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Nice design!

Thank you!

Great template, GLWS! ;)

Very nice!Good luck :)

Hello, it is not easy to do type setting with your template. Take ‘News’ as an example, each column almost has to have the same number of words. If one column has many words, but the other one has few, they will look terrible on computer screen. For the mentioned problem I have a piece of suggestion. You can keep the font-size and textbox size constant and set up a scroll bar when there are too many words in one column. The link is a reference: http://bwdesk.com/trend/about/

Thanks for suggestion. It is look interesting. We accept all proposals and suggestions in order to improve our work on next update. Use our profile page to send us an email.

and what is that nick w…123 Go and Troll somewhere else, or go and work or buy something!

great design! compliments!

Thanks ;)

Nice template. I’d really like to purchase, but when I checked with android phone, the team section – “About Me” slide, the photo with arrow does not center and gets cut off to the left. Other than that, this looks great.

Hi protash. Thanks, we are glad that you like it. I have android phone and everything is ok on it, picture come on center. Just write us on our profile page and we will get the email. What phone do you have, what is resolution…etc. Thank you, DivusCodeTeam

Whenever I opened your template in the I pad mini retina, display suddenly disappeared. Is it not possible for your template to use in the I pad?

Thanks nario1. It is working on I pad.

It will not show video on “start page” or in “gallery page”. Not as default in download page or when edited with other videos. Im using a Mac/Safari and has no problem in viewing it on Themeforest. How to fix?

Safari have problem with youtube or vimeo. That is the general problem, but I think you can put some your video from your server.

Its loading time is not very good..

It is not very good, it is perfect.

Hi! Wanted to clarify. When I select a category in the gallery, nothing happens. Ie I should change items gallery when choosing categories self?

We’ve realize that it’s happening only because ThemeForest header on live preview. You can remove that header frame with “remove frame” button on top left corner and you will see that is everything ok. Here is also address with out TF frame. http://www.divuscode.com/demo/aster/

thx for response:)