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Hi! First, thank you for the great theme!

I’m having some alignment problems with my articles when the articles have more than one text row, i.e, when the title have more than one line. When this happen, the button-bar stays over or in the middle of the image.

I saw the .main-post class uses padding-top, but the title text is also part of the .main-post. Since the title can vary, the padding-top became a problem.

How can I fix this?

Thank you in advance!

I have already removed the buttons bar, but thanks.

Do you still need assistance with the problem, if you removed the buttons bar?

No, thank you!


I made a mistake!! I bought “aruna html template” thinking that it was a wordpress template. When I raised that it was not a wordpress template I bought “Aruna wordpress template”. Could you kindly refund me the payment of “Aruna html template”? . I only need the wordpress template. Thanks!!

Hi, you can open a refund request here

Thanks, I’ll do it