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Hi, when I use the layout with sidebar for the widget template contains an error in the code. Please fix this thing at least. Thank you

I urgently need assistance but you do not answer to emails and even here. bad service! Help me please or refunded me the money theme? Thank you

I told you to contact me directly at my email address for support and to reserve this comment area for comments only, and you continue to try to get support through the comments area. I do no do support through the comments area. Nor do I support anyone with the condescending arrogant tone that you have given me since you first contacted me.

I’m not arrogant, maybe you seem so for the translations from Italian into English made with google. If so, I apologize. I’ve sent a few emails in private including my credentials, but you no longer have responded. There are bugs in the theme and not found the solution in the instructions. I have now worked out how I could. I can not wait too long because my customers have a sense of urgency. Try to understand before accusing.

Hi, I have a problem with the iPhone. The images of the homepage background are magnified, do not fit the screen, instead of Android works. Will you help me please? Thank you

Hello egobulders, Why do not you answer? we are entitled to care and I think you should help us. I repeat my problem and hope you can solve it because it is a problem of your theme. Thank you!

Problem: Hi, I have a problem with the iPhone. The images of the homepage background are magnified, do not fit the screen, instead of Android works. Will you help me please? Thank you

I will have a solution for this within a couple of weeks.

Hey there, why is there no Support?? I need assistance! Please help…

Did you get everything working the way you need?

Hi there, EgoBuilder!

I just purchased the template and seem to be having difficulty getting the videos to work in the full thumbnail gallery page, I specifically need to link to YouTube. The sample links in the demo also seem to be dead. Any suggestions?

I thought I emailed you the newest version of the theme. Please email me through here…

Hi, I love this theme and have a final question or two before buying. Is this theme updated to the current Wordpress version? When Wordpress updates, does the theme update as well? I’d like an idea of what it will be like to maintain the theme. I’ve had complex themes before and just want to know what I can expect. Thank you.

This theme is compatible with the current version of WordPress. When WordPress updates, this theme does not update, but the theme will still be compatible the current version of WordPress as well as with future versions of WordPress. If there are any compatibility issues, then they will be fixed right away. There have not been any compatibility issues with this theme and any of the different WordPress versions since this theme was released in April of 2014. I can help you with the theme if you have any trouble setting it up or maintaining it.

Hello again, EgoBuilder,

I still have not seen a response about my initial question and have sent an email as well…can I please get assistance?

Please see response to your initial request.

Does this theme have a music player? If not, do you happen to know if it can be added with a plugin? I’m a singer, so in addition to the unlimited video and photo galleries that you offer, I’d also need a music player. Thanks for your assistance.

It does not have an audio player built in to it, but any audio player plugin will work with it, or I can custom build one for you for a small fee.

Purchased this template about a month ago and I’ve reached out for support several times via the ThemeForest website and email from the site but have not received any response back. I’ve also left messages on several of the social networking sites associated with this account. Are there other means of contact? My purchase came with 6 months of support and I haven’t be able to reach anyone for over a month.

I replied to your email on 1/10/2017 with “What do you need?” and I never heard back from you. Please try me through email again.

Can videos be added to the theme from youtube?

Yes, please look at the preview. They are in the theme.

Hi i’ve sent you an email because i couldn’t import the preview demo content into one of my testing web site It’s a wp multisite by the way. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon on how to solve this import not working problem.

Please email me at and send me a link to your website and the username and password. Thank you!

Thank you!

Hello, Is this template still being supported?

Please email me at and send me a link to your website and the username and password. Thank you!

I sent everything you asked and still no support on this template.

Does anyone here have this template serving https:// or know php well? I will pay for support!


Myykk Purchased

Site suddenly shifts gallery thumbnails to left. Black bar on right. Alignment issue? Shortcode?

I have issue with demo data. Website is not working as preview All suggestions/help are welcome


gjoleoh Purchased

I have problem with vimeo links, and they don’t want to fix that. I write 3 or 4 e-mail and nothing.


Hi, I wonder if my video thumbnail will be generated automatically and display at the “Full Page Thumbnails”? thx