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Hot damn! Very nice work… been waiting for this one ever since I spied the PSD .

Thanks Theme!

Nice work Brandon :)

Thanks Bluz!

Excellent stuff here Brandon, can’t wait for the Wordpress aswell. I guess that you will be doing a wordpress version?

Yep :) as always, the full Wordpress version isn’t far behind and it’ll include some hot new features! Thanks Boosh!

Great final result! :) Nice to see it online this quick!

Thanks Philo – you did a rockin’ job on the core HTML /CSS (as always) – I ended up swapping FancyBox for PrettyPhoto 3.0 btw – I’ll probably update Nivo to 1.8 as well so both the slider and the lightbox have a thumbnailed navigation :)

Thanks Brandon!

Appreciate it! :) Thanks for adding my name in the item description btw! :)

I love hot new features :)

Damn cool theme and I wait for the WP Version, too. Good luck with sales.

Kind Regards

Thanks for the note – WP shouldn’t be too far behind on this one :) And yes, hot new features are always great!

Kudos – looks great

Thanks Sticker!

Very nice, just as expected :)

(and still the hottest preview pic in town^^)

Thanks Kriesi!

so nice, so great, so awesome!

Thanks a bunch mabuc :)

hi, when the wp theme will be ready !?

1-2 weeks; I can’t give an exact date as coding, documentation, and other factors make releasing a theme more of an art than a science, but it’s definitely the next thing on my to-do list gauging from the response for this one. Just make sure you follow me from my profile page to get updated as soon as it’s ready!


looks greate BUT

live preview does not work for me in IE7 , the slider is not working


This is actually just the encryption running on the demo – I’ll look into an IE7 safe way to run encryption though :) Thanks for the note Al!

Ok patched it – it was actually just a single space issue on the encryption that’s running on top of the demo – so the demo should be 100% stable in IE7 now – thanks again for catching the demo issue :) The actual download file is stable too of course, but that was never in question.

Cheers! Brandon

Man Brandon your stuff just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the great work. Anxious for the WP version on this end.

Best- AW

Thanks AK! Honestly, it means a ton to me to get comments like this from repeat buyers :)

Looks great, Brandon.

One thing I noticed on the demo… When you hover over the social network icons, it seems like the first one is meant to be “Tumblr” based on the icon. But both that one and the second one say “Twitter” when you hover. Maybe a typo or something you overlooked?

I'll be picking up the WP version of this for sure!

All the best, Heather

Yep – just a typo in the content, you can actually make that text anything you want and link it up with anything you want :)

Thanks for the note though! I’ll patch it up.


Great job Brandon. Looks great!

Love the bright orange, red and yellow bg graphic for the item preview!

Awesome work.


Thanks Flash Cart!

Nice, I love the slider… I would buy it but the drop downs get behind the slider on ie7… dont you just love ie? I know i dont. lol

Patched :) It was just in the demo, but I fixed it up nonetheless – thanks for the note! Brandon

Nice Brandon, any chance of seeing a video example? I couldn’t find one in the demo.

Any solution coming for IE 7 and the drop down menu lost behind the home page slider? Need this to be fixed to purchase…

Client needs IE 7 compatibility and has lot’s of video

Thanks Brandon

Hi Raveon,

1. Check out the third project in the portfolio section – it should launch a YouTube video – you can also launch Vimeo, Quicktime, Flash, and more –

2. The site should be fully compliant in IE7 now… is there something that’s specifically not working? I just double checked and everything seems to be fine.

Cheers! Brandon

Works fine in IE 7 now….. thanks

Cool :) there was a spacing issue in the initial release of the template on the first day, it’s possible there was a caching issue that made the problem stick to some browsers – just let me know if you spot anything else though.


I’ve encountered some display errors in Opera 9.2. The slider seems to get really messed up.

Checking into the issue right now – thanks for the note!

STUNNING !!!! very nice.

I wanted to confirm you used prettyPhoto 3.0 as the lightbox feature in this cause it looks so good. Is the prettyPhoto 3.0 available as a wordpress plugin?

It’s not available as a WP plugin yet as I know of, but I’ll be building it directly into the WP version of this template when it comes out :) And yes, this is PrettyPhoto 3.0