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Very awesome! Nice work with you mate :)

Thanks Louie! I appreciate the comments.

Hey nice theme, wish you a lot of sales :) stefan

Thank you Stefan!

Is it responsive? Fits Android and iOS devices?


Unfortunately, it currently isn’t. I am looking into maybe including responsive functionality in a future release though.

Thank you for your candour.

It’s important for developers to code for the devices. 58% of smartphone owners use their mobile as their main connection to the internet. It’s gotta be responsive.

Good on you for attending to it…


How do I configure the blog using the theme? So far, in other themes I’ve used, first you create an empty “blog” page, then you go to Settings -> Reading and setup what page will be showed by the default and what page will be used for the blog (like explained in

However, when I do so, I see no content in the blog (and I have two posts). I’ve also tried to get back to the default wordpress theme (to check if there is something wrong) and I see expected posts.

What I’m missing?

Create a new page and name it whatever you would like. Then in the Page Attributes panel, in the Template dropdown choose Blog.


I already do so but the blog page keeps on showing empty content. You can check it out here:

One interesting thing, it may give you a clue, is that any widget I set in the “Homepage” is showed in the blog page but not in any other. It is like blog page is being handled as the home…

Let me know what else could I check, Best Regards,

Is your Settings – Reading page setup like this?

This is how I have mine setup, and it is working just fine. Then I have a Page setup for the blog posts (mine points to /blog/).

If you feel comfortable with it, you can set me up a user in your admin and I can take a look at it. Just send me the info in a message here on themeforest.


Thanks for the info! Here is how I have mine:

Looking at your configuration, I see that is if you configure the blog page as static, it makes the theme to not find your blog. I’ve just removed that configuration and now I see blog entries!

Thanks for your support!

Good to hear :) Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Great-looking theme. I love everything about it except the left-justification. On a 27” monitor, it only takes up the left half of the screen…there’s no resizing, no centering, etc. Is there a way to change that?

Currently, this is the only way this theme is displayed. I have been thinking about possibly adding a feature in a future release for a centered layout. For now though, you would have to edit the PHP /CSS manually for this.

I don’t mind tweaking the css or the php. If you could provide some guidance on where I’d need to look (which files, which spots in the .css, etc.), that would be great.

Sure thing, let me do some testing on this to make sure it doesn’t break anything else and i’ll let you know as soon as I get something figured out.

Alright, I’ve got a fix in place for this on my local dev box (implemented as a Theme Option). I should have it uploaded to ThemeForest in the next few days when I release the next update.

Wow! That’s Awesome! Can’t wait to see it!


Does this theme support multiple locations with the map feature in tact? If so, should the map coordinates go somewhere else besides in the Asteria->Contact settings?


The theme options only support a single location. However, you could add multiple points using the Google Maps API by adding to the JavaScript in the Contact page template (template-contact.php).

I’m stumped. Is there a way to set up multiple portfolio pages?

If you would just like to create a second portfolio with the same items, you can just create a second page with the Portfolio template. If you would like to create one that looks different from the Theme Options (1/2/3 column portfolio), you would have to edit and duplicate the template-portfolio.php file. Let me know if this is what you mean, and I can provide a sample template.

Great theme. Josh was great with support and questions. Replied on a sunday too! Very impressed with all aspects, thanks Josh.

Thanks for the kind words! Glad to hear you liked the theme :)

I have been very happy with Asteria. When I had a problem, Josh was extremely helpful…even working on the weekend to get my site back to where it needed to be. I cannot thank him enough for helping me do some things I did not feel qualified to do and without feeling that I was inept. Thanks, Josh. : )

Where do I go to change the homepage? When I click customize I only see a preview of the site.. I just purchased this and am extremely confused. And I don’t see images that I can upload for the slider on the homepage either?

To edit the homepage, you will need to add widgets to the homepage widget area. You can then customize the content within the widgets. As far as images for the slider, do you mean the sample images? If so, those are included in the theme zip file under images/slider-01.jpg through slider-03.jpg. If you are confused where to upload them, just add a new Slider, and then you can upload a default image just like you do for every other WordPress entry using the Media panel. I kept the same functionality.

Hello Josh

Great theme, I am thinking about buying this and using it for a dental office. I have a question, the white space on the right side, does it have the option to add widgets there?

My client would like to add some calls to action on that side, is that possible? Additionally if need be does it have the option to be full width instead of the fixed side bars?

Thanks in advance for your response

Unfortunately, there is no widget area for that space. However, it could easily be added by editing the CSS/HTML/Template. Also, there is no full width option, only left and center aligned. Thanks!

The theme is pretty decent, but has a few quirks which lead me to these questions. The site is “”

1- I’m trying to make the custom background wallpaper fixed, full-width, and full “body”. Currently, it stops a few pixels relative to the page content, and has the default textured background.

2- On the Members page, I’m trying to make the portfolio “featured business partners” title centered, and get rid of the “all” button between the blue borders. Also, get rid of the blue border below the “all” button.

3- The favicon, how can I implement the logo as such.

4- Lastly (for now), only in Chrome does the navigation pane border shift (near the footer) 1-2 px when re-sizing the page.

Answers below:

1 – You will need to edit the “images/page-background-center-blue.png” image, and make the texture transparent. Keep the width the same though.

2 – To center the header, add “text-align: center;” to the .page-heading class, as well as adding 5px left padding. To get rid of the “all” and bottom blue border, you will need to get rid of the “portfolio-taxonomy” div. You will need to implement some custom css/templating to do this. You could probably just add a <style> tag with display: none; in a .portfolio-taxonomy class to this page.

3 – There is no functionality to do this in my theme, however it is pretty simple. You just need to upload the .ico or .png or whichever file you intend to use to your root, and then implement the favicon HTML in the header. See here

4 – Not sure why this is happening. Very possible that it is a bug in Chrome. Will look into this to find out. Do you have an email I can reach you at to let you know if I find a workaround?

Yes sir, and thank you for the info.

Hello :)

I would like to introduce this template in:

What do you think?


There is incompatibility with TABLEPRESS – once activated, Tablepress overlaps the Asteria menu item in the dashboard. The only way to get to theme options is to disable the plugin to reveal the Asteria settings.