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Hi, I’d suggest searching for a 3rd party plugin for Open Graph tags in order to manually set the description / images of the posts

i have also Facebook sharing issue when you releasing new version

Hi, I’d suggest searching for a 3rd party plugin for Open Graph tags in order to manually set the description / images of the posts

Hi FinalDestiny, 2 pre-sales question, please:

a) Have been logging in and not able to post form mobile screen resolution in demo site, how do I send a post from mobile ?

b) Apologies for telling you directly, responsive nav menu looks a bit strange, let me say not very user friendly besause of scroll inside nav menu window. Do you have any plan to change responsive nav menu ?

Thank you :)


Well, with custom coding everything’s possible. I will add it to my list for the future updates, but can’t guarantee anything right now.

Hi FinalDestiny, good moorning

Not to stress you, just with the aim to improve a very nice product: please think seriously about the possibility to switch to a user friendly responsive menu.

Apologies for insisting :)


Hi, ok, thank you for your suggestion!


Screen shot from your demo. It pulls some weird data upon clicking facebook share.

Hi. The posts don’t have any content attached and Facebook just randomly pulls data from the page. I’d suggest installing an open graph plugin so you can setup the description for each post individually.

How can I add captcha and password field to registration box?

:) I’m sorry again, but WordPress has its own function wp_nav_menu which generates the links in the menu. It’s not possible to insert one menu item without adding it in Appearance > Menus.. and the menus added can’t behave like Post Fun because that link must have some special attributes. :( IF you’re reffering to the mobile post fun/login link, I can add it right below the nav, so the users will be able to login or post fun. If you’re okay with that, send me a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll do it.

Hey there, It’s alright. I have a solution for it. Can you increase the width of right container of header and put two links in it. One for login/register and one for post fun. If user is registered and logged in then that box should contain post fun and user box. And if user is guest, when they click on post fun, it should pop-up login box and when user log in or registers, front end post fun should pop up. I hope you get it what I am trying to say. Thanks.

I added a Post fun link, the login link already shows up when the user is not logged in. For more customization I’d suggest hiring a 3rd party developer as I can’t offer support for custom requests, sorry.

I would like to buy this theme but my card cannot works on paypal. any other method?

I see you managed to purchase it

after click fun post and fill the details on form on postmodal, it doesnt appear anything. it just show on homepage? any ideas

also problem with menu button in responsive mode

Hi, please send me your problem + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile. Also please specify if the post is sent or not.

after click fun post and fill the details on form on postmodal, it doesnt appear anything. it just show on homepage? any ideas

Hi, please send me your problem + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile. Also please specify if the post is sent or not.

How do you redirect someone to a page when there login/sign up was fail or a was a success. for example if there login failed, there would be redirected to a page that says it failed or if there sign up was a success they would be redirected to somewhere where it says it was a success.

Hm, what’s your url? Are you using the latest 1.2 version?

my url and i think i am using the latest version.

Please send me your problem + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check it

Is it possible for users to post/upload image slideshows?

Hi, slideshow option is possible, it should be on the page 2 of the demo

Hello, I am having an issue with my adsense ads: they don’t appear on my homepage, nor in most of the pages that have a listing of old posts. However, they do appear on all single posts and in the category pages; ads are also visible in all custom pages that I created. This seems to be a coding issue, since I am pasting the adsense code in the space provided in the theme’s configuration panel, and the ads are visible in the pages/posts listed above, but never in the homepage. My site url is Thanks!

Hi, please send me your problem + your URL + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check it

Hello FinalDestiny. Thanks for replying to my emails. I did some modifications to my site and plugins and managed to get the ads working, so I will share what I did in case it is useful for anyone.

Please note that I do not know which step is the one that fixed the adsense issue, but you can check if any applies to you:

1. I disabled all meta tag and OpenGraph plugins, which I had installed before in order to fix the “share with Facebook” issue where some code appeared in the description when sharing with Facebook.

2. I believe this is the one that fixed the issue* I disabled the “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin, and deleted the sitemaps it had created. I noticed that this plugin sent a tracking request to Google every time a post was added to the homepage, which I thought was not neccessary. Also, this plugin adds some lines to the virtual robots.txt file of Wordpress. I thought this could be the issue since I could see ads in all page, only not in my homepage (probably some restriction was added by the plugin to google crawling?). Then I created a sitemap using an opensource online generator I found online, and uploaded it to my site. Then, I submitted the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and requested the googlebot to crawl my site using the new sitemap and the updated robots.txt file.

After the steps above, the homepage ads started showing again after 5 hours!

It took a while to figure this out (more than a week!) and some different approaches, but at last the page is ready to go live.

Thanks FinalDestiny for all your support and time for this and all my past requests.

I would really appreciate your feedback, site is

Hi. Glad you managed to fix it! Your website looks cool! I like your Tour page ;) Good luck with the website!

Would it be possible to remove the current header and add a header like this just with the menu items on it aswell?

Hi, not by default, sorry.

how would you remove the current header?

You don’t have any buyer badge, if this is a support-related question, please provide either a purchase code or post your question using the account you used to purchase the theme, thank you.

Hello I want to buy this theme but I see there’s an issue still with the share bar covering the video post in the homepage templates and been that way for some time seems like an important fix being it’s part of the main functions is to display your post to be viewed.


Ok great what are the lines I’m doing a live edit with firefox web development tools been trying to figure it out myself then I will buy it I have a client that really likes the layout but with that error I recommended I find out the fix… They are very picky about everything and I will attempt to integrate Userpro with it and report back. Thanks

And you should also fix it on the demo site as well that’s what stop me and I’m sure others will notice too. Nice theme

I fixed it on the demo

Also can a user edit a post after being posted like wrong info or spelling I didn’t see any mention of that? I purchased Userpro from codecanyon can that be used with your theme?

Hi, editing a post is not possible right now, sorry. I don’t know if it would be possible if you set the default user role to “Author” or “Contributor”, if he can edit it in the dashboard. May work, but I can’t guarantee anything, it depends on the default WP roles, as I didn’t add that feature myself


I bought Aruna theme. Now, I want to translate to Turkish. How can I created new language options? Or can I edit en_US.po ?  When I edit the en_US.po, will it be Turkish? Could you give me information about that?

Oh not good. I would like to use these buttons without registration. As far as I see top 10 list is connected to the like buttons.. So if we remove the buttons, top 10 list will be empty. Am I wrong? Also I still editing the theme under the old subdomain. When I complete the edits, I will create new subdomain and using there. What are you suggesting about top 10 block? or can we find the new way about using the buttons without registration? If it is not possible, like/repost buttons will be disable in admin panel I know but how can i remove login buttons?

And you know there are category lists and content on the left sidebar. But this list is ordered based on what?

Hello, unfortunately you can’t use them without registration, they’re linked to users, sorry.

As for the latest question, they’re ordered by the published date of the posts

Great to see this features ! , but how can i filter content? if someone encourages to post images/videos related to pornography , how can admin could able to avoid/filter them? it is good to give an option like report this option.

Hello, you can moderate all the posts and enable them manually from the dashboard… or you can choose to publish everything automatically, that’s up to the administrator.

Good day

I have now bought this great template. Now I want to use it on my website and have three questions.

- If anyone would like to send this gets any mail sent with a password on. What should I set?

- I want to insert the tracking code for Google Analytics. But the page is not analyzed. The Firefox add-on Ghostery has no Analytics script found on the website. What did I do wrong?

- For the Login With Facebook I have entered the Facebook APP Api number. But nothing happens. What do I have to do?


1) Unfortunately I don’t understand your question, please elaborate.

2) Again, this is really hard for me to understand, if you want to add the analytics code, you can add it in header.php right before </head>

3) If you added the correct API key, you should be able to see the facebook comments on single posts

I really love this theme but I am having some issues.

1) My adsense ads don’t show up unless using the masonry.

2) There is a huge gap on the left hand side when using the big sidebar template. I would like the content with my images to spread all the way out to the left.

3) I have content already on my site and there is a empty little box where my image should go when you visit the home site . When you click on the actual post it displays my original images and there is a blank image box right above it.

I am trying to fix things but its not going so well. Thanks for all your support!



This doesn’t look like the correct code for google ads, are you sure you pasted the code correctly? The code loads just fine, it’s just the ads that are not loading and that’s not related to the theme

2) That’s because the left sidebar is there as well, you should either enable the built-in sidebar content or use your own widgets for the left sidebar

3) The theme uses either the featured image of a post or the image added through the custom fields offered by the theme, it doesn’t use the content you add in the post content.

1) The google ad code is the asynchronous code, I’ll switch to their other format.

2) Is there a way to disable the left sidebar then? I would really like to have just the one side bar on the right.

3) So should I delete the images in each post and keep the featured image? That sounds like a lot of work. There might be a plugin to do that for me.

1) ok

2) I see you switched to masonry layout

3) There may be a plugin that take images from your content and adds them as the featured image, but I can’t guarantee anything.

Hi, editing a post is not possible right now

Hi FinalDestiny,

Why not give users the option to edit for a certain number of minutes and/or give us the option to chose how long users are allowed to edit their posts?

Thank you for considering this point :)

Hi, it’s a featured that I didn’t think when I first developed it, I may add it in one of the next updates, but can’t guarantee anything

Hello FinalDestiny,

Aruna is a really nice product, it just needs to be improved on certain points:

Users editing their post for a while is a must, me cannot go live without this !

Responsive menu to be user friendly is also a must, have been trying yesterday on differents mobile devices, same problem: subemenu are being overlapped because of scroll.

Pleasem think seriuosly about those points, apologies for stressing you.

Thank you :)

Hello, will think about them for the next updates, thank you for your suggestions

Great theme. A few questions though:

1. How do I change the color of the left nav bar? –

2. How do I change the white color on the sides of the page? –

You can add this to style.css

body {
background-image: url("link to your bg image") !important;

Got it. Thanks.

You’re welcome!