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How do i get rid of the left side bar? I just don’t want it there and I couldn’t find it in the options. And I saw there was a trending page is there anyway I can make that into a TOP 5 widget for the sidebar with a link under it with MORE TRENDING to go to that page?

I managed to do it myself, but there are a few things wrong with the mobile version of the site. The button on the top right doesn’t do anything. And the like and dislike button grow when you click them.

Also had the share button overlap but i fixed that with ur new css from these comments

What’s your URL? Can you also attach some screenshots on

Is this theme still active?

I like the layout of the theme and functionality but the theme was updated almost two years back. So can someone please confirm if this theme is still compatible with latest version of wordpress.

Could you please share some sites already using this theme?

Thanks Avinash

Hi, it is, sorry for the late reply. For sites, you can check the comments section


Do you have any plan to continue this theme or not. It has not been updated in the last two years. May i know the reason?

Thanks Avinash

Hello. It hasn’t been updated because everything is working perfectly with the newer versions of WordPress, the theme is maintained and supported but I can’t guarantee any new features or updates in the future

Hello, Want to buy this theme it looks great. But only problem I have is it didnt updated in 2 years. any specific reason for it? Thank you

Hi. The theme works just fine with all the latest WordPress updates :) Quality code doesn’t need update with each WordPress update

Hello, i have an issus with the theme, i just can’t change anything, all the option are grey(i can see theses option but can’t click on it). I tried to reinstall wp and the theme but it’s still the same.

Hi, have you tried disabling the 3rd party plugins?

Nvm it’s working now even if i did nothing since 2 days … I have an other question about the sign in : when i try to sign in (as a new user), it is a wordpress account that i’m creating and not just a account to my website, is it what it suppose to be this way ?

Hi, yes. This is a WordPress theme after all :)

Hello, is it possible to show the post by date (i’m using the popular post but i just want the show the latest first) by the way for now the admin is the only one who can post. I dont want to change the order of the post at all, just add new on the top.

Hmm when i switch it to default template, none of my article is shown.

Nvm i found why thx for your help

Ok, glad you fixed it :)

Hi :)

We have recently bought your wonderful Aruna theme, to create a user submitted content website. Everything works fine, but when it comes to create a child theme (which is usually very easy) it gets complicated. Indeed, when we put css codes on the style.css included in our ArunaChild folder, it doesn’t affect the site.

We have created a new folder named ArunaChild, in this one we have created 2 files : styles.css and function.php Here is the content of the style.css : ” /* Theme Name: ArunaChild Theme URI: Description: Aruna child theme Author: VDC Author URI: Template: Aruna Version: 1.0.1 */

main {

background-color:blue; }

” (the #main background-color:blue is to test the functionnality)

Here is the content of the function.php : ” <?php function my_theme_enqueue_styles() { } add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘my_theme_enqueue_styles’ ); ?>

$parent_style = 'parent-style'; // This is 'twentyfifteen-style' for the Twenty Fifteen theme.
wp_enqueue_style( $parent_style, get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.css' );
wp_enqueue_style( 'child-style',
    get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/style.css',
    array( $parent_style ),

” But nothing works when we put codes in the style.css file. We have tried different “function.php” code, but same results. I think it is something very easy, but we don’t see it :(

Thank you Very Very Very Very much for your answer :)

Have a nice day !


Hi, you can send me your URL, a FTP account and your problem via the contact form on my profile. Also include a WordPress admin account


I just bought the theme. but my logo is big and default image size is too small. is there anyway I can place the bigger logo like in the screenshot.

Please help at your earliest.

Thank you

Zeeshan Naqi

Hi, the URL doesn’t work. And, there’s no option for a bigger logo right now without customization


Why pinterest button is just for selected posts?

My all older posts which are in thousands are created with STANDARD and pinterest button isnt appearing on them. Please tell me a way so pinterest is visible on all STANDARD post types.

and in the future all STANDARD post type bare the pinterest button.

please help

Hi, what’s your URL?

Hello, Is it possible to make the buttons-bar unable to move when i scroll ? I have a few graphics bugs because of that.

Hi, add this to style.css

.main-post .buttons-bar {
top: 0 !important;

Hi, loving the theme but I have a few questions.

1/ On the front end submission for I would only like post type video and image. How can I remove the others?

2/ On the top author widget it stretches the avatar, when you right click the avatar it says its 70×27px.

3/ How can I change the catergory colours?

Thank you

Ive sorted out No.1 and 3.

Hi, please go to functions.php and change

function teo_get_avatar($userid, $width = 27, $height = 27) {


function teo_get_avatar($userid, $width = 70, $height = 70) {


Can you remove the Top 10 for the mobile version only?


Hi, yes, add this to style.css

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
.top-ten {
display: none;

Thank you, that worked a treat.

How can I remove date, author and comment off from pages?



sheshman Purchased


Your theme is great, thanks for it. I’ve two questions, 1-) On my first purchase i made a mistake and bought HTML version instead of wordpress version, is there any chance to get refund for it ? 2-) Is it possible to set header as %100 width ?

Thanks in advance.

i didn’t received any e-mail and couldn’t find the my other comment :( I’ve sent you an e-mail could you please check and reply :)


1) Sure, open a request here

2) What’s your URL?

3) Make sure all the fields are filled and that you don’t have any plugin interfering with the registration

If you want to send it via e-mail, please send it via a different mail address, as gmail seems to reject my e-mails