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Thank you! :)

this is a really nice theme. its like 1/2 facebook 1/2 instagram

Thanks a lot! :P

Good job.Good luck… :)

Thanks a lot :P

pre sales question, can you set this up as a market place to sell digital downloads? or accept other marketplace plugins?

Hello. Not by default, this is not an e-commerce theme

Looks nice and Unique template. Good luck dude :)

Thank you!

This will be unique weekend. Congrats , FinalDestiny , elegant work here. Wish you the very best with sales.

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Thank you very much Bedros! :)

Great as always!

Thank you!

Finally! from Monday to Friday has done yupi

Hey mate i have a question how get the ‘trending’ ‘most popular’ ,hot section like on your demo? and second id like to use hompage with 2right sidebars could you explain how setup it?

ok i get it ;p

hey I found one drawback uninspiring. When using facebook comments, and add a comment in any post, he also appears with a in every other post

No problem i’ll send you everythink i find to this tonight. I have one question it is possible to make the ’’most popular’’ and ’’trending’’ section in the style with 2 right sidebars? i would like to make everythink more static, mean widgets that were in each section in the same position

Hi. please send me a WordPress admin account and your URL + your requests via the contact form on my profile and I’ll change them for you. :)

btw, can you please rate the theme in the Downloads section? Thank you very much! :)

le me buy it first and then i ask for some requestes or changes hope that would be honored :)

please check… i replied u at email.

Thanks for the support found many issues which already you are working on and are shared by many users, well y don’t you give the admin option to disable the details like post time, date etc via theme panel, also can you please let an option in theme panel for advertisement on places like just after the header and in post page before or after the post 336 px Google ad-sense. it would be very appreciate. can you also please place hits options like # of visit to this posts. can we make a compact header like as the one in current theme lack the options in header modifications like the author also using your theme.

Hi. I don’t understand what you mean by your last sentence, the header has lots of options and data(frontend submit, link to the profile, top 10 posts, social icons, menu), I really don’t see how more info could be added there without affecting the quality of it.

Hey looks great so far, I can’t seem to find how to change the theme to 1 big right sidebar no left sidebar, can you advise?

Well what I mean is on the home page you see the full size of the image/video that was posted when you post something from forgifs, you don’t see anything on the home page just the post title and an empty box, and in the post page you see an empty box and the forgifs image below it.So at first sight it looks like a bug, what do you think?

Never mind I got it, just upload it as a regular post with the image url of the gif.

Good job, GLWS ;)

Thanks a lot!

this is really nice theme..I have some questions… I really want to see an admin demo? is it possible top make the theme narrow like 800px etc? thanks for your time


it’s standard wp custom post formats :)

As for changing its width, you can do it, but it requires quite some customization, as the theme is based on Twitter bootstrap and bootstrap has its own grid system, even for bigger displays. But that’s a good thing, if you limit it to 800-900px, people with 1920×1200 resolution will think it looks bad!

thank you very much FinalDestiny. Can I basically remove footer widget area (black background ) ?

Hi. Sure. If you don’t add any widgets, it shouldn’t show up. If it does, I can provide the code to remove it. :)

Hello friends! Please rate the theme if you can and like it, I’d really appreciate it :)

Been waiting like a little kid at Christmas for this, cannot wait to try it out

Nice theme… Just a suggestion.. 1. Post Fun button at the Header or anywhere that user can easily see it. 2. When i view on Mobile/ipad…I cannnot see the Profile page/Post Fun…it is dissapear.

Hi. Thank you for your suggestions, will definitely consider them for the next update. :)

great themes. Bookmarked.

Thank you very much! :)

Couple of questions for you

Does the front end uploader not allow URL uploading?

How can I set it to only allow image posts?

I added categories and now nothing shows up at all?

Do you have a support forum?

can I email you instead of posting my url on this board?

I think I worked out the post not showing up issue, but another question arises

Is there a way to give certain users the ability to post and not wait for approval?

Hi. In the next update there will be an option to let users post without approval. :)

hi, do you heave PSD files on this template (all sites PSD i Think) thank you for your answer


Hi. I can provide PSD files upon purchase