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Hello Marek,

I want use this theme in full width mode, may i have the css too ?


As I wrote you it’s a complex work, and I don’t have ready css for that. If you want I can as our support if someone will free to help you.

Ah because 2 month ago “aldrichdelcid” asked you the same question and you have sent him the css modified for that

“MarekMnishek AUTHOR 2 months ago Here is a screenshot of fullwidth Arundo theme which I made with 3 lines of code. I’ll send you my css and you just put it into the “theme settings” module in your back office

So i will open a ticket in your support

Ok, I’ll wait for you there

HELLO Arundo theme have a problem with checkboxes in chrome. example, when the inscription for an account on the site it is impossible to check if a button in chrome you like me thank you for bringing us your help


Hello. Try to find the line -webkit-appearance: none; in the global.css file and remove it.

hello my problem is solved thank you for your help

Glad to help!

Hi Marek, your theme is amazing! I just got it and I saw a few commenters asking you for the mega menu module? Can you send it to me as well? It would mean so much to me! I have a lot of subcategories and sub-sub categories so your theme would work so much better if I have the mega menu installed! :) Thank you!

Hello. Please write request to our support, and we will help you.

Hi. I buy this theme. All will be ok, but not working Twitter message on a first oage – I configured Twitter modules (type login to Twitter). How may be resolved this problem ?

Best Regards, Rafal.

Hello Rafal. Please write to our support and we will help you soon.

Hello Marek,

I have a question. How can I change the first picture in Arundo Eslastic slider? There are those notebooks and I just can`t get rid of it.

Thanks for your answer.


Hello Petr. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

There will be support version for Prestashop 1.6? Are you going to prepare for the future a responsive version of the theme?

Thanks a lot.

Hello. At the moment we are not planing to make Arundo responsive. Regarding prestashop 1.6 we will think about this after release.

Hello … I would like to have this theme on Presta 1.6 too. Please, think about it. Presta 1.6 stable is out … Thank you!

Hello. I can’t tell you exactly when Arundo will be updated.

Hello Marek … Prestashop 1.6 is out for a long time. Are you going to update Arundo theme for that or not?

edit: sorry, I read the comments below and the answer is NO … ok, got it


Does your theme will be updated to the 1.6 version of Prestashop?

At the moment I can’t tell you exactly. We should ask theme developer, and if he is available, I suppose he will help us to update Arundo.

Good morning, I wonder when they will perform Arundo upgrade to version 1.6 of prestashop

I need to upgrade my shop and I have to know whether to update the template or not ...


Hello. Unfortunately Arundo will not updated for prestashop 1.6

Will there be an update for prestashop 1.6?

Hello. Unfortunately we have no plans to update Arundo to prestashop 1.6

That’s really a pity…

I think that many of of them who bought Arundo are stuck and cannot upgrade PS to 1.6…

I understand but I have no resources to update it

Neither with a paid upgrade?

Hi there,

I am a newbie in Prestashop, so I get stuck at the configuration of the theme.

Could you please send a .zip backup file of this template?

Hello. Please write to our support, and we will help you soon

A year without a updated…great..

Hi, here some issues I’ve found in this theme:

1 – Add to compare i’ts not working, can’t select any products to compare

2 – After adding a product to the cart, the cart stays open, it’s annoying… it should close automatically or when we clicked anywhere on the page.

3 – This theme it’s not responsive, it’s a shame because it’s a nice theme


Thank you for your notices. First two issues will be fixed, but about responsive, wi have no plans to update Arundo.

Thank you for your fast reply. I understand about not updating Arundo, we must move on.

Hi, is there an update for Prestashop 1.6?

Hello. Unfortunately Arundo will be not updated to 1.6

I installed this theme on PrestaShop 1.6 and it work. I has a problem with the twitter widget but i read the support ticket and i solved. :)

Glad to help!

is it translated in italian?

Hello. Unfortunately Arundo is not translated to Italian. But you can make translation yourself in the back office


Sorry I don’t find the answer in comments. The theme is compatible with, but what about ?

Thank you!

Hello. Yes, it’s possible, you just need to add your custom css code for the element you want to change

And do you provide this kind of support? Or, at least, will you tell me where to put the css code?

Yes, we can help you with little customization like a changing color. You can put your css to the “Custom CSS” field in the Theme Settings” module

Can I translat it into Polish languages ? Is compatible with PrestaShop™ ??? what about 1.6 !

Hello. Yes, you can translate theme directly in your back office. Yes, Arundo works fine with prestashop 1.5.x but not compatible with 1.6.x

Thanks, why cant upgrade to 1.6 – it time

I’m working on new theme, and don’t have a time for upgrade arundo.

Please upgrade make it work on prestashop 1.6.x

It’s require 1-2 months of work, at the moment I don’t have free time for that. Maybe in future I’ll update it.

Is this a theme or newsletter/notification templates? We already have a theme installed, but would like to install some nicely designed templates for the system notifications. Can we do that with your theme?

Hello. Thank you for the interest to our theme. Arundo theme has email templates with the same design as Arundo.