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I want to change the purple color. I go to Theme > Style > change color. When I try, the color panel just disappears. Any other change I try then ‘Save and Publish’ nothing changes. Please advise. Thanks.


ahp549 Purchased

I found the Aruna options section and enabled style changes. That seems to work. Wanted to let you know.

Hi. Ok, glad you got it to work :)


ahp549 Purchased

This is a great theme overall. However…. It never occurred to me that the login feature would be the default WP. And that any user who registered would be sent the default WP email for changing their password, given link to wp-admin, etc. And do I understand it that if I disable login, then users can’t post new content? Am I missing something? So, am I correct that to avoid allowing users to access wp-admin, but allow them to post, I will need a login addin? If this is accurate, it really wasn’t clear on the ‘features’ listing for this theme. I hope I’m missing something and your theme provides a way around the default WP login without having to purchase something else to do so. Thanks.

Hi and sorry for the late reply, I missed this message by mistake. The theme uses the login/registration process of WordPress, yes, because in the end, it’s a WordPress theme and not something else. You can let them access /wp-admin/ because the users are subscribers by default and won’t have access to anything. If you want to hide the fact that you’re using WordPress, I think it can be done with some customization, but it can be seen on the demo how the theme works and I don’t think it should be mentioned in the features that the theme uses the standard WordPress functions for login / registration, because in the end this is a WordPress theme

Hi. I just wanted to ask you has Aruna theme been updated since 2014? It would like to buy it, but last time I checked, there are many things still missing, like default wordpress registration. And Wordpress itself has been updated many times since then, not to mention that W3C validator’s standards have changed since then as well. Please let me know,

I mean, does it still have this default Wordpress registration email system? Last time I checked there was no ability to customize it to it. Also, on your modal registration system there was no chance to put any Captcha, which was no good dealing with spammers. Also, login form didn’t have a password reset feature. These are just the main ones I remember, vital ones. Also, CSS was badly outdated, too many errors against W3C validator, that’s important for SEO. That’s why I am asking if there was an update since 2014-2015?

Yes, you can use the default WordPress registration system too in /wp-login.php if you’d like that. For that one, you can also add captcha plugins. In the modal one, the captcha will need to be custom coded. For spammer we’ve added the option to manually approve the posts.

Also we’ll check the CSS in the next update

Hi, I love this theme but I have a few questions. How often do you provide more updated versions of it? Would this theme work like imgur? I’m trying to create a site imgur. Can people upload photos, comments, social media?

Thank you

Hi. The theme is designed to show media content(images / songs / videos and quotes – like comments, as you put it). You can check its functionality on the demo. It’s more like 9gag rather than imgur which is an image sharing website

I don’t make any statement on updates, the only thing I can say is that the theme will be updated in order to work properly with all the latest WordPress versions

This website has been bought by admin

Just to precise before buying your themes: with this themes users can create/post gag/memo? or I have to buy additional Aruna – Retina Meme / Gag / Image Sharing Template

Hi, no, this is plugin-territory and not really related to the theme, the theme is only used to showcase memes / images / etc. The users will need to create the images / memes elsewhere and after that upload them to the theme

Hi, I’m considering buying Aruna template but first I wanted to ask something. Is there a Gag/Meme editor included for registered users? By editor I mean some feature which allows users to: upload image, add one or few lines of text using pre-defined fonts and store that image along with text on it?

regards Dariusz

Hi, no, this is plugin-territory and not really related to the theme, the theme is only used to showcase memes / images / etc

Hi I have a quick question do you have built-in editor (meme generator) available for anyone who register in the Aruna template or similar option for it? Thanks Krzysztof

Hi, no, this is plugin-territory and not really related to the theme, the theme is only used to showcase memes / images / etc


Could you please let us know which version you are selling at the moment? I could not find the version info.

Hello. Why are you asking? It works fine with the latest WordPress version and it’s fully supported.

hi, have a question: how to change text color for posts?

Add this to style.css

.page-content {
color: #your-color !important;

thank you for your help


My website I unzipped, and have installed the theme via the theme installer, and uploaded the files via FTP. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m getting a strange error.

Fatal error: Class ‘Context’ not found in /home/the3rdkindco/public_html/init.php on line 27

If I delete init.php the theme works, just some buttons overlap each other as well as the theme can’t be customized.

Thank you.

Hello and sorry for the late reply. Your init.php is inside public_html directory and has nothing to do with the WordPress installation or the theme. The theme files are in /public_html/wp-content/themes/Aruna

I have some questions. In the top right corner on computer website i have an avatar with an arrow. It does nothing when clicking it.

Is it possible to remove the standard login button and have the login in a popup that comes down from the avatar? Also having the login button dissappear when logged in, and having a button that will log you out instead?

Also, can i change the color of the upload button? it really doesn’t fit my theme.

Last question: Can i remove the option to upload videolinks and have GIF animations instead?


Hi, sorry for the late reply, please post your questions using the account you used to purchase the theme

I made a mistake on the installation. However, there is still no customizability. I try to save the theme to a different color and the whole menu option in the theme options panel disappears.

The Facebook and G+ buttons still overlap.

I deleted my server clean, and even created a new database and deleted the old databases just to be sure that this wasn’t just some accident. When I connected the original problem I had went away. The other two remained. I would like to use this theme. If I can just get what I need fixed.

Thank you.

Hi, what’s your URL?

Is there another way of communication? I keep missing replies, making double triple threads like jeesus. I’m all upside here.

Hi, you can send me an e-mail via the contact form on my profile

For my site I use ROMANIAN language and from PC desktop its show all fine but from mobile its not showing ROMANIAN characters (ăîâțș…). How to solve this issue?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. What phone did you use to check it? It shouldn’t cause any trouble, as the fonts are loaded from google web fonts on both the desktop and mobile

Hi.I want some help.Your theme does’nt have the option to exit Postfun Window for Mobile Users.When users click on Back Button(Mobiles) to exit the postfun users are redirected to previous page.please Include an Option for closing the postfun window e.g, clicking on empty space will close the postfun window or a X Button. .Please resolve this

Thank You.

Hi, what’s your URL?

Details sent please check your Inbox.Can we Expect some new Feature?