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It seems the favicon only shows on the home page, why is that? and also to respond on the old question, i re-added the code to remove top ten button to style.css but it is still there,

it is sent now, :)

ok, will answer you there

Very beautiful your work, but I have a problem with login via Facebook. Can you help me?

Hi. What problem?

I think the problem is facebook application… :(

Hi, I answered you via e-mail

Great theme. Love it. Do have any plan on making it compatible with Buddypress v1.9? :bigsmile:

Hi. No BuddyPress integration is planned for now.

Hello great theme ! if i can ask how i can redirect post videos from homepage to single post. i see its possible when i click on H1 but i want it just when i click on whole video to redirect to the posted video url. (sry for bad english ) pm me if you know any plugin or easy coding change for this solution.

i think something like the thumbnail the video/photo bcs when i test the default thumbnail in video it doesn’t work

Unfortunately that’s not possible by default, sorry, the theme shows directly the video on the homepage

FEW Issues. when I visit my site using my iPhone 5s you can’t even login, I can’t see the option.

How can I view it?

Second how can I remove all Categories Tags from the post?


Hello. I can add the login/post fun button on mobile if you send me your request + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile.

Send the second request as well, but please elaborate a little bit on it as I’m confused on what you want

how can I STOP receving emails every time someone signs up?

I don’t want to change the main email as I need that.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s any option for that other than removing the e-mail from the WP dashboard

Hi, if i post photo from admin will it show on main page or have to upload from main page? i real like your theme, thanks

Hi, it will show up on the frontpage.

Need option add a simple post type. Where can add simple text, video, pictures (how many i want), like a default wordpress post type in acp panel!

the theme is based on media content(images, videos, audio, quotes), normal content posts will not be added in the front-end submission tab. From the back-end you can add any kind of posts, including normal posts with simple text. Maybe I misunderstood what you needed.

It would be cool if they could add multiple video and images at a time, and add a description if necessary. If this option will bee made , I think buyers would become much more

Unfortunately I don’t have such plans right now.

One more thing, i want my home page to be like the same width as the top pages im, the only template i can choose that has sidebars on both sides are the big right sidebar template, is it possible to make it like the popular and trending template and still have it showing the fresh uploads ?

Hi. Can you please send your request + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile? Also elaborate a little bit on what you want to do

Sendt :)

Ok, will answer you there

There some bug. When people are in popular posts page, ex: and add +1 or -1 vote, author dont get +1 kudo

same bug when people is view post . Kudo is changin only vote from first home page and in author profille page

Hello. It’s the same functionality implemented everywhere(homepage, popular page, etc, the same files are used everywhere).

The “jenna marbles at her finest” post has text underneath it. why/how is that there?

The text was added from the back-end dashboard

Hi, Pls I purchased your theme and installed it, but I get this error whenever I click on pages to edit

Catchable fatal error: Argument 2 passed to teo_save_post() must be an instance of WP_Post, instance of stdClass given in /home/victoria/public_html/wp-content/themes/Aruna/functions.php on line 433


Hi, can you please post your request using the account you used to purchase the theme?

Hi, Pls I purchased your theme and installed it, but I get this error whenever I click on pages to edit

Catchable fatal error: Argument 2 passed to teo_save_post() must be an instance of WP_Post, instance of stdClass given in /home/victoria/public_html/wp-content/themes/Aruna/functions.php on line 433

Hi. Are you using the latest WordPress 3.8 ?

Nope…using 3.4. Do I need to upgrade?

is there a way to make a blog section not look like the rest of the post?

for example i posted a article/blog but at the home page it only shows the image and Not the text/content. Your only able to view the content if you click to it.

I want the blog to look like a normal wordpress post.



Hello. It’s possible, but it requires customization.


I have some problem with my facebook share button (google chrome). The share box open but it’s blank.

Another problem. I activate the facebook comments after entering the Facebook api key, but the template for facebook don’t show.

Please help me. p.s. My wordpress is configure for french(fr_FR)


Hello. It doesn’t work even when you manually share it on facebook, it’s not related to the theme, as it’s facebook that doesn’t get the data at all from your website. The other social websites seem to get the info just fine, it’s just facebook that doesn’t get it, I guess it’s something related to the subdomain you’re using.

As for facebook comments, I suspect there’s the same problem. It’s possible that the top domain is banned or somehow blacklisted

Ok thanks a lot for your quick answer, I will move on to a normal domain really soon.

Another question in my options page, on the header tab, my upload button doesn’t work anymore, I don’t know if it’s a customization that I done that break the button or if it’s something else


Hmm, I’ll need your URL and a WordPress admin account in order to check it. You can send them via the contact form on my profile. Also please include the problem as well.

I want that members can choose a password manually instead that it is sended to his e-mail? I am waiting already some hours to receive the password at my gmail test account..

That’s related to your server and not to the theme, the theme simply forwards the e-mail and the username to WordPress which does the mailing job. How much it takes before you actually get the password depends on your mail server, if your IP is blacklisted or sends lots of e-mails, you might notice a delay or the e-mails may end up in the spam/junk folder

Will check it out and let you know more, I have multiple website and all work fine without delay (sending e-mails). Either way second question, at masonry, the content bar (above each image and video ..) takes up a part of the video and images. Sometimes if you want to play a video on masonry heads or parts of the video is blocked and not visible. See example: (Valentine gone..) . How can this be fixed?

First, go to page-template-home3.php and page-template-home4.php and find $nolazy, replace it with $teo_nolazy

and go to style.css and remove

.page .main-post .article-content {
  padding-top: 0;


How do I add custom password fields to the registration form?

Hi. That’s not possible by default, WordPress doesn’t accept a password field in the registration form by default, sorry.

Hello, I just purchased the theme. Bad decision, I thought things would be much more customizable, but it’s ok I will work with it. Anyways, how do I change the text box/fonts etc. on the registration form. People can barely see the thing to check TOS

To change the font of the text there, go to style.css and edit the font-size

.custom-checkbox.custom-checkbox-vertical p {
  font-family: Nunito, Arial, sans-serif;
  color: #c4c4c4;
  font-size: 12px;
  line-height: 15px;
  margin-bottom: 0;

On the popular and trendy template, the options bar above posts are shown on top, so that the upper part of the image or video etc… are hidden behind the bar.

Regular “last posts”-page: The faulty popular template:

Go to style.css and remove:

.page .main-post .article-content {
  padding-top: 0;