghost to version 5.29 I get the following error i Ghost:

Custom theme settings defined in package.json must be used at least once in the theme templates.

Affected files: package.json: Found unused variables: @custom.select_search_option

How to fix that error? :)

You can ignore the error. It will not cause any issue.


Hostr Purchased

Great theme! How do I hide or turn off the Paid Membership CTA block?

Hi, Open partials/loop.hbs file and then from line number 20 to 30 you will find the following code.

{{#unless @member.paid}}
    {{#is "home"}}
        {{#has number="3"}}
        {{> paid-membership-cta}}
        {{#has number="5"}}
        {{> paid-membership-cta}}

Remove those lines. Hope this will help you. If you have any question or need any support please send me a message using the support tab above. That will be more convenient. Thank you!


On the pages for members only and paid-members only, I would like to show a little preview of the post. Currently when I enable one of the two settings on the post, I get a full block telling the user to subscribe and no preview with a gradient outlining the text.

How can I achieve this kind of effect using arun? https://ghutils.dingran.me/_next/static/images/demo-6c4d6d8c955387d03b93ba34ccaf0023.webp

Thanks in advance :)

Hi I have sent you an email 3 days ago regarding this, can you please check it? Thanks in advance :)

I have already replied to your email. Please check spam. I am adding same reply here

Please do the following.

Open content-cta.hbs file which is located in the partials folder.

At line number 1 you will see {{{html}}}

Replace that {{{html}}} line with the following three lines of code.

<div class="content-preview">

Now add the following CSS code in the code injection.

.content-preview {
    position: relative;
.content-preview::after {
    content: "";
    width: 100%;
    height: 200px;
    background: linear-gradient(180deg,transparent 0,var(--c-body-bg) 100%);
    position: absolute;
    bottom: 0;

Hopefully, this will do what you need.


Thank you very much! It was in the SPAM folder – I have added the code and it works perfectly! :)

Presale question – is it possible to include a table of contents on the posts?

Hi, the “Table of content” feature is not included in this theme. But you can implement it using Tocbot. May be this tutorial will be useful for you. https://ghost.org/tutorials/adding-table-of-contents/

Awesome. Is there a plan to release this as a wordpress theme as well?

Sorry, no plan for WordPress right now.

Hey, within the documentation it was mentioned that, I need to copy paste the code of `contact-form-code.txt` from the downloaded zip for using formspree.

Unfortunately, I was not able to locate it in my zip folder, can you send me the contents of it? I created my own formspree account and tried to follow the documentation but was not able to get the stylings.

Hello, Can you please send me a message using Support Contact form above? So that I can send it via email.

what is the difference between the regular license and the extended license? I need this theme for my personal ghost blog so I think the regular one will do, right? Also, does this license need to renewed after a fixed interval of time or once taken, it’s always mine?


The very simplified difference between regular and extended license is that, with regular license you can not create an end product using this product which you can sell. Let’s say, a person purchase a regular license of a product on themeforest, then he/she build a different product in which the purchased item is being sold. His/her product can not be sold. You can read about the license here https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard

As you are going to use this theme in a blog. and it is only one site, the regular license will be sufficient.

The product license has life time(life time of the product) validity and you don’t have to renew it. The regular license also include support for 6 month.

If you need support after 6 month you can extend the support at the time of purchase in a discount price, or you can purchase in future at any point of time. This is only for support and optional. This is not the price of the theme.

Once you purchase the theme. It is always yours.

I hope this will clarify your concerns and answers your question.

Thank you!

thanks for the response, that clarifies everything for me :)

hello can i use this template in my blogger.com? it dose support RTL for arabic language?

Hello, this is a Ghost theme and only works with Ghost. So this will not work with blogger.

Seems to be great theme – but zero response from the author. I have tried to contact already a couple of times…

I have searched using your username and guess what I found your messages. I have already replied to your message. And you also replied back.

Anyways I am guessing that the communication is causing because of your email address on custom domain @5g-courses. Have you checked your spam folder?

Just for your reference, here are the screenshots of my replies.

1. https://snipboard.io/67Myup.jpg

2. https://snipboard.io/L5XYmE.jpg

Indeed, your email landed in the Spam folder. Sorry for this and thanks for your swift response here on Themeforest. I have shot you a follow-up email though.

Thanks, Piotr

No problem at all, I have replied to your email.

Congratulation, best of luck :)

Thank you :)

Quick and easy question: is it possible to force dark mode to load, and hide the ability to have the color scheme be user select-able?

Hi, this can be done easily. You just have to make 2-3 small changes in theme files. Once you purchase the theme, you can send me a message using the support tab above. I will provide the required instruction.

Congratulation, best of luck with sales :)

Thank you :)

Awesome work! Good luck!

Thank you :)

Nice design!

Thank you :)

Congratulation, best of luck with sales :)

Thank you :)

Congratulations! GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Nice work, GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you :)


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