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Is the latest version 1.1?

Hi. No, it’s 1.2

1. How to edit the size of the menu bar 2. How to change how long a picture stays on the trending page. 3. how to add the random post button to the menu 4. How to make differnet categories have custom backgrounds instead of the color green 5. how to remove these: 6. Instead of drop down menu for categories when uploading, how would you go about making a search then searching for categories instead.

Can you also provide the files in which i would find where to edit these?

thank you

Unfortunately it’s not possible by default, as it’s floated to the left

anyway to make it floated to the right?

You can add this to style.css

header .row > div {
    float: right;

Hi awesome theme! Video thumbnails coming anytime soon? Some sections look kind of dead without them :/


b) In order to keep the front-end functionality as simple as possible, text content is only possible to be added from the back-end, by admins

So why make the admins job harder? :)

Well, the theme is mostly based on media posts and not content posts, content is optional to a theme, the main focus is on the images/videos/quotes/audio info.

ON registration i does not seem to redirect me anywhere it just registers the user without a password..

Hi, I don’t see the code anywhere in your style.css

i removed it since it didn’t work, re-added it now and still nothing..

Check the reply for the other message, I posted the fix there

Hey there, I liked this theme sooo much. I just want to features to be added here. Can we have a follow button for every users and their profile and their posts so that users follow them and get emails when they post new pictures. And another feature is top posts of everyday so that we can reward author of top post every day. Of course a day should count in my country’s time and i should be able to see top post of each day for at least one month.

Hello. Unfortunately those features are not available right now and I don’t have plans on adding them, at least not for the next version, sorry.

Not even if I pay separately for those features?

Unfortunately I don’t take customization work right now, but you can hire a freelance WordPress programmer to do those modifications.

is there any way to remove the regular login and have only the facebook button appear instead of user name and email boxes, i have set up the facebook login and it is working like a charm, but i want my site to use only that option.

one more thing, i added the

.top-ten { display: none !important; }

to style.css but it did not remove the top ten as i found in another comment.

I am sorry, i was mistaken, it is actually working, tho it would be nice to disable the whole register option and just have the login option, also the facebook button should be slightly moved down a bit is there some code to do that ? thanks for the good support btw your theme is really nice!

actually nevermind i figured it out :D

Looks a nice theme! Unfortunately, seems impossible use it in full-width :(

Hello. The theme is built upon the Bootstrap grid, can you elaborate a little bit on what you want to achieve?

Seems boxed in the center, I read in some comments that only a big code change could get into full width.

The column width are to little, too. Just my opinion.

If the theme allows full width I certainly will buy!

It would require some modifications for full width :(

Are every single word on the frontend included in the .po file, or do you have to go inside the source files sometimes to change text?

Hi. They should all be in the po files, I don’t think I missed any of them.

Hi, very nice theme, its possible add watermark image on upload photo? Thanks

Hi. Not by default, sorry.


Pre sales question. I saw at the demo it has ads space and it seems that the size will be adjusted according to the grid. Is that using iframe or grid?

I am planning to put adsense there but It seems that I cannot put 720×90 size

hi. answered above


Pre sales question. I saw at the demo it has ads space and it seems that the size will be adjusted according to the grid. Is that using iframe or grid?

I am planning to put adsense there but It seems that I cannot put 720×90 size

Hi. Which ad space are you reffering to? You should be able to use 720×90 ads in the header, below the title

Hello Final Destiny, Great Template! I got a few questions. 1. Could I change the name KUDOS… (example Rating)?

2. If the User forgot the password… Can we put Forgot Password link on the Login Box, then, the server send an email to user with it?

3. How Can I edit/change the receiver email name from server?, I mean when the user sign up (register) got an email with the passw.

4. How Can I put the social header bar and login box on the footer, only to mobile optimization, not for web? I mean…when I see the webpage on any mobile devices (iphone, ipad, android) login and social sharing dissapear.

Thanks a lot


1) You can edit them in the .po / .mo language files with PoEdit

2) Unfortunately that’s not possible by default, sorry. The only way would be to send the user to the WordPress lost password link

3) That’s not related to the theme, that’s probably related to your mail server configuration, I’d suggest contacting your web host about it if you’re not sure how to change it. Or it may send the e-mails from the e-mail you used to setup your WordPress installation

4) I’m not sure I understand it correctly, do you want to move the header bar and login box to the footer only for mobile users? Unfortunately that’s not possible, the code is the same and it’s not possible to have the header to show up in the footer because the header shows up before the footer in the code and the content is between them

Ok. Thanks! And How to move the header names to the right?, I mean after the logo area, it begins HOME, CATEGORIES, etc… but I cant move, and its over the logo…

Hi. I don’t understand your problem, can you please elaborate? And also please post your url


I just purchase your theme i like it a lot. but the home logo of 55/30 is way to small.

How can I make it bigger. can I get the code.

My logo url


Hi, go to style.css and edit the width / height there

.logotext img {
  text-align: center;
  width: auto !important;
  position: relative;
  top: 22px;
  width: 55px !important;
  height: 30px !important;
Hello! Please where i need add this social share button code to add button near twiiter, facebook, and google share buttons? Thank You!
There is a button code:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//”></script>

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var p = {
new DApi.Like(p).append(‘draugiemLike’);

Hi. Please post your support requests using the account you used to purchase the theme. Thank you.

Hi, I installed this theme and I will show ”/ index.php /” in each link of a post. How can I remove the “index.php”

Thanks for this great theme.

Hi. Try going to Settings > Permalinks and choose some pretty permalinks there :)

I solved adding a code in functions.php . Thanks :)

You’re welcome.:)


1. How can I make the right side bar wider? I want to be able to place a 250×350 banner on the sidebar.

2. How can I change the color of the font on the registration form is to light and hard to read?

3. How can I change the wordpress logo with mine when someone is trying to login? The email sent on the registers takes them to the wordpress login and not the actual site.


my site


1)You can use the Homepage with big sidebar page template

2) Which font do you want to change? Can you please elaborate?

3) You can follow this tutorial

When you say I could use the homepage with the big sidebar template.. How do I do that? is there a option I select?

You can create a new page, choose the page template with the right sidebar and then choose that page in Settings > reading as your frontpage

How can I add a Facebook Login just like the demo?

as iBizau said above, you’ll need to install Nextend Facebook Connect

@edgarphs … use Nextend Facebook Connect plugin for facebook login :)

Thanks again! :)


In my General settings under New User Default Role, should select Subscriber or Constibrutor?

It doesn’t matter, as the theme handles all the publishing itself. If you select “Contributor”, the user may add posts directly from the WordPress admin dashboard, if you want that.

@edgarphs …is Subscriber

Thanks a lot for the help :)