Discussion on Arwen One Page HTML Template

Discussion on Arwen One Page HTML Template

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Purchased and looks ok for what we need, shame its doesn’t have modern functions like a Modal for cookies and a pop-up window in case one wants to add a comment, advert etc.

Theme is no longer compatible with the latest version of PHP. Been unable to find a way to keep our site functional after updating. It still needs to be updated , but we cannot without loosing a large portion of our access. The Header and footer do not load correctly and the theme control items do not show up (on the test box).

When we are using this theme on a smartphone, the menu bar is over the background image (slide1). What should be done to change this, because this break the experience of users when they access by smartphones? Ex: http://jovemaprendiz.malwee.com.br/beta2/


The demo URL that you send is not working!

Regards, Hamdan

Hello, I wanted to know how to set up the video background youtube player to the latest video of my channel, by either using the channel name or the channel ID. I saw I can embed that on google but with your settings I do not know what to modify.


I know that it takes the ID of the video, but what I am trying to set up is to display the latest video of the channel. So if the channel post a new video, I won’t have to update anything in the code. It is possible to embed that but as I said, I do not know how to do it with your settings.

Please check this link to understand what I am talking about https://codegena.com/auto-embed-latest-video-youtube-channel/

Unfortunately, this plugin not support this feature :(

Sorry, one more question. I changed the orange color to another color. Everything seemed to change EXCEPT the dots at the bottom of the revolution slider that indicate the number of slides/current slide. Those dots still show as orange. Where do I go to change that?

Thank you!


You can change it using the custom css code!

Sorry, also is there supposed to be a PHP file for the submission of the contact form included in the template? Thank you!


Here is the version that contains the contact form, download from the following link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iXba95lCuGs2Jdk7Y76wo8ujnEwEOvoG


Hi. Love the template. Great work. My question is regarding column sizes. For example, my “team” only has 3 people. It looks funny having 3 boxes and a space for the 4th. I can’t figure out how to increase the column size for the boxes. You can visit the site at http:/tquesta.sanibeltechnologies.com and check out “team”. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.


I’m so sorry, the delay because we was have Birth situation :)

To change the 3 boxes to be just 2, you should make some updates on ( scripts.js ) located in ( Arwen/js ) folder.

Open scripts.js file and search about the following code:
Change it to be as the following:

Regards, Hamdan

1. Google Maps requires API-key to function properly, I know this. 2. Do you have a recommendation for what .php file to use to process the Contact Form? Any idea what would be the easiest to configure? Thank you in advance.


I sent you the new version with contact form by mail using your support form here https://themeforest.net/user/graphic-studio

Regards, Hamdan

Thank You Hamdan, appreciate it.

You are very welcome :)

How to register the html template that I bought?


Unfortunately, there are no page for “register” in this theme :(

Hello! I was wondering how and where (I assume in js) I could modify the revslider so that it will only fade images as a transition

Anyone ?

Hi, I purchased your theme and it works almost 100%. The screen is almost all blank on Android in the landscape mode on my tablet but it well works in portrait mode. So is your website http://arwen.ideal-theme.com/html/arwen/index.html on the tablet.

Is there a fix for this problem?

Thanks in advance


Please download the new ( scripts.js ) file here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QTGLxsxDhPopsrasWtGNyga-LUML2RWt/view?usp=sharing to replace it with old file located inside ( Arwen/js) folder.

I hope it will fix the issue!

Regards, Hamdan

Where do I find instructions to make the map ?, The link in the documentation, no longer exists

Please follow the HTML structure to create the map, please send me the screenshot for the issue!

Ok. thanks

Hi. jQuery Map Marker Plugin readme link is broken, can you tell me how to get it working? thank you in advance.


Please send me the link or a screenshot image to see what is the issue :)

Regards, Hamdan

http://www.cervezalibertadores.com/ (It’s a under construction site), but error message on map is there.


Please open the HTML file, and go to the last document to edit the following code: <script src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false"></script> To be: <script src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?key=1111111"></script>

Replace 1111111 with your google API key

Here is how to get the google API key https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

Regards, Hamdan

Hello, I have a problem with the first section of the template, the slider on smartphones does not work properly and I do not see all the writing. Is there a way to make it resize correctly? I also see your preview in the same way. Thanks so much

Hello At the prices section, is it possible just to have two colums for the prices and not 4? Now I have made 2 empty columns in order to center them, but this doesn’t look beautiful in the mobile version.


Please open the style.css file, and go to line 2431 to change the ( width ) and ( margin ) values as the following:

.plans-prices .plan-price {
    width: 48%;
    margin: 0 2% 20px 0;



Can you please tell me the size of the download file? I want to guess how heavy the website is and if it will work decent on standard shared hosting servers? Is it also possible to have a look at the admin panel?

Thank you.

Can you please respond?

Thank you.

Hello :)

I’m so so sorry because i was in marriage vacation :D

This is an HTML template, so it not has “admin panel”! it’s just a static pages.

Regards, Hamdan

Hie, saw your template really appreciate the work by your TEAM, thanks for showing us this great design in single page..I want to purchase the HTML version but before doing that I just need to know what if I want to add any registration page on the platform of .NET is that possible.. Thanks in advance waiting for your response…

Hi, thank you for interesting in Arwen!

Unfortunately, i don’t have any experience in ( .NET platform ) so i can’t understand what you need to do, also my theme not has registration html example :)

Regards, Hamdan

I just needed to know how is the coding part of this template, can we add the registration form page if needed doesn’t matter in php or .NET, is it possible to add pages and codes in this template.. Do reply soon


Sure you can add any HTML or CSS and jQuery code!

To add a registration form, you need to add:

1 – Its HTML code to the HTML page.

2 – And add the CSS code for this form to ( style.css ) file!

3 – If there is any jQuery code, also you can add it to ( scripts.js ) file


Just getting around to using your template. Nice work! When zooming out on the map the marker moves and doesn’t stay in the correct location. I have other templates that use the Google map API and this doesn’t happen. Is there a solution? Many Thanks!

In scripts.js line #330 I changed the icon definition to include iconsize and iconanchor. The marker seems to be showing the default marker not the one in the images folder but at least the marker is staying in place.

“icon”: { image: “images/marker.png”, iconsize: [39, 61], iconanchor: [19,61] }


Please show me the issue on your site :) maybe you need to change the marker image inside ( images ) folder!

Do i understand that the issue is fixed from your last comment? :)

Regards, Hamdan

Do you have the php form for the contact form? Please advice! Thanks! Great template!!!!


Please give me your mail, and i will make it for you and send you the new files :)

Regards, Hamdan

Hello Hamdan and thanks so much for your reply. Where do I send you my email as I would not want to post it here. Let me know. :-)

Hi irmarieg

You can safely send it using my support form here https://themeforest.net/user/idealtheme

All the best! Hamdan


Can you please hep me as these have been broken since i started using this template.

1. The button near the top of the page should take the user to the “contact” section. It doesn’t do this, it never has.

To make it worse it opens another browser window. See attachment “Arwen-contact.JPG”

2. The “Link icons” on the portfolio images needs to be removed or hidden. See attachment “Arwen-links.jpg”

3. I am missing the slide show buttons on the portfolio images. See attachment “Arwen-slideshow.jpg”

I have sent you images to your email


Sorry because I’m not the joomla author :)

Please contact with joomla author, because i don’t have joomla admin experience!

Regards, Hamdan

But when i select “contact author” it comes to this forum. How do i find the author


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