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Hi ! great theme ! Can i use WPML with it ?

Hello! Thank You! Our theme is based on textdomain (that is also used by WPML) to allow our clients to easily translate it on any language. Also our theme has no any limitations to working with WPML.

Thanks !!

Guys, you’ve just made my day! I’ve been looking for such a theme for the last 8 months. Minimal, smooth scrolling, perfectly designed and working great (full screen) on mobile devices. I think you’re now creating new path in designing themes for photographers and other media authors. Please let me know if it is Polylang or WPML ready (like sbcomparis asked) and whether you are planning to add filtered portfolio feature (this is the only thing I’m really missing from the theme at the moment – unless it can be easily enabled). Anyway, I’m going to buy the theme straight away. Hope to see more amazing designs in the near future – keep up great work!

Hi! Thanks so much for your feedback! Very nice to hear it from our customers. About WPML – there is no reasons for it to not working. Theme supports textdomain for translations and WPML do all other stuff. But if in some case it would not – we will be glad to help.

About filtered portfolio – you mean filtering works by category in grid layouts? Like this: https://prnt.sc/re34zq ? Or something more?

P.S. No, there is no filter for now, it’s just an example screenshot, not a working solution.

Hi, thanks for your prompt response.

Yes, this is exactly what I meant – portfolio grid filterable by category. Is there any chance you can add it to the theme?

Ofcourse, we will try to add this feature for you in next update. Think it can be in few days. Please, write us an email on support@shadow-themes.com and we will send you link to an update when it will be finished.

Hi! is it compatible with visual composer?

Hi! It was created and styled for Elementor Page Builder and have some additional widgets for it. But it also can work with Visual Composer or any other Page Builder Plugin.

Hi! can i change the color? dark to light?

Hi! We have no predefined light version but you can change theme color as you like. Our theme has quick color scheme setup https://prnt.sc/r46o2k and most of elements, like Headings, Content text, Inputs, Buttons, etc, has their own custom color settings, if needed, for more detailed setup: https://prnt.sc/r46oi9

Hi, thanks for your response. :)

Hi, thanks for your response. :)


gilles25 Purchased

Hi, I am trying to the import demo data, I get an error 500. Is it possible to access those files in any other way like ftp?

Hi, please contact our support team via support tab or by email: support@shadow-themes.com and we will help you.

Hello, please tell me when will your theme be updated? Will there be woocommerce?

Hello. We plan to release an update with woocommerce support by the end of the month.

Hi the team

 May I ask you an option for your next update :

 adding the option to make the Albums to be displayed randomly in Ashade Album Listing Template + in the Works tab in the Ashade Home Template

tx in advance ;-)

Hi! Okay, we will try to add an option to adjust ordering of albums listing including random select.

Hi, nice ! I think it could be usefull for some of us

Hi! I have a problem. I recibe a lot of eMails from my contact form. From the first day, as soon as I installed the template I started receiving SPAM. I nedd Help Please.

Hi! Information about spam protection with Contact Form 7 can be found here: https://www.clook.net/blog/stopping-contact-form-7-spam/ and here: https://contactform7.com/spam-filtering-with-akismet/

Hi Guys, it is great theme but I didn’t find Ecommerce for download of photos. Can I use ECommerce from Nextgen Gallery for your theme, please ? Or do you have any different plugin Ecommerce ? Thank you and have a nice day. Ota

Hi and Thank You! For now we are working on an update, that will bring the WooCommerce support to our theme. We have plans to release it in few days.

As for using any other Ecommerce plugins – we have not see any limitations for that, except the visual design. The third party plugins, most likely, will look in their different style and color scheme and so you will need to customize how it looks.


kelzein Purchased

Hi great job 2 questions : A- on the main home is it possible to have a third section along with explore works and contact us B- is it possible to name the aside bar


kelzein Purchased

the aside bar widget wich next to the menu on the right side it shows dots it should have a name

Oh, understand. We will add this feature for you to change dots to any text name with our next theme update, that we planning to release in a few days. You can contact our support team via support tab or via email support@shadow-themes.com and get this feature update before the release.


kelzein Purchased

Thank You For your prompt reply Thats great please do when you have it ready Great support

Hi, this theme is very good but problem is when I’m scrolling down to the page the nav bar is mixing with the page so I need to change my nav bar background color when I’m scrolling top and down, Kindly get back to me with the solution, I strucked here. Please

Still my doubt is not covered

Hi Shadow, I want sticky nav bar with background black color on (scrolling only) and menu which has sub menu section it should carry a symbol or arrow. Thank you

can I get the reply please…...!