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Great theme MarekMnishek :D GLWS ,

Thank you.

Great theme at special price! Will buy asap.. Never seen before like this anywhere else.

Thank you and waiting for you ;)

Just bought! Thanks for great theme…

Hello mandu007,

It’s not the same template .

And for the website he sell other product but for the themeforest products the purchase link redirect to themeforest, so he is right . He probably may forget to change the price.

Have nice day,

No we mention his beneficia & techno point is the same design like “Arundo”

Hello, I really like the theme But to use it in my store, the product page should be restructured. You should be able to use the “Full Description Short”. I am attaching a link so you can see the layout of the elements. I enclose explanatory screen to make the changes. Basically it is the arrangement using prestashop default. I’ve done some testing on file product.tlp, but I dare not, and I have no programming knowledge necessary to make changes to perfection. The tests I have done with your theme Alysum, which I have already purchased. Attachment link a product page on my website so you can see what I need You see a module price employment, which would update me as its creator, and you see that job several attribute fields, which must be clearly visible. I do not speak English, so I’m traducuendo with google translator. If something in the explanation is not clear, let me know. Enclosed is a link to see explanation explanatory screens of what I

Regards, Angel Alarcon e-mail:


When “Settings Panel on the front page” set to HIDE , the “Scroll to Top Button” also hide even we set it to SHOW .

How to fix?

Hi mfrglobal. Thank you for the report. I’ll update “Arundo” very soon. Please write your email via our contact form, and I’ll send you updated file.


No offense but you really need to eff-off with your trolling of these templates. You’re probably a TM employee paid to troll on other peoples works that are legitimate and of higher quality than that of what TM offers.

There is not a copy of anything here, nor is Asylum a copy of a tempate, they are both original. There are MANY and MAJOR differences between the templates here on themeforest and those you listed from TM.

First you attack the Asylum template and now this one. You’re a TM troll, and honestly TM is pure garbage, and anyone that actually cares about their online shop structure and functionality shouldn’t even buy a template from TM because the templates are not only overpriced, but can and do break shop frontends, lies about version compatibility, etc and the customer support is horrible. I’d never recommend TM to anyone.


I really like your theme here, I tryed it just now and found out when adding a product to favorites or whishlist system there is no confirmation message showing, so customer don’t know if it works or not.

Also the + boutton on product page is not working, so quantity can’t beincreased that way before clicking on add product.

Did you test your theme on multi-store system with 1.5 presta ? if yes and it works, I’ll be interested in buying your theme.. but how do you deal with multi-domains license ?

Best regards

Hi zengraph. Thank you for your report. I’ll fix this issues as soon as possible. About multi-domains license you can read here: I don’t test Arundo on multistore system because the theme don’t have relation to this system, you just select the theme for each domain. Best regards

thank you vor your fast answer,

I did read the licenses, butif that is correct the price for multi-store will be of 50 times the basic price ??? i would need that for less than 10 domains better buy 10 times unique license then.. not really interesting.

Prestashop 1.5 is Multistore Ready, I guess you did not change any smarty variable on your tpl from the official theme so then it should support the multi domain fonction, otherwise all 1.4 themes don’t work on multistore, for exemple logos don’t change from one store to another. Best Regards

Arundo has been developed on the basis of prestashop theme and fully compatible with I don’t changed any smarty variable, don’t worry.

Just to check. Can I change template appearance for each shop when installed in multi-shop environment ?

In this case you should to make a copy of the theme and change appearance for each copy as you want

love the design I was wondering does this run on a data base or straight php? plase LMK

Hi andygarcia305. You car read about requirements here:

GJoob man, we wait for more PS 1 .5 themes!

Thank you, Danielias.

Hello! I’m having trouble accessing the theme settings panel, how exactly should I do that?

Go to your admin panel. Find “modules” tab and click in dropdown menu to “Modules” find “Theme settings” module and click to the “configure” link

Hello !

Great template ! Nice work !

When will this template be responsive ? It’s like a standard now. And with media queries, it’s not a big job i guess.

We’re waiting for this to buy your template !


Hi Alex. Thank you or your question. I have such plans, but I can’t tell you exactly when I’ll do this.

Is your theme compliant to friendly URL ’s?

Hi Menegali. Now it works

Do I have to download it again then? Is there a new version? The one I have doesn’t work.

What do you mean “doesn’t work” you have got an error?

Dear author,

I have recently bought this theme and it looks very promising. Unfortunatly what I seem to be missing is the module ‘Top horizontal menu’, the one I am very fond of. Why is this module not implemented within this theme? And where can I get this one?


Arjan ‘t Hart

The menu what you see in our live demo is exactly “top horizontal menu”

and how can I hook the Twitter Widget to the hook footer_twitter? This hook does not seem to exist…?


Arjan ‘t Hart

when you have installed Twitter Widget it automatically installed to this hook.

Where can I get this module “Top horizonal menu”, while I don’t have it installed?


Arjan ‘t Hart

Could you please leave your questions at our support forum? Thank you in advance